Oct 1, 2008

Dusun Eco Trip - Part I

Sorry for Missing In Action for few days, oh well, I was trying hard to sleep before 11pm and stay away from my computer.

Firstly it is because I have exceeded my 60hours of surfing time for the month. More over, I urgently need to get more beauty sleep for my skin has gone worse. Gosh!!

Previously I was on a trip to Dusun Eco, Bentong, Pahang. That explains why I have not updated my blog for three days^^ It is simply relaxing as it cut off all the telecommunication and we were definitely enjoying the trip without any distraction!!

Now, it is time to blog about it!!

On 22th of September, I reached college before 9am, which was the reporting time according to Kar Heng. He tricked me. He told me 9am, in fact, the departure time is 10am. Ish Ish Ish…

I was early. Yea...my dad drove super faster than me. He took 10 minutes to reach college while I need 30minutes…

I sat at the Canteen Two foyer for quite some time. I met Leslie, Albert & Alan shortly. Chatted awhile, flipped through The Star, nothing much though. I do not know many of the new faces in Student Welfare Committees. No why, haha, I am sleeping member ever since I started my Advanced Diploma.

I didn’t keep track of the time. Later on, we boarded TAR College bus, which would send us straight to Dusun Eco Pick Up Point. I asked Simon to sit with me, because I did not know new faces^^ but glad that Alan, Albert actually took the initiatives to introduce them to me. Thanks dude!!

This is Simon busy texting someOne...

This is Ben
Benny... I called him Ben 10. He is quite girlie, but friendly. Whether is he straight, I don’t know. He is one of the five facilitators that guide us throughout our trip. Thanks a lot!!

This is Me. Thanks for shooting, whoever shooting this with Bong Yang’s camera.

Hehe…this time is Self shooting…Looked very pale, as usual. No make up, that’s simply me. Style of the day, cute^^ So as to look younger lol…I believe I tricked some of the new faces that I am younger than I am!!

Around one and a half hour, we arrived the Pick Up Point>>>

Everybody was so excited to go up the hill. Everybody’s neck was craning highly to spot for any truck, which is like this>>>

In the meanwhile of waiting, I took all these>>>

Kitty, Diana & Me

Albert, Leslie & Alan

After the jumping, we got back to the shade
again. Chit chat with friends I know, then the shooting spree sprung to us again>>>

New faces here: Huey Shin & Anson

I was very free, and so I decided to take these funny pictures of Alan>>>

At another corner, Bong Yang was busy with shooting as well. Let’s look at his photo>>>

It is Kenneth, the ranger with Kar Heng’s toes. Gosh…first time I saw 6toes!!

Soon, the truck arrived. It looks like a truck that delivers animals.
Haha..this time we were the pigs>>>

Jeffrey &
Mun Hoe added in!!

They were so excited although they were the pigs..LOL

Screaming like nobody’s business – Simon

He was stress, perhaps??

Oh well, he was normal, he knew he was the pig and he felt uneasy LOL

Me & Albert – were happy for no reason..

They were happy too^^ Perhaps waiting moment has finally ended

The road is steep. Practically everywhere the roads are more or less like that..Gosh…mountain climbing!!

Journey on the truck was not that long. We arrived at our destination shortly, around 5minutes?

welcoming signboard…the Misery awaits LOL

the canteen, where we had our meals

the Pool, which I could not jumped in. It was clean, according to those who went here. Oh well, that does not matter
to me.

Anson, the cat Lover, just could not keep his hands to himself…

Bong Yang with his bags, nice combination^^ who’s the photographer?

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  1. Salmon f1sh12:35 AM

    i din busy take msg.
    n haahaxx.
    ur funny look in d bus is me snap d lorxxx.
    u hv interesting pix i dun hv lo.
    al snap using ur cam izit?

    o.O Salmon f1sh O.o


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