Oct 16, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part VII

Night fell. Jeffrey went to hanging bridge, which I thought it was creepy!!

But soon, everybody went there, and had a lot of talks. Made me so jealous lol

If you are scared of creepiness like me, just do it, because the experience was amazing!!

You can see the stars clearly,

you can feel the wind breezes by,

you can feel the peace in your mind,

which can help you to get rid of unwanted thoughts and muse over what you think it is appropriate!!

But one thing is make sure you bring your pillow along.

The steel was so freakingly cold and hard when you rest you head on it.

I tried to go to the basketball court but I resorted to go back because it was pitch black the deeper you went in. Ish…you just need more accompany!!

It was the last night, were you going to waste it??

But I found no activities to be carried out, I mean those meaningful one. Sleep was more important to me^^

So I went to camp and sleep.

Of course we chatted awhile until we really dozed off.

The sleep was not peaceful because I tend to wake up by those tiny ruffles as the night breeze hushed by, the creatures crawled over, making noises which somehow alerting to me.

There was a dog out of nowhere barking crazily late at night.

Could it be just barking or something else??

I did not know and I dare not to reveal the truth by myself. Barking dog is not something welcoming though.

It woke me up, so does Jeffrey. We ate oreos, and went to the loo. Then we chatted awhile and fell to sleep again before we wake up for the sunrise.

By the time I woke up, the sky was filled with shines. I was thinking: Perhaps it was too late to take nice pictures of sunrise.

In fact, it was not that disappointing after all>>>

The righteous blend that I wanted so much to capture^^

Back to the camp, let me show you the sleepy looks>>>

Bong Yang

Monkey *wink* with his tiny baby pillow

Mun Hoe was hugging himself tightly in his sleeping bag

Last but not least, Kenneth the ranger

Aha…sorry for that dude!!


  1. salmon f1sh1:31 AM

    d nite chat on d bridge..
    i miss it!!
    nt dare do so sumore in mid9
    u sumore can sleep on dat hard steel ar?
    geng la u.
    luckily u sleep.
    if nt ady b panda i guess so..
    barking dog is nt sumthing welcoming thought.
    i m awke dat time.
    n d dog cum three times to bark on d place u guys sleep..
    so we suspected.
    go check it.luckily u al stil alive at least~~ wondering wad d reason behind?
    pocketful of sunshine,,haha!!.
    tat's would b most interesting parts reveals..
    those chubby sleeping look.
    omg..luckily u dun hv mine.
    al stil can sleep til so song d.
    haa..,~Laughing now!!!!
    almost cumin to d las part le.
    i wil stay tune for it d:-P

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  2. Yea...at first I thought it was crazy!! you can't be serious...

    But soon everybody went there..haha...at least not that scary now^^

    I lied there awhile but just cannot stand of the stiffness and chill that it brought

    Yea yea...if I didn't sleep, I will become panda the next day^^

    I knew the dog was barking around our tent but I had no idea what was it all about though. Creepy!!!

    Hehe...almost comes to an end...stay tune~~!


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