Jul 31, 2008

Bloody Affair

Gosh man!! Here it came - - - the bloody affair!!
I have been waiting it long ago.

Guys and Girls, I have not lose my NERVE, need not to squeak at the Bloodiness!!
Well, thanks for Ivan for naming it so beautifully. Any guess, ladies and gentlemen??

NO guess??

TOO bad~~

Hmm...FYI, my college, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, has its blood donation campaign running this week at college hall. And so, I, who is so enthusiastic about donating my blood, straight away went for it, with no other thoughts or drawbacks!!

I simply wanted so much to donate!! Well...it saves lives, I didn't see any bad though.
I have missed my previous chance to donate due to my "aunty coming". NO choice.

Initially, Ivan and I decided to go donate together gether.
On Tuesday itself, we two went for it. We filled our forms, checked our blood, check our heartbeats.
Aha...here comes the story...

Ivan, perhaps not enough sleep on MOnday, due to burning mid-night oil for Agent-M, was not in condition.
His heartbeats was far too low that the female doctor actually kicked him out. In other words, he was being disqualified. Sweat!! Even though we had had our light food...

TOo bad...tata Mr Ivan.
Left me alone to donate. Sweat!! Next time remember to sleep well, Ivan!!!

Jul 30, 2008


What a nice timing that finally it is certified??

Can't it be any other time??
Why must it be 28th of July 2008??

When my dad was not around...everything has gone so clumsy!!

Maybe I have no habit of checking my car, that may explains why it was so badly handled.

I supposed that my dad helps me to check my car. OH well..stil it is died. NO choice.
I do not know whether it is my carelessness that caused the death of my battery but it was so run-out-of-water man!!

Perhaps 2years has been enough. What people says, enough is enough!!
Then it died...
No Choice.

Thank goodness, it did not happen to me while I was driving man. Thank goodness that my mom had not drove off. If not my car would not be stranded at my working place, it may be somewhere farer which the mechanic has to go long way to rescue my car man!!

Glad that everything is ok now. It costs me 160 bucks for a new battery!! INFLATION!! 100bucks ---> 160 bucks!!

Jul 29, 2008

MOrnings & Evenings

I will not write much but merely pictures.

Shade of darkness in rising morning>>>

Aura of the mountain>>>

Building bridge>>>

Which ended up a hole>>>

Again, my favorite puffy clouds>>>

Something going to come out from the light?? ET??

Like the aura>>>

Tiny little shaped clouds on the border between sky & land>>>

OoOOo...looks like a herd of sheeps^^

Very morning I started off my journey to school ( 6.45am)

Jul 28, 2008

16th July 2008

I knew I was late. Need not to stress on it. Well...I was and I am occupied with assignments on hands to the extent I was so busy to even spare time to really upload and take my own sweet time to write this post.

BUt I will today. GOod gracious...

As usual, the sky was so bluish, again, my passion for it has never faded. Hope my lack of inspiration won't kill my passion.

This one looks like meteor^^^^

The day was indeed very bright. The whole day was clear blue sky>>>

This one looks like waves>>>

I bet this one is taken in the morning>>>

CooOol...since when clouds have tails>>>

This one more like tsunami coming>>>

Gosh...all the cars will be GONE~!!!

Kinda like those pictures taken from the satellite on the Earth>>>

Great day comes with Good mood, so I suggested: Why not we go to the Hotel & Tourism students' TAR Restaurant to have our lunch?? Since we have never been there for last two years...

And there we went. We were all so enthusiastically wanted to try out the new spot for dining.

Well...basically the students are trained to serve like those restaurants in hotels. Of course, this is a necessity>>>

We were served with water before we ordered our meals. Nice~~ I like to be served. MOreover, it is free of service charges!! What is even better??

This one is CHaris>>>

Always look so pretty and confident

And Ivan>>>

Innocent look always on the face but he is not anyway...Kaka!!

Well...we waited quite long for the food. Never mind then since the restaurant is air conditioned. Just being frank that we never even realize our one hour just gone like that...Kaka!!

Here are the food>>>

HOnestly, the menu is very limited and you only have few options. And one more thing, thank goodness that we got our seats although we didn't book in advance.

The food is considerably in small portion, and quite pricey. The first one is nice. The second one is lack of taste. While the third one is mine, which is just normal only.

Actually I planned to visit again today (25th July), but too bad, the luck is not with me, so I cannot eat there...sad~~

Jul 27, 2008

Eat More CHili

Yoh!! That's more like it. I bet you know which restaurant I am going to talk about.

Still don't know??

Do you know why there are three chilies?? Haha...Simply because the restaurant said: Eat more CHILIES!!
But then this cannot eat. Don't eat ok??
[ Haha...the main reason is: The first two chilies are taken by Waiseng, while the last one is Mine^^ ]

Well...let me tell you the story. The day itself was Tuesday, I have my class ended at 2pm. Since I have another gathering at 7.30 pm, so I decided to meet up with this Mr Little-Dirty-Secrets, whom a blogger and a photography lover too^^

I took LRT from Wangsa Maju, and reached around 2.30pm as promised. While Mr Wai Seng was somehow got stucked in the transition of traffic...LOL...he reached around 3pm.

I went to walk around KLCC, and window shopped. Then he called: Where are you ar?? I am already in front of Body Shop. Then I straight away dashed to the Body Shop from Vincci...LOL

Then, he asked, where do you wanna lunch?? I suggested Chili...he straight away said OK...maybe too hungry...Wakaka!!

We got the seats at non-smoking area. Since both of us not smokers....

Then the waiter came over to serve us. Haha...Mr Waiseng sure very sweat when I still very indecisive what to order. Haha...I had been flipping through the menus with DOn't-know-how-many times.

Tempting huh?? TOo many choices there That I feel headache to choose...

He ordered a huge burger, which I forgot what is it named and Guava juice, which he actually drank two cups of them...

Aha...here you go.

Finally I have made up my mind. I chose the Top Shelf Margarita. Mixtures of alcohol. That's more like Me...Haha...

I think it deserves to be more>>>

The cup is being decorated with salt and it looks so nice. Definitely it tastes nice too..I cannot really distinguish the alcohol anyway. Aha..it comes with good price too...20bucks for a cup. Wanna try???

Then, there comes the burger. Just before he wanted to feed with it, I stopped him. Sorry ya!! Wanna take pictures ma...

Well, that's me, not in condition>>>

As what I have heard, CHili serves in big portion.
NOw I understand why, because Mr Wai Seng also afraid that he could not finish them all by himself. The burger is nice. The beef is nicely grilled, just that bit too salty for me. Haha...overall it is YumMylicious.

WHile he was dissecting his burger, I played with his DSLR. Thanks to him for bringing that for me, nice guy you are. Although he told me that he is not talkative the night before, he is talkative as what I experienced.

He talked non stop for the 2 hours, he even talked when he was chewing. Haha...no worries. I was the same too^^>>>

The only picture I shot him. He somemore asked me why shoot him while eating. Haha...

And me, was talking, playing with both my camera and his, and shooting around>>>

The light above our heads^^

Carlsberg LOL...

The marbles on the table^^

MOst of the pictures were my testing shoot. He only shot at the chili symbol, the burger, my margarita, and I think of no more. Haha...

I helped him to eat some also but mostly he ate. Pity me, Haha...just kidding.

Then we went for the Dark Knight, which he had watched it once, and this time, the second. Haha...it is really nice as what he said: lots of spices of conflicts, lots of gruesome and heart-attacking moments.

Thanks to Mr joker whom played such a nice role in the movie. Without him, I dare say it is nothing. Rest in peace~~~

Mr Waiseng, waiting for your post on this ya!!!

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