Oct 3, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part II

We waited for quite some time before we headed to our dormitory.

It was afternoon and it was so Hot that I found my shade under the booth, which is located beside the pool.

New faces welcomed the sunshine and actively moved around.

Initially they assigned a dormitory to guys and another to girls.

Many of us waived it as one dormitory can fit us all. Plus it was fun to share the dormitory with guys. More topics.

Haha…too bad that dormitory comes with girls toilets and bathrooms. But we shared them too so that it was less hassle.

We were given time to choose our beds and settled down. But time always seemed to be insufficient.

Delays and delays - sorry to the facilitators for urging us relentlessly.

We headed to the hall and had ice breaking.

There were three teams, the Blue, the Red and the Green, which were assigned earlier in the bus.

We stuck in groups and came out with our group names and cheers.

Kar Heng, the 6-toes instructor or facilitator

I was the Greenie in Greenies!! Our cheer >>>

Are we red? NO It is rude~~

Are we Blue? NO It is Blur~~

Who are we then?

We are good

We are generous

We are genius

We Are~~~~


I was the only one in Greenies…Dui…never mind though. Let me present to you my team members>>>

Blue team a.k.a xXx

Red team a.k.a Red Devil

whose legs are they?? Red Devils!!

Ice Breaking time>>>

Everybody had the somebody’s name stick to their backs so that everyone could see but yourself. You have to guess who is that from others’ descriptions about the person

[ Alex, Coffee, Anson & Bong Yang ]

Our facilitators were explaining the games to us.. Nice pose, Kai Shin

Our SWC Chairperson busy posing with Jeffrey LOL (Funny!!)

After ice breaking session, initially facilitators planned to bring us to the obstacle course, but ended up with treasure hunt. We went in the jungle but came out again lol

What a nice combination!!

Love the bamboos!!

Spotted this too>>

So high, anyone scares of height??

Haha…its emergence was meant to be captured>>>

Bridge-like – Any spider man??

perhaps we do have, it is Simon!! Clever, he climbed few steps only…but looked like he climbed more than that

Then, treasure hunt started. Our first mission:

Find 5 combs, 5 sticks with different diameters, 1 lighter, 1 lipstick, 5 pairs of socks

We found that pretty fast but ended up we got delayed because we nearly failed to go to the facilitator whom we had no idea where was she!! So tiring walking up and down the hills without any sense of direction!!

See our tiring look>>>

Oh well, we proceeded to next mission>>>

This is Crazy!! It is best caught alive…sweat!!

So hard to capture but we managed to capture few of them!! Good job anyway although we did not finish it. Even I, such phobia against bees also feel proud of myself lol…

Taken from Bong Yang’s camera>>>

Would you marry me?? That’s what he said in his blog!!

Practically I had run here and there like crazy and took no time to shoot pictures. That’s why I am regretting it now.

Oh well…after treasure hunt, everybody was so damn exhausted that some even slept before bath. STINKS!! I hung around here and there before I went to the bathroom.

Gosh…there are no hangers around for our clothes. Then I had to resort to borrow hanger from Simon and figured my way out to bath.

The water was killingly cool but at the same times it cooled my heart. After all the exhaustion this was somehow rewarding. Haha…there were noises arose in the bathroom. Guess what, guys were the noise makers!!

After bath>>>

Posing with Simon under the dim-lit light

Jeffrey and Bong Yang also could not bear to lose out

My jumping spree came to me again, and then I jumped!! Haha…not going to show you guys!!

See Bong Yang’s jump instead>>>

I wanted to walk around Dusun Eco and I managed to talk 3 guys out to join me!! Haha…they are Bong Yang, Mun Kit, Anson and Simon and I asked them to jump!!

The response they gave: “ Jump again meh??”

Haha…you will be delighted to see the jumping when you got yourself home!! I bet it…

Whoa…it looked like a series of video screen captures to me!!

Nah…faster say thank you to me!!


  1. charis3:50 PM

    all right i miss the fun!erghh!!1 well i miss NS !!!

  2. Salmon f1sh12:47 AM

    u hv great shot la!!!
    d jumping was damn craps n funny lo~~~
    nice hang out for dat!!

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o


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