May 31, 2008

Tired of Ladies & Gents?

Are you tired of looking at the typical signs of toilets?

Then I have something fresh here!! Simply aMusing...

Take your time and digest the meaning behind it...

Sense of belonging

I really need the sense of belonging.

But I knew I am still fail in finding it.

It has been 20 years that I was proved to fail again and again.

I simply don’t understand why.

It added to the contrast when someone actually shared what he done and felt these days.

In primary school, I was no other than a silent girl whom is lack confidence, and lack socializing skill. It ended up my primary school life was so dull that I don’t even want to recall anyway.

In secondary school, again, I was the same old me, lack confidence. It became worse when I actually started to lose faith in friends. Talking bad about people behind them. Spreading vicious rumors. Things I really hate.

Is this what we called it the adult life?

Now, in college, still I fail.

The sense – why is it so hard to get one?

May it be I am too selfish that I was not deserve to have them.

I am EMO for now. Here. This moment.

Today may the day I cry most.

I need a shoulder. Someone that I really can cry without fear, without the intention to hide myself.

Or a place where I can release myself the whole day.

Doomed for everything

Things happened faster than what I can take in.

It was so many things that bother me for the whole day that I actually felt so EMO for everything.

I felt so wanted to release them.

I can’t help to resist my inner feeling that I really felt myself is once again left unattended and blames all go to me.

Yesterday was a long story.

My mom was accidentally fell off when she was working.

I was dumbstruck.

It was so fast that I really cannot process what should I do.

As a daughter, I think I should but then yet again, something, which made me felt uncertain.

Something that held me back.

Is she able to stand up by her own? Maybe.

Should I go help her up? Maybe others can do so.

I was really don’ know what to do.

That I ended up not giving her a helping hand and felt so guilty for the now.

She was mad, I knew.

I understand how she felt, how come I didn’t help her yesterday.

But she never says it out in front of me.

She said I am dumb, stupid… I knew, and I admitted I am.

This morning, she went to work.

Again, she said I was really useless, I knew.

Why can’t I wake up any earlier to buy her breakfast?

Usually she buys for us instead.

Maybe I was being pampered too much that I really never think of this.

I admit I am bad, stupid, silly, dumb, and brainless, whatever she may say.

I was so dumb for not thinking of this.


And there is no need that you repeat what I KNEW!!

As to ease my own guiltiness, I rushed all the morning since I woke up and washed all the clothes.

Short of time.

I woke up just an hour and a half to settle myself only – as usual what I did – before I went to work.

I hope she will understand but so sad that she born a stupid daughter – me.

The day was never as messy as today.

Today supposedly is holiday. There is no need for me to go work.

Because I have no time to even check it, ended up I was there.

SO stupid again. I really feel myself stupid more than anyone else.

Sick still…Damn!!

Why my day is so doomed??

May 30, 2008

cReatiVe Sculptures

Adorable dolphin of Banana...

Pleeeeease don't be so Silly for swallowing the kniFeeee....

Mr Tomato said: Come over my dearly cauliflower sheepies....

Let the tHrrrrrill beGins.....( looks scary!!)

oh My Dear, pleeease DOn't leave me!! or else I would ScrreW my own Head..(threatening huh?)

Cute little egg yoke cradle & cute little eggie...

Nice butterfly!! I want it too...can someone do it for me? i will return it with a kiss...Blek~

Serenely sitting alone...Pooor little violin, I supposed?

I wonder how to make such a nice house?!?

Caaan Somebody Help Mr Orangie??


It has been quite long I am sick but still the flu, the flam still don't really get rid of themselves. Worse still, I am having sore throat today!!
Why it intervenes at this moment!!!

Haiz...really don't know what to say.
Ever since I was back from Lang Tengah, I started to get sick and it goes on and on.
Maybe my antibodies have been too weak after conquering the bacterias and germs in island.
Don't know. Just assume.
NOw I am still sick, although I sought the mighty advice of my family doctor.

My advanced diploma starts this week.

Practically saying, not much notes are given to assist in our understanding.
And as expected, most of us, including me, was quite blur for the time being.
Although the subjects are more or less connected to what we had learned in diploma, I am left unguided because all my notes have been lent to my friend.
IT is time to GET IT BACK!!

Maybe it is the messiness that influenced me so much that I was virtually lack of inspiration in blogging.
I surfed the net yesterday and I decided I may blog on Prom.
But for the time being, I am going to let myself recover before I start this topic.
Research is still undergoing.

SO catch up with me once awhile. And hope I can GET WELL SOON...

May 29, 2008

10 things guys hate about girls

Is it true? How about you tell us?? Kindly drop your comment after you scan through the facts^^

1# Stop asking us to call you every damn day.

We do have our own life and not only revolve around you. Please give us some privacy or spaces. Calling needs to incur costs too…

2# stop taking hours to get ready for a date.

Waiting is not fun if it becomes a habit. It makes us like an idiot to wait your change your outfit again and again but ended up wearing the first outfit you have taken off earlier.

3# NO smoking

We don’t like girls to smoke. Don’t ask why. [ Personally I think it deals with ego.]

4# Not every meal has to be in classy, posh places.

We do not print money. So when you plan your meal, think of our pocket too..

Once or twice a month is ok but not every day!!

5# When you make us go shop for 4 hours bit ended up buying the shirt from the first shop

WE do not like shopping with girls because of this very reason. Do think for us, our feelings and abused feet.

6# Period is not an excuse to be mean.

Do not scream at us or freaking out on us. We do have our own feelings and being mean on us once a month is not right at all…

7# Keeping too plain.

We do not mind if you dress to be hot. There is nothing wrong with showing some skin.

8# There is nothing wrong with girls making the first move.

Normally guys is the one who move first. There should be an exception because we find it flattering as you are confident with yourself and how keen you are on us.

* Content extracted from magazine.

May 28, 2008

Fail to dream, Dream to fail

There is sometime ago which I recalled this quote:

"If you fail to dream, you dream to fail."

Dreams are important to provide us a tonic to excel in life.

Without dream, we will have no purpose in life.

Where we will be? What we will do?

All of our questions will only be answered with question mark itself.

Dream also can be known as goal in life.

What do you hope to achieve, let’s say, 10 years later?

If you know what’s your dream, you can plan now.

What are you going to do to make your dreams come true?

Then you can start working hard now.

If you not dare to dream, then what is your purpose you live in this world?

Just to pass one day by one day without any achievement that you are proud of or can show off to your grandsons?

Then your days without dream will be very monotonous and insignificant.

Since you don’t know what’s your dream, you will just do things simply without any purpose.

It will be effortless for whatever you do.

Just ask yourself. What actually do you want?

Regardless of the impracticality of the dream, still it is a dream.

It is up to you whether you just think about it and do nothing or you think and you do it.

So DARE TO DREAM and YOU WILL EXCEL, if only you work hard for it.

May 27, 2008

Why · Love?

Love is a kind of intangible and vague substance that make up our life.

There are so many types of love that I think you should have known.

Ever since we were being born in this world, the very first love will be, undoubtedly, our parents’ love.

Why love? Because they are the maker of us, and thus they love us.

They teach us the very basic things in life.

They help us throughout our development to be a better person.

They teach us to be a better person.

They play inexplicable substantial roles in our life.

We as children will forever be their small little kids in their eyes, whom always need their sanctuary and they always welcome us with a tender hug.

Again why? Because they love us.

In return, do we, as children love them the same way as they do?

Well…I bet most of us still not love them as much as they love us. Agree?

Why love? Because they are our parents.

The fact is concrete that we cannot change them no matter what.

The God has made us linked.

Maybe because we as human being tend to forget who are the one who love us most?

Why? Because we overlooked them, I supposed cause we were so busy exploring the world that we are living in.

So remember to love them!!

Friendship love…it is another one that worth mentioned.

It is indeed hard to have friends or even a friend that love you – good friend or best friend.

Why love? Because they will always be there for you whenever you have dilemmas and advice and sooth you whenever you need them.

Still, I would say hard to find.

Why? Are you one of the friends of someone who will willingly do all these?

If yes, in return, I would say there is someone for you too.

If no, then you will have to ask yourself, if you are not the one for others then why do you expect more from others?

Practically saying, maybe I am not a good friend to others. I don’t know.

Maybe I am but no one would ever realize I am.

Which one you are in?

Perhaps this is the highlight that everyone will automatically link to whenever you say ‘LOVE’

There you go, love that exists between couple.

Well…perhaps this is the hardest one for me.

Why? Because I admit that I am still very unsure and doubtful.

Hmm…this love is very chemical. Only if you and him or her have the right and matching substances then only it will be LOVE.

How do you know when you fall in love with someone?

Wah…good question.

My friend said if only you see sparks in him or her.

Sparks? Can you define further?

There you go – when you see him or her you cannot see others around.

Coool…That’s what I think when I heard him saying so.

This love is more like trial an error experiments where you will be doing this over and over again before you finally find your rightful one, yes, FINALLY.

In the process of trial an error, I bet no one will say not hurt at all because when come to the least of the least, you have at least showed some of your affection to one.

However, in the end, the best solution is still declared breakage.

Still, to love and being loved is a hard learned subject.

If you give me this, I will maybe fail. Haha…

Why love? Because you want to find your final Mr or Miss Right and proceed into another chapter of life, where you will be the parents like your father mother did.


Responsibility Matters

I bet you are very familiar with this particular word.

In the common conversation, you may be commented that this fella or that fella is not responsible at all and always dump all his work to us and do nothing.

Responsibility is something that one needs to learn when you started to develop your self-character. (Of course this may not be the case if you are a small kid.)

However, the smaller you start to learn how to be responsible the better you will be in future, which I personally agreed to it.

Responsibility deals with results of your own decision, action.

If you have done something, then you will have to be responsible for what you had done.

But the core topic today will be why there are people who do not want responsibility, especially youngsters?

Primarily, I think it is because they do not want to bear the results that entail.

Let’s say if you are given the choice to be a Course Representative.

If you are willing to bear the burden of handling course matters and dealing with lecturers, then you can definitely volunteering yourself.

If you are not willing to do so, then you can simply shut your mouth up and let the others do the nomination.

Don’t you think that you are in this category?

Another reason may be that you assume that you will neglect your studies if you bear any responsibility.

It is not a case if you are good in time management.

You can definitely do both at the same time without neglecting any of them.

If you are telling me you wish to but you scare of failing your exam, I will say you are just giving an EXCUSE.

Peer pressure is another important essence in decision.

As you know, many youngsters tend to feel belonging in a gang.

So if your gang is the type that always says NO NO to responsibility then you will just forget about it and feel easy and melt in their style, so-called.

If anyone of you do want to do so but just for the sake of the gang, you don’t, I would say “Is it your future or theirs?”

It is because when you started to learn about responsibility, you will be more prominent in your career after graduation.

Working without responsibility will not grant you the way to success. TRUST ME!!

Why will a boss hire you if you don’t want to be responsible with anything?

If you know anymore factor that may be influential, do feel free to drop me a message^^

May 26, 2008

First Day of Being Advanced

It was a tiring day as I made it so ^^

The first day at college - what's your feeling? Messy
Well...let me explain why.

The very morning I reached my college around 8.30am and was being knocked by the guard at entrance.
He said: Tak ada sticker tak boleh masuk
I said: Saya nak ambil sekarang ni.
He said: Sekarang ambil sekarang tampal.
OK OK....I went to get it immediately.
I drove all the way in to car park inside college while the guard wasn't aware of me.
( silly is he talking nonsense...tak kan I got down of my car and then go take sticker...adui!!)

I need the car sticker urgently for fear that troubles that follow if I don't.
You know la...need to park outside...some more the parking is always full when 8.00am...need to go round and round to check for empty parking places...if so unluckily your tires will be punctured if you park at residential area..too many to be specified!!

I managed to get a temporary vehicle pass. Thanks to Choon Hoe for lending us the time table ya!!
Soon after I placed my temporary pass in my car, I strode to DK C with Charis.

The first image once we went in: early ar people??
The DK was damn full, and I guess hardly be any seat available for us anyway.
We stood at right behind there chit chatting with friends for awhile then only we decided to find a place.
THANK GOODNESS there were two empty seats at the top front row...LOL

We waited and waited...Patience was being utilized to the fullest I would say because after 35 minutes of throng in the DK then only the lecturer appeared in the throng.
Lecturing all the way..Promoting the books that we OUGHT to have them.
Practically saying there is nothing special to be in DK C today.
Wasted out time. TOO BAD~~

We were being told to dismiss around 10am and we felt reluctant to go home yet.
Then waiting again for them to discuss where to go..
10 Minutes Passed.......
30 Minutes Passed.......
Still there is no certain location being determined on.
Well....waited again and again then we decided to abandon them and Charis and I went to Times Square for movie, lunch, shopping...

The very first thing we did was to lunch.
Another question arises: Where shall we lunch?
Another tour along Times Square before we finally decided to lunch in Teppanyaki.

See what we had there>>>

Proudly presents SUKIYAKI
(The moment we saw this big bowl, we were so shocked and it can actually feed two pax. So next time if you want to save money, you can share this with your friends. But be mindful that it is not worth the price because it is more like vege than anything else, although you have egg, A prawn, dong fen...)


Salmon Temaki. We felt it was too much with this side order because the unexpected big bowl of Sukiyaki.
( It can be said crudely done and personally I think there is nothing special with it...)

We were so damn full after eating all these.
We did after all. We walked to buy our movie ticket of Narnia and walked to Sungai Wang and do some shopping.

We passed by this new shop called Hello Planet and we paid them a visit. Bought nothing.Haha...

My legs are tired la man...why I wore high heels...Adui!!
But at least Charis managed to buy her new Myvi a pair of pillows and also sit belt decorators.
Mission unaccomplished: College Bag

Then we headed for movie>>>

Both of us watched the first episod and found that this movie is good enough.
My Rating: 4 over 5

The movie is basically talked about Prince Caspien in Narnia, whom fled for life when Miraz wanted to kill him and let his own baby boy sit the throne. He went in the deep jungle and bumped into Narnians, which are comparably tiny to normal human beings. He then built up an army with Narnians to fight for the kingdom which falls into the hand of King Miraz, alongside with the help of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Finally Narnians ruled.

There are few elements of laughters, which both of us found it particularly funny and surprise for such unexpected element in the movie. It was as good as the first one. I bet you will enjoy them!!

The movie lasted for 2and a half hours. By the time we finished it, it was 5 something.
Then Charis waited for her parents to fetch her while I myself drove back alone.

The lanes were packed with cars>>>

It added to my tiredness of my legs at the end of the day...MOre over my car is manual based...Sob~~

May 25, 2008

Quick review of the day

Today is Sunday.
It is kind of boring because I have no specific places to go or specific things to do.

Well...when my aunt said she wanted to go to the banks, I replied: "Why not?"
There we went. We done our businesses there and then we drove off to BBS ( Bandar Baru Selayang ).
Why? Because she wanted to buy stuffs in Guardian and Watson, and there is the nearest from my house^^

Due to the mid year sale, most of the products in Watson are offered up to 50% discounts.
It is so Cooool...
The prices are relatively cheaper, you know?
It is just the perfect timing to SHOP... are you listening, girls??

Guardian is always doing promotions restlessly too.
Of course there will be something worth buying, especially those BEST BUY
We shopped a lot of necessities, ranging from facial care to hand soap, before we went home.
I was having stomachache all the while too!!
SOb~~only can hold it until I reached home and released them.

End of shopping lol...
By the time I reached home, my mom was busy doing dumplings..
And I offered myself to do it...Haha...
Don't laugh at me. I don't know all these...So my Mom taught me^^

Secretly tell you la...
Those wrapped by me really pai kua la...(in hokkien)
Really cannot show to people de...only can eat myself...wakaka!!

After that I went to have a nap before I took my medicin.
Really sleepy for most of the time.zZzzZzz

By the time I woke up I wandered awhile then watched television, ate my own dumplings, etc.
Now I was here blogging...LOL...
GOing to sleep soon after I done my medicine. Nights^^

Sexy models

Sexy back...yeah...
Another sexy back from Justin Timberlake.
Don't know why,.maybe I like his songs^^

Back to here, enough of wandering...
Well well....
Sexy babies are too many because every single one of the ladies can do so, right?
Just that you show it for who, whether for private purpose or commercial purpose.

Let me show you some typical sexy babies>>>

They are HOT!! (what happen today, I am thinking of Avril Lavigne's song - HOT again...)
Don't you think so?

Super duper sexy apparels + sexy hot poses + beautiful face + devil's slim body + professional photographer

These are another Sexy Babies specially for YOU>>>

Of course you can eat them...Wakaka...Looks more yummy to me...

How come there is someone can do all these?
Maybe he thinks too much
Maybe he tends to be creative
Maybe he is desperate
Whatever it is, still it is a nice work of art..LOL

Warning: The pictures are merely for comparative purpose and well-linked to the sources.

May 24, 2008

wht A sicko

Sob~~ has been sick for many days but it seems to be so stubborn to leave me...

Sneeze, SneeZe, sneeZe...
Cough, cough, cough...

It comes around and goes around. (Reminding me of Justin Timberlake^^)

I care less for the sticko sickness...perhaps it will cure by myself, if only my antibiotics are strong enough to fight...
The conclusion is It is Useless le...

Ended up I went to see Mr doctor.
The main reason is I have been sneezing too badly until I felt my left ear somehow slightly deafened as if the cotton bud has been stuck inside...

I got my medi...and I ate them.Still have some to finish though.

College will start next Monday. I am happy because I no longer need to get bored at home, although I can work for $$$.
why? Cause I like my college life better than anything.

Oh ya...I am now single and available..So wanna enjoy single life more!!

May 23, 2008

Live Life

How many of us really care of what we consume and how it would affect our health?
Undeniably some of us do but still there are still some, for example, me, although we know it is unhealthy but still we go for it, right people?

Haha…you know la…when one gets sick only then you will start to take care of your body in consumption. Before sick, we take it for granted and eat every junk as we can.

Tip 1# Drink lots of water

Yaya…I do drink galleons of water. (just a bit exaggerated…lololo~~)
Really water la…not gas drinks or whatsoever that you think it can replace pure tasteless water.

Water is the most important element in our body.
Scientifically speaking, water is the medium for biochemical reactions, universal solvent of many biological molecules, moisturizer of respiratory surfaces, and support of the cells. Most layman advantage is that it helps to maintain your skin moisture, which ladies will care more than anything else. ( Referring to my brother’s biology references…wakaka!!)

Tip 2# Cut down on salt and sugar

Salt can increase the risk of having a high pressure, heart attacks, and stroke while excessive sugar will lead to diabetics and increase obesity.

Whenever you eat, not necessary to be so salty or sweet although it enhances the tastiness of your meals. As for sugar, it is advisable to take fruits instead natural sweetener.

Tip 3# Cut down Fats

Fat is known to be fattening…haha…need not me to tell..
Fat comes from those butter, lard, pizzas, KFC, etc

In order to cut down the fat, reduce consumption of these foods.
However low fat/lite/light does not mean that there is no fat. SO there is no reason for you the whole tube of low fat ice cream or chips.

Please be moderate in your consumptions. Never eat too much nor too less.

Tip 4# Exercise, exercise, exercise

Exercising can help to stimulate the metabolism process and help to get rid of the bad substances cumulated in your body, such as toxic.

By exercising, you also can get your desirable body shape and be more appealing in appearance. One week 3 sessions of 20 minutes exercise is ample to live healthy. The more it would be better.

May 22, 2008

Mr Kuma Kuma

Kuma-kuma is a turtle soft toy which looks like this>>

It is often being infused with other stuffs to make some cute little pillows, tissue boxes, key chains etc
Like this one here>>

This kuma-kuma belongs to Mr Jeffery. Haha…it is a kuma-kuma tissue box which he places it in his Avanza. See how they look alike>>

There is once the kuma-kuma is so damn cute where I found it in the most comical pose.
Shit la…why didn’t take the picture….Sweat badly~~

Never mind then. Let me describe a bit.
Mr Jeffery places it in front of the front mirror (pity the tiny kuma-kuma have to endure the pricky scorching sun.)

Well there was one fine day where he actually sped to somewhere & I was in the car.
Care less of the kuma-kuma as usual but that day it really caught my eyes.

Instead of sitting cozily on top of the tissue box, it dwelled into 75 degree and sticked near to the front mirror.
I was like WAO…how come the kuma-kuma also knows how to drift…kaka!!

May 21, 2008


I have cuties here...
haha...Let me introduce them...

cutie no 1>>>>>

It is Ms Trisha here...haha...I have mentioned her in my blog previously!!

She is more than one month old now... See her chubby cheeks? haha...make me wanted to pinch soOOooo mUChiee...

This picture is taken last three day. She came over my house and busy zZzzz all the while...

Cutie no 2>>>

This is a baby boy by my another cousin whom married last year. Name: unknown. How come all babies like the same MACAM saje?

Cutie no 3>>>

Haha...this one is Trisha's sister, Sasha... She looks adorable after she cut her hair short...athough she have to ( school obliged them to do so)
I like the way the dress being pumped with Air....

Cutie no 4>>>

Akaka...don't sweat...this is Hitomi...ble...don't I look cute :p

Grieve of Szechuan victims

There is something BIG happened when I was on the trip.

A severe earthquake has landed on the province of SiChuan at the magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale.
Most of the eastern SiChuan are affected.
The quakes were so powerful that even Chong Qing, and BeiJing can feel the tremble of the quake.

Many has lost their lives.
Many has lost their beloved.
Many has their homes destroyed.

What is the most heart-breaking is you see someone you love die in front of you but you can do nothing to help them.

That's why many parents are willingly sacrificed themselves to protect their children.
That's why children being found alive in the rumbles even though the have been trapped for more than one week.

Hey people, don't you realise how lucky you are??

What should you do
to thank GOD for not letting this happened to you?
to help the victims to overcome their sorrow and start their new life?
to let them know we, as outsiders, do care for them?

SO people, do whatever you can to help them, either monetary or morally...

Donate your money to them
Help them rebuild their homes even though we cannot help to bring back their beloved.

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