Oct 7, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part IV

Yea!! One full day in Dusun Eco. It was the day when we had most of our activities!!

I woke up earlier than anyone did. I went out of the dormitory. I was amazed at the picture that I saw. Stunned I was.

I went to the basketball court to take it again but it was not that satisfying.

Final resolution, I went to the hanging bridge, Yea, ALONE, I was scare because nobody was with me. So once I took this, I fled back to dormitory>>>

Don't you think it is deadly GORGEOUS??

The first plan of the day was jungle trekking. No instructor but facilitators that brought us in. Thanks for leading us and making sure we were fine.

Snapshots in the jungle>>>

Thanks to coffee for taking pictures. Personally I forgot to bring mine.

As usual we climbed up and down. When it came to slippery and steep route, we helped each other out. Many thanks to facilitators and Kenneth, the ranger!!

I almost forgot. Each of us was given an egg for safe keeping. It ended up Jeffrey broke his, thinking that was a rope. Bad bad Jeffrey!!

It was another exhausting expedition. Craving for water, and wiping out the sweats that seemed to be unstoppable. Slipped few times, but thank goodness I was not injured nor fed leeches for I managed to swipe it off before it searched the best place to feed on my BLOOD. Phew~~

Climbing here and there for the whole day we were. Flying fox was the next. Anxious as it was my first time flying in the sky. Hoho…

Before that, we were to climb over through the hanging bridge. Creepy and shaky. But I was fine with it.

In the shooting mood^^

What a Monkey face!!

Read it carefully>>>

Instructor was guiding us on how to EQUIP OURSELVES

Ready to go...


Those who were waiting>>>

Fully Equipped Simon

Nice poses dude!! Esp Bong Yang

Our turn!! Me with Jeffrey, Albert, Huey Shin.

Where were the people??

Anxiously waiting the moment to Come...

Thanks to Jeffrey for cheering me up for the reason-you-and-me-know and thanks to Kenneth for borrowing me your bandana!!

Yo…no need to wipe my sweats all day long and no need to tidy my messy hair.

Then we went for kayaking. I didn’t join because of seasonal pain. LOL…oh well..but I did help out a bit, which is very very minimal as compared to others, for I do not know how to, in making a kayak. (Is it kayak? I don’t think so.)

Instructor was busy giving instructions to all of us in front of the equipment store

Juniors, including me LOL…Jeffrey was scratching his head~~

Seniors, whom I should be one of them…They said they sure can defeat the juniors for they had the experiences!!

Time to get it to the water!! Hercules!!

Say cheese~~

Obviously I was the photographer as the rest were busy fussing with the bamboos, ropes, empty containers.

Sky was shining brightly..YO!!Nice day for outdoor activities

Once the kayaks were ready, both juniors team and seniors team set off and rolled as hard as they could to win.


As they won the first and second rounds!!


Worrying faces as they were losing out..

Sinking Seniors LOL

Finally juniors won with great victory. Unlike seniors who were playing unfairly. Good job to juniors for blocking them to the verge. Although seniors somehow said that they let juniors won, which I doubt at the first place.

More stories awaits…Check it out!!


  1. oh my god. I love the pictures of the sunset man. Damn nice wei.

  2. Aiyoyo...it is not sunset

    It is SUNRISE!!

    Haha...blur blur vivian

  3. Nice pics and jungle fun. I never knew Eco Dusun offered so much. For more KL jungle adventure check out
    Nature Escapes KL

  4. Salmon f1sh1:18 AM

    d challenge day.
    stil snap pix in forest.
    later u snap sum..muhahaha..like coffee d hp pix kenot open oo.
    i kena bite by leece..
    d hanging bridge rily stunning me n ppl keep goyang..
    hate it!
    bt flying damn fun la.
    wat reason u n him know dat u share v jeffrey aR?haaaaa..
    aiykss..d kayaking sucks!!
    rily senior make excuse lo.
    then i din realise u din kayak lo.
    i tot al muz go..
    haih..i m d bad luck kena jump into d water push d big 8 ppl in d kayak..
    luckily no kena leece bit in d pooll..
    stil we lose~~
    nt amazing race but
    'tired walk' challenge cumin up next..

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  5. nothing in the day time hehe...luckily.

    coffee's memory card got virus...so partially corrupted!!

    i super love the bridge!! it has the best view offered!!

    flying fox is nevertheless fun!! I miss it so much. gosh gosh gosh...wish to go back there!!

    I understand that seniors play dirty tricks..really unfair la...pity you also

    so skinny still have to push them around...

    hehe...luckily I didn't get any bite frm leech!! I swung it away once I saw it on my feet!!

  6. salmon f1sh1:02 AM

    o tat coffee d memory card probs.
    i tot rily kena dat ady.
    ya d bridge onli u like it..
    as it gives best for photographers n view lovers like u..
    until rather sleep less aso dun wana miss d sun rise time..
    d flying fox.
    even i afraid height..
    stil it was superb.
    dun talk la.
    u wana me feel like wana bck there again liao.
    but i duwan over d hanging bridge.
    mayb i wil lu!!duno.
    skiinny stil nid push them.
    almost wana kik sei ady..
    lol XD..~~
    u geng lo.
    eye so sharp..i kena bite aso duno.
    mong za za la me.!~~

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o


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