Sep 19, 2008

Lyric #1 Bleeding Heart

Starry Night
Tender Breeze
My only companions at night
I hear no sound
But my own and whisper of wind
I wish to find the solitude that I've lost

Cruel Fact
Troubled Mind
My indescribable feelings at night
I speak no word
But feel all pain
I wish I've never grow to be who I'm now

What is past is past
Regrets haunt at this moment
Out of sudden
I feel all these are what I deserve

My heart is bleeding
I could not help
It bleeds so badly that I just can't stand
Do you know how I feel
I doubt that you can
But I'm glad you're here to listen to my sorrow

My heart needs healing
What would it be
I've no idea what can heal my heart
I'm tired with all of these
But it just can't stop
What else I could do besides stay strong & stronger
In this cruel life

This is my first published lyric, written by Hitomi, a.k.a Shane
Give some opinions...
Videos coming next about this Song...dedicated to myself and myself

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