Oct 14, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part VI

Again, sunset set in. So fast, half of the day was gone. I was on my springy mood again to capture the best moments of sunset>>>

Just love the AURA!!

Golden splash had not spilled itself. Perhaps later…

Thanks to Jeffrey who actually accompanied me the most, and of course, when I was springy to capture pictures

Moments on the Hanging>>>

So pretty huh!?? Sit properly laa!!!

Another poser LOL...Pretending again

Haha...Sami in Pink??

MunHoe joined in as he saw us>>>

Are you Ok??

SO monkey Like LOL

Whose legs??

At first, I was enjoying my peaceful moments>>>

Self Shoot time^^

With the owner of the Handphone, Jeffrey

Then drenched “Salmon” invaded us!!

Skinny Salmon!!


Scary!! Haha..the day had gone half. It was time to get ourselves cleaned for the day.

I went to bath at the toilets besides the dormitory, as it is the cleanest in the Dusun Eco!!

Alongside with me were Jeffrey, Bong Yang, and Mun Kit.

Of course as a lady, I was the slowest.

And those guys were just as nasty as monkeys!!

They pretended they had left me and made those noises to scare the freak out of me but they failed obviously.

Herng…bad bad bad….how could they do this to a girl like me??

At night, initially there was camp fire but ended up canceled.

Pity Kenneth that helped them setting it up but took all blame.

Gosh…please la…few wood would stand how long??

Wood started to burn but it would not last long>>>

Best moment of Fiery Burn!!

Forget about it, just make people feel sad. Our dinner was packed in polystyrene boxes and plus barbecue which I personally not really like it.

First of all, it was hot.

Secondly I did not dare to eat my own food.

Thirdly it was not enough to accommodate all the people But there were still people surrounded it and finished all the chicken wing>>>

salmon, diana, Kitty, and Kar Heng

I wonder how they managed to finish it all!!

I only ate one of the wings!!


  1. salmon f1sh1:16 AM

    Wah u n jeffrey ni..memang close together each seconds la.
    luckily i get to invaded u.
    wat trauma?
    say me so bad.
    i wish to take more pix on hanging bridge.
    so nice n momentous.
    but freak too.
    they al scare u ar?
    kill them later./
    hu ask u duwan follow me.
    i gt first class service.
    bath in faci d room.
    so nice n clean atleast..
    so sad d camp fire cant make it.
    or else we al gather around n sit would b ideal.
    i wonder do we hv nex time?
    we snap d fire together.
    u dun like BBQ d o.
    i aso jux eat one chicken wings among al.
    i aso duno hw they could finish it lo.
    yurpp..forgot dat anson naughty love eat cake.
    in mid9 while we al playing cards..
    we saw dat fat lady cat eat almost 6 chicken wings tat left on table..
    shud b she eat d most le.
    haha ~~~craps~~!!
    hopefully she wont die cox eat too much lu or born another baby pula.
    call wing wing~~

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  2. Haha...you knew what happened at the flying fox there. He is the one I shared with...that's why close la

    nothing more than that okie...

    Yala...suddenly a salmon dripped with water invaded me, how could I not trauma??

    I love the hanging bridge, I love the flying fox...I missed the pool~!!

    Haha...they tried to freak me out but I didn't...LOL...the facilitators' bathroom is too stuffed...felt suffocated

    I experienced camp fire once. when primary camp...but now I don't know when only will have camp fire lo.

    I didn't like BBQ because need to wait very long and it was freaking warm.

    But luckily got volunteer did it for me^^ I like the wings...it was yummy but I didn't eat much because don't want to get fat after eating wings at night

    Wah...the cat really geng ar...pandai cari makan pun


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