Oct 12, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part V

Oh yea, before we went for flying fox and kayaking, we were forced to shift our belongings to camp site soon after we settled ourselves from jungle trekking.

Everybody was like “har…so fast ar!!”

But we have had no choice but to succumb to our facilitators, of course, with delays…

The camp site was deserted>>>

Falling leaves, thick dusts, natural crawling insects...

Not forgetting, the shade above us, so green. Just love at the sight especially in afternoon when the sun strikes its merciless shines upon the earth>>>

We had to clear our sites and set up our camps for accommodation at night.

Kenneth, the expert, again, leaded our set up.

He is impressively GOOD LOL…what a survivor. He always carries the knife with him>>>

Everyone was busy finding wood for set up, wiping the leaves from our camp base, but me, did nothing much but wandering around and shooting. Oh yea, I helped to get rid of the leaves^^

Sorry ya…not I did not want to help but I did not know what to help.

Anyway, good job to those who have contributed!!Almost done...just a little bit more

Oh well, after trekking, shifting, flying, kayaking, finally we were given time to rest. But it was not long. Because what comes after was amazing race.

Again, we had to run here and there, trot up and down the stairs, hills, to find the spots that the cue cards mentioned. Who asked facilitators to give us north and south spots simultaneously?? It ended up those facilitators had to run with us!! Wakaka!!

Not much pictures again because time did not allow me to do so. RUN RUN RUN


We were shocked that we finished it fastest among the teams.

We were glad and at the same time, I simply don’t understand why people must give presumptions upon our mere victory??

We ran like disasters were coming but people just blamed the facilitator for giving us too much hints!! Dare you admit that your facilitators had not been giving hints??

We rested ourselves on the hanging bridge, which was our final destination.

DO you dare to step your feet in??

That was where we started to shoot here and there.

Views while hanging>>>

Dormitories can be seen

The path

Kenneth with xXx team

This is Jeffrey, doing some "cheerleading jump" LOL ( Look stupid...keke )

We also sang “I believe I can fly” on the bridge…

Although we were tired but we hung on and we triumphantly rushed to the swimming pool and there, water war had begun.

Victim: Eu-Ern ( Not sure whether I spelled it rightly?? )

Seniors were trying to poke Kar Heng with the STICK>>>

Kena dah!!

Luckily I was not being dumped into the water, Haha…but I missed out the fun, yer…

Never mind, I had my compensation. Guess what??


Coconuts!! What is even better when the sun is hot and you are sweating??

Thanks to Kenneth & Bong Yang>>>

The coconut pickers

Thanks again!! Now you see what's good if you carrying knife around!!

Although I was busy slurping my coconut, still, there was time for me to capture some memories^^ Overall the coconuts were not bad, what is even better than FREE?

The path to campsite...It is sloppy and tiring!!

Coconut - you deserve this!! It is not photoshop-ed nor edited!! It is taken like this...I like the effect

Obviously we were trying the modes^^ (Jeffrey looked unusual "Hamsap")

Bong yang with coconut - - what a face!!

Let me show you something funny>>>

I have no idea when I took this^^ But it is nice!! Jeffrey, Anson, and Monkey - - obviously trying to pretend they are boxers...Best post goes to Anson!!


  1. Salmon f1sh1:48 AM

    our camp..
    luckily i din sleep.
    too much bug i guess.
    lol XD!!
    wat a cam whore u n jeffrey ar.
    din ajak me snap la..
    u both ar..
    chemistry oooo.
    d boxer lo damn kao xiu..
    cox too hot ady!
    d coconut luckily kenneth din kena sue grab al ppl coconut.
    lol xD
    where is d nex part cant await le.

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  2. aiyo!! Why salmon don't want to sleep??

    alot of bugs??
    you scare to sleep at camp site gua??

    Aiyo...we two cam whore also must got mood...who ask you don't follow me??

    the next part will be uploaded very soon...wait yea!!

    luckily they didn't capture us for stealing coconuts^^

  3. salmon f1sh1:06 AM

    i duno.
    BBQ finish.
    then sleep in dewan while others duno go wher nite talk..or walk walk or lantern playing.
    then boring..
    so sleep a while.
    then when wake up is 3sumthing
    al jux bck n wana sleep.
    so i mah play cards v faci they al til 6in d morning onli go their room sleep..
    so miss d chance sleep camp liao lu.
    wil try nex time d!!
    camwhore loo..
    u wil see ur face n pix paste in canteen v a 'WANTED' on it.

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  4. Wakaka...luckily you didn't camwhore our sleeping looks!!

    Thank goodness..

    You must try la...gt barking dogs in the middle of the night lo


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