Oct 5, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part III

The story has not ended anyway.

We did a lot of things.

Hehe…wanted to know?

Haha..the Pole Dancer #1

Can see how much the pole dancer like the bridge?!

Then Mun Kit (a.k.a Monkey) could not stand of him and he banged the poser!!

Okie now it was my turn to pose LOL (don’t throw me eggs!!) >>>

We saw this while we were hanging around the dusun>>>

Unexpected guest - say Hi!!

Saw these cute little fruit… Totally have no idea whether it is edible or not!!

Fountain full of active fishy!! Keep on swimming surrounding the fountain and scrambling away when disturbance comes.

Oh well…soon we walked to the pool and sat there under the booth.

The sky was nice>>>

NO more concrete jungle but natural green jungle surrounded me, I like the serenity!!

Look at what the guys did when they were bored…Amusing~~ (Actually it was upon my request…keke!!)>>>

The most manly picture of Simon. As you know, he is just so girlie LOL>>>

The slippers…Identifiable!! Simon + Mine + Monkey (Oo…monkey wears slippers too??)>>>

You know what? Suddenly Simon did this to Anson@@And it seemed Anson enjoyed it as much *smirk*>>>

We sat there for more than one hour for the dinner. What we did? We chatted, we listened to music, we shot pictures, we entertained cat, and we posed!!

The cat was always so friendly to us. It just could not stop coming into our sights. Perhaps she missed Anson, the cat lover.

Just lazing on the path like no-cat’s-business>>>

Time flied slowly in Dusun Eco, as compared to normal days. Maybe because we had nothing much to do, and without telecommunication, practically it enabled us to spend more time with each other so as to know each other better. Nice place for knowing new friends!!

The sky turned reddish as night slowly fell upon the blue sky>>>

Nice mixtures of colours - - I just love the sky!!

Dinner time was just around the corner. We proceeded to our dining tables. We automatically sat according to our groups. In another word, we were united, without much conscience.

Our meal

Spicy, salty, what else could we do? Eat only!!

Even when we ate, we had screams coming over out of sudden!! Kitty who fears kitty lol…and Diana who fears kitty

One more thing is when you come over here, you have to wash your own plates..Aha…we paid to come here and WASH DISHES@@

Take a look over its promotion banner - - why don’t they put the pictures of us washing dishes??

After dinner, we were full. We headed again back to dormitory and got myself changed into long pants. Later we were going for NIGHT WALK!!

Yo!! What’s up??

Suddenly the pink jacket looks so nice!! Hehe…and I could not help to pose and snap them with jeffrey’s handphone!! Thanks dude for your phone ya!!

On the night itself, we were to finish our t shirt design!! We took too long to decide on the design…Swt@@
Before we started to work on it>>>

When we were just doing this, xXx group almost finished theirs!!

We were the slowest, I think. Once I had done mine, it was my time to go around and shoot with Bong Yang’s camera!!

One of our group pictures>>>

Some of them were having ktv session in Dusun Eco…own speaker and bass and Microphone. Cool~~

After everyone finally done, we took on our night walk. It was scary but I did not see any unwanted figures. For the first time, I saw “kelip kelip” (I do not know what is it in English)

The stars were blinking at us. SO many of them, which made them uncountable. It was so relaxing lying down and watching stars.

How rare is the chance where we could do this?

I really hope time would stop there. Although the surrounding was in pitch black but I enjoyed the star watching experience.

By the time we went back it was 1am.

The night was not ended anyway. We took out our junks and started to feast!!>>>

Hehe…sharing is caring but some just too miser to share. Oh well…

After some junks, we finally resorted to sleep. Done brushing teeth, done removing contact lens (I have worn it for more than 16hours!!), done washing my face and putting stuffs on it. Sleeping time!!

Jeffrey seemed hard to fall asleep and he started to tell us his rare experience with a disturbing guy…

Haha…funny it is. We were trying so hard not to laugh while trying to doze off.

When nobody talked, slowly we dozed. Oh, I charged my handphone in the middle of night. No choice but to wake up and off it…Not really had a good sleep but better than none still!!

At the middle of the night, I wanted so much to go toilet but I scared. Nah…So I waited Simon to wake up and asked him to accompany me^^ Thanks!!


  1. Salmon f1sh1:04 AM

    OMG!!i love tiz blog so much.
    like a story line!!
    well..when i becum pole dancer ady??
    nt stripe meh?
    d kissing scene..
    kisss d wrong guy.
    shud b you..
    d cat u snap jux so cute..
    ya..paid $$ wash dishes unexcepted~~
    i so miss d stars in d sky while they talked ghost stories..
    so wish it stopped for d moments!!
    y u snap urself like showing ur bra..haha:-P
    ya..KTV syok..
    omg~~ u rily make me laugh when seeing u write jeffrey talk v us bout v disturbing guy..
    i know u din slip well tat nite ler.
    so early awake le.
    then ask me in d mid9 for toilet n saw sum stil hook up chattin outside lol XD
    cant await to c ur nex blog part..
    sure gt surprise again~~

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o

  2. I am glad^^ at last got some one like my blog

    Actually I intended to make it so that when I read it next time I can remember those tiny details that I have missed out!!

    POle dancer better than striper la...you not dare to strip also

    Elek..luckily you didn't kiss me...

    Yala the jeffrey...too leng lui edi until got ppl wanna disturb him LOL

    I wonder so many things to talk at night meh?? some more outside toilet lala

  3. salmon f1sh12:56 AM

    no one tell u tat they like ur blog meh?
    dun wory i m owez ur super no.1 fans..
    wat i dun dare?
    i rily dun.
    kiss u easy la.
    tak tahan betul.
    like sdvertise him he so famous gt one guy love him so much til those msg i rily wil nightmare if heard again fr him..
    they al u know la.
    wat can do at tat mid9 time n muz b outside toileT?
    scandal kut..

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o


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