Mar 31, 2008

Cutie Baby

Aha...this is my cute little baby. Actually not mine...cause I am not married yet..wakaka!!
She is my cousin's second baby girl...Although they wished so much to get a baby boy, still she is very cute o!!

These pictures were taken while she is sleeping...haha...Shh...


This one right, after I shoot one picture, then she started to cry hm bei mien le...haiz...Guai la...don't lao gai!!


Mar 29, 2008

Cheer Up, my Buddy!! Smile~~

If you feel very depressed right now, here are some funny pictures just in time to cheer you up!!

Miao: Oh my, my fellow friends...

Shoo...shoo...stop looking at my nice butt ok?

Exhausted le...does it represent your condition right now?

* Pictures are taken from emails.

Wanna Buy them??

Have you ever saw any of these in shops selling PC gadgets?
Anyone interested with it?? I have few series here^^

1# Yummy Series

These definitely look tasty but be careful before you really chew them...wakaka!!

2# Cutie Series

Ouch!!Ouch..somebody!!!please help me!! my head is stuck!!
Don't think too much ok?? Ehem...

I like this...I bet I would buy one of them if it is not too pricey...Although it looks nerd...

3# Luxury Series

These simply so elegant man... LOve it...but the you can expected when you go into any Swarovski branded shops.

Wanna buy, people?

Mar 28, 2008

Happy Moments

Actually how do we define happy?
My definition is whenever we feel enjoy and put all our worries to nowhere.

My happy moments:

1# with my family

I wish to have a vacation like few days stay overnight at a resort and care no more for how much we will be spending and enjoy whatever we feel like doing together, such as having our precious moments at beaches or having sauna or spa together. I want to have moments of relaxation with my family so much as it seems to be unachievable until someday I have the ability to earn so much money to spend them all for vacation, which I believe I will.. Just wait for me, my dear family members. I really want to have some memorable moments with you all. I know nobody will love and care me more than you do.

2# with my friends

I feel kind of guilty for not able to spare my time for them. I do like the days when we used to hang out together. I treasured them. In this coming vacation, I hope to spend my trip with them. Don't forget me if I do abandon them sometimes. Excuse me for my absence in these semesters. I hope to chit chat around with my friends, care less whatever others will look at us, shoot pictures around...(to get as many candid shoots as possible, which are priceless), share our junks together, spend restless nights with them and talk about everything, e.g. future, privacy, etc. I wish I can have someone amongst them whom understand me. We cannot live without friends!!

3# with my dearest

Although most of my time is spent on him alone, I do wish he knows. Does he? I know he wishes to have our very own couple trip, bringing no one along. But, this time I will spare him and go for my friends. Hope he does not mind. There must be a chance anyway. I love to stick with him although sometimes it seemed so much that he sticks to me instead. Thanks, my dear!! A big huggie for my dear....and a big smack..Muacks!!

Let's stay HAPPY!!

Mar 27, 2008


At this mere moment, I feel so down and wanted to let go of everything and cry.

Why is this happening to me?

Who am I?can somebody tell me? As if I am here just to please everyone and yet everybody still feel I am not good enough!!

I no longer want to be silent girl!! I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. Yet, something seems to be obstructing me to enjoy. Would it be my bad choices that I have made so far?

It bothers

It has been a long way back that I really hope that I can at least learn something new, experience something unexpected etc. what do we call that? Character building? or personal growth?

I have tried so hard to get what I wanted to be. Again, it failed me all out. I don't understand why. It has been happening on me so many times but still failed failed failed. Can somebody tell me what's so wrong with me that hinders me from getting what I want, Obstructing the path that I tried to pave since college life?

Am I not good enough? I admit I do in certain aspects. What's so wrong with that? Every do have their own weaknesses. What's so wrong with me being myself and everybody just think that I am not me?

Mar 25, 2008


Could it be hormone disorientation? Or could it be something else that i could not help but few nights before i fell asleep that i actually sobbed so emotionally...

i felt so badly over my poor eye sight...felt so distress for not able to tell the feeling i was at the very moment to someone else. I felt so wanted to wake up at the moment and blog but i just let it be until i dozed off to sleep.

Mar 23, 2008

Company Law Tutorial 3&4

Memorandum of Association Article of Association

-External document -Internal document
-Define the relationship between company and outsider -Define the relationship between company and members
-Set out the objective of the company, -Restrict what the members of the company can do or
what a company can do or cannot do cannot do

If there is conflict between MA and AA, we must always follow MA.

2.Contents in MA under Section 18(1) Companies Act, 1965 are name, object clause, limited liability, capital clause and subscriber clause, and association clause.

3. According to Section 33 of Companies Act, 1965, MA and AA constitute a contract between the company and its members and among members inter-se.

(i) company can sue the members if the members do not follow AA.
(ii) the members can sue the company if their personal rights are affected.
(iii) the members can sue other member if their personal right are affected.
(iv) outsider cannot sue company based on AA.. This is because AA is internal document and there is no contract between outsider and company.

4. Ultra vires means acting beyond the power of a company. Ultra vires in common law-Ashbury Railway Carriage v. Riche held that an ultra vires transaction is null and void. According to Section 20 (1) of Companies Act, 1965 , if it is ultra vires transaction in Malaysia, it is still valid if it falls between 3 exceptions-Section 20(2)(a), (b), (c).

According to Section 20(2)(a) of Companies Act, 1965, if the company is going to sell their property or do something that affects the business without the consent of the members, then it is considered ultra vires. If the company does an act like this, the party can apply for the injunction to stop them from doing so, provided the it must be an executory contract (it must be an act not yet been done.)According to Section 20(2)(b) of Companies Act, 1965, if you bring an action against the former or present officers, then it is ultra vires. You can sue them for damages provided it must be an executed contract. According to Section 20(2)(c) of Companies Act, 1965, if there is petition by a minister to wind up a company, such act is recognised as ultra vires. Therefore, when one of these exceptions applies, it is considered ultra vires, which means the contract is not binding.

According to Section 20(3) of Companies Act, 1965, when you sue for damages or compensation, whether you get it or not, it depends on the judge’s discretion

There are 3 proposals, which based on the changing of object clause, conversion of private company into public company and changing of company name.

Changing the object clause is under alteration of MA. According to Section 21 of Companies Act, 1965, the company can alter the MA as long as Companies Act, 1965 allows you to do so. The object clause can be altered under Section 28 of Companies Act, 1965. According to Section 28(1) of Companies Act, 1965, the alteration of object clause can be done by special resolution. Section 28(2) of Companies Act, 1965 requires the company to give 21 days notice of meeting to all the members of Anggur Sdn Bhd. Section 28(3) of Companies Act, 1965 states that notice must be given to all members of Anggur Sdn Bhd about the alteration of object clause. According to Section 152 of Companies Act, 1965, there must be at least 75% majority of the members of Anggur Sdn Bhd agree to change the object clause. Section 28(8) of Companies Act, 1965 states that 21 days after passing the special resolution, any members of Anggur Sdn Berhad can apply to object. Section 28(5) of Companies Act, 1965 states that there must be at least 10% of issued share capital if they want to object. Section 181 of Companies Act, 1965 states any minority, which is less than 10%, can object under this section. Under Section 28(9) of Companies Act, 1965, Anggur Sdn Bhd must lodge with SSM within 14 days. Section 28(10) of Companies Act, 1965 states the alteration of object clause takes effect when the resolution has been lodged.

Conversion of company is under alteration of MA.MA can be altered when the Section 21 of Companies Act, 1965 allows the company to do so. Under Section 26(2) of Companies Act, 1965, Anggur Sdn Bhd is allowed to covert their company from private to public company. The private company subjects to its memo and article, must lodge with Registrar a special resolution, a prospectus and a statutory declaration verifying compliance with Section 52(2)(b) Companies Act, 1965. Registrar will examine whether everything is in order and issue a altered certificate of incorporation. Then, the Anggur Sdn Bhd becomes a public company. Even though the company gets the certificate of incorporation, but it cannot commence the business until the company is issued with the certificate of commencement.

Changing of company name is under alteration of MA. MA can be altered if Section 21 of Companies Act, 1965 allows the company to do so. Alteration of company name is governed by Section 23 of Companies Act, 1965.According to Section 152 of Companies Act, 1965, alteration of name can be done by special resolution. Anggur Sdn Bhd must give 21 days notice to its members and at least 75% majority of the members agree to change the name of the company, If the company agrees to change the name, it will be issued a altered certificate of incorporation.

According to Article 1 of 3rd Schedule, it allows the company to have object clause. If a company wants to put such a clause, it is advisable to put such a clause in MA. According to Section 21 of Companies Act, 1965, it is permissible to change MA. Alteration of object clause is governed by Section 28 of Companies Act, 1965. It is very wide if Friends Sdn Bhd intends to alter a clause; therefore, it is better for the company to follow the procedures [Section 28(1), (2), (3), Section 152 by special resolution and at least 75% majority of the members agree to the special resolution, Section 28(8), (9), (10).] The minority can object if they want to do so. It is governed by Section 28(5) of Companies Act, 1965, but there must be at least 10% of the issued share capital. For the minority less than 10% of issued shared capital, they can object under Section 181 of Companies Act, 1965.

6.(b) This is alteration of the Article of Association. According to Section 31 of Companies Act, 1965, AA is freely alterable by special resolution. AA is freely alterable provided it must fulfill the 3 conditions:-
(i) The alteration of AA must be bona fide for the benefit of the company as a whole
(ii) It does not contradict with the MA.
(iii) It does not contradict with the CA 1965.

The article of company to be altered to the effect that no discount on purchases shall be given to members except those who purchase more than RM100,000 worth of goods from the company. This alteration is indeed for the benefit of the company. If Friends Sdn Bhd is going to give discounts on purchase to all the members, the company cannot make any profits The company must check whether the alteration of AA is not against the MA and Companies Act, 1965.. According to Section 152 of Companies Act, 1965, the company can only add such a clause if 21 days notice of meeting be given to all the members and a 75 majority of the of Friends Sdn Bhd members agree to alter AA They cant simply add a clause with 75% consent of the members. Any minority can object the alteration under Section 181 of Companies Act, 1965.

6.(c) Changing of name is under alteration of MA. According to Section 21 of Companies Act, 1965, MA can be altered if Companies Act, 1965 allows you to do so. Under Section 23 of Companies Act, 1965, the Companies Act, 1965 allows to alter the name of company. MA can be altered by special resolution under Section 152 of Companies Act, 1965. The company is required to give 21 days notice to all the members about the changing of company name and 75% majority of members must agree to the special resolution. If any minority members less than 10% of issued share capital want to object, they can do so under Section 181 of Companies Act, 1965.

Company Law Tutorial 1&2

1. Limited liability means the liability is limited to the amount of shares you have or guarantee that been given.

2. For limited companies, the liability of its member is limited to the amount of shares and guarantee you have whereas the members of unlimited companies have unlimited liability. They can be sued for their personal wealth such as property.

3. The members of an exempt private company is not more than 20 members. Therefore, it is easier to control and managed the company. Besides that, the affair of the company can be secret because exempt private companies do not need to submit the financial statement to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)
* SSM is the Malay version of CCM. It is better to use SSM instead of CCM.

Limited Company
Advantages:- separate legal entity where the members have limited liability
- perpetual succession
- transferability – the shares in a company are generally transferable although the right of transfer
may be restricted
- can enter into contract
- can own property in its name
- can sue or be sued under its own name
- raising finance – it is more established and easier to get bank loan

Advantages:- no separate legal entity where the members have unlimited liability
- no perpetual succession
- transferability – usually a partner cannot transfer his status as partner to someone else without the
consent of all the other partners

Limited Company
Disadvantages:- there are many formalities to be complied with and difficult to form
- all company affairs would have to be make known publicly
- ultra vires problem
- lesser profit because the profit must be shared among the shareholders

Disadvantages:- easy to form and less formalities
- all company affairs do not have to be make known publicly
- no ultra vires problem exists
- more profit due to less members in partnership

5. Separate legal entity

6. According to Section 15(1) Companies Act, 1965, a private company:
(a) restricts the right to transfer its share
(b) limits the number of its members to not more than 50
(c) cannot invite public to buy shares
(d) prohibits the public companies to deposit with private company
The private companies always end with the words “Sdn Bhd”

7. (a) Judicial Exceptions

i. company used to evade legal obligations or to commit fraud
Case: Gilford Motor Co. v. Horne
- The owner of the company who was formerly a director of the former company had entered into contract stating he could not set up his company within certain locality. Later, he set up his company near his former company and took over the customers from his former company. The court lifted the veil of incorporation to find out who was the owner of the co and found out there was a breach of contract.

ii. Company employed as agent of its controllers
Case: Smith, Stone & Knight Ltd v Birmingham Corp [1939] HC
-The court lifted the veil of incorporation to find out the ownership of the waste paper business and the ownership of the land, which the waste paper business was operated. The court found out Smith, Stone& Knight Ltd, a holding company did not transfer ownership of waste paper business and land to Birmingham Corp. Therefore, the waste paper business was still the business of parent co& it was operated by the subsidiary as agent of the parent co.

iii. Company is a sham or fa├žade
Case: The Saudi Al Jubail, Re FG(Films) Ltd [1953]

iv. Groups of companies
Cases: DHN Food Distributors Ltd v. Tower Hamlets London Borough Council

v. Where justice of the case requires it

(b) Statutory Exeptions

Section 36 of Companies Act, 1965- where membership falls between 2 for more than 6 months
Section 46 of Companies Act, 1965- untrue statement in prospectus
Section 119,120, 121(2) of Companies Act, 1965–non compliance with regulation which requires the company to show its name in its correct form
Section 303(3), 304(2) of Companies Act, 1965 – contracting debts without expectations of payment
Section 304(1) of Companies Act, 1965 – fraudulent trading
Section 365 (2)(b) of Companies Act, 1965 – payment of dividends
Section 169(5) of Companies Act, 1965 – groups of companies

8. (a) There are 3 types of business which are sole proprietor, partnership, and company. The risk is very high to start a business manufacturing noodles as there are many competitors. Partnership is not suitable because the members of partnership have unlimited liability. Their wealth such as the assets and properties may be affected. It is advisable not to form public company, as it is risky to do so. No one would buy the shares of the company because it just starts the business and the brand name is not well known by the public. Therefore, it is hard to raise money. On the other hand, the members of the private company have limited liability. Friends and relatives can invest in their business. Besides that, the private company has perpetual succession and can sue or be sued by others. Furthermore, it can own property or enter into contract in its own name. Therefore, private company is suitable for and appropriate for this type of business.

(b) Yes, Amy and Barbie will never be personally liable because it is limited liability unless one of the exceptions under lifting the veil of incorporation applies.

(c) They should convert private company to public company when they expand their business. They can raise their capital by issuing shares. More people will buy the shares because the company is established.

*Many thanks to Yet Ling for her answers!!

Mar 22, 2008

Good News 2 all Company Law students!!!

Remember I told you that we are not taught by Ms Pari this particular semester anymore?
At first we thought we are doomed..
After all it is not too bad after know why?and this is the good news I am going to mention soon.

Our group 17 coursemate who has been taught by Ms Pari for tutorials has agreed to contribute her answers for my blog. So that all of the coursemates can still have the answers for guidance while tackling exam questions.

What's coming next will be tutorials itself...

Please check out this blog frequently to catch up with the answers. If you do not mind, click on the ads in my blog and help me earn some pocket money lol.

Many many thanks...Spread this news to all your concerning friends. So good why not share?

Mar 20, 2008

Visit to Gleneagle

Welcome to Gleneagle Intan, which is located at Ampang.

Well Well...what brought me here?
Bad news? Nah...It is good news anyway. In hospital, only one thing is considered as good news. What's it then? Need not me to say, right?

It is glad to hear that my cousin's wife finally born her child on 17th of March 2008. However, it is some sort of disappointment to them as they have been expecting the baby to be a boy instead of girl.

Tell you something funny. My cousin insisted not to know, and not letting his wife to know the actual gender of the baby even before she borne the child. Perhaps he hoped that he will have some surprises when he saw it on 17th of March itself. Somehow God does give him some surprises, as in "Huh? Girl again?" but definitely it is the question in his mind, that meant not to voice out, for fear that his wife will be sad for that. Scientifically, it is him for decide the baby is a girl or boy. Science students or anyone who likes science will know that true fact.

It is such an imperfection as I forgot to take the picture of the newly-born baby. Promise, I will replace that imperfection..

Never mind that now. As you know, everybody will be putting their attention on the baby, and somehow the sister will feel being neglected. am I, being the rescuer of the little sister....Wakaka!! Kidding for sure.
NOthing much I did except bring her for a walk around the hospital.

This is the sister of the baby. While we were waiting the lift, we grasped the moment to take some pictures outside the corridor.

Here we have my daddy and her.

Since the hospital is being well known for its quality services and class, the interior designs of the hospital is definitely must be mashed up to match its classiness. Only rich men can go to that hospital lol...

There are few of the art piece which I am pretty impressed. Like this>


[All for You]

And this>

[Heliconia's Mood]
All of them are oil-painted and the textures are very real like collage effect. Wonder how they are so artistic...while I am not...

Back to our pinky sister first, we walked around and came across this small garden outside the main entrance, and so she posed upon my request.

See how clever she is in showing the yoga move?

Now Kung Fu Time...Hiah...

After shooting, she fussed with my handphone and wanted to shoot a picture of my dad, which obviously her attempt is futile.

I can say that almost every part of the hospital is very quiet except for this unit - Accident & Emergency Unit, which I believed that they would be opening for 24 hours. They ought to right?

" adorable..." See how mesmerized she was by the display of the toy shop in the hospital. The hospital even have Dome outlet too!!

By the time we went home, this pinky sister actually so wanted to cry for not having sleep with her parents tonight. Even then, Me, the Mighty ( joking, joking ) managed to talk her off from crying... See!! DOn't you think I am quite clever?? (Syok sendiri again...)

Cool Wallpapers4Handphones!!

Sometimes do you think that you need some nice pictures to pimp up your mobile phones? are some which I personally fond of it so much...

The famous CJ7...don't you think it is far more adorable than the pirated soft toys of CJ7 available in market? I simply detest the soft toy CJ7. Simply so faked.

Peony...Nice pinkish...

Maple...It is autumn time again...But for Malaysia, everyday is summer!! Don't you wish you have the chance of living in 4 seasons countries?

Nice Leaf Curl, which i think it is artistic masterpiece. Thanks to the photographer for taking it!! I simply like it.

Dew of the morning..The effect brings out the thematic dew...Another masterpiece to me...

Dandelion...This brings you a closer picture to this tiny flying seed^^

Daisies...Again the effect is so cool but only the professional cameras can do this..right?

Lady bird...Isn't it cute?

Another nature-friendly picture which I like it so much...Good for eye too!!

Aurora...Hard to see it in your life time. It needs the right timing and right location. Perhaps only in the space you can see this special shades of aurora...

* The pictures were taken from sony ericson handphone.

Mar 19, 2008

How Emotions Can be Distorted...

Huh? Please don't hit me bally...

Oh Oh!!Please help me!! I need to save it!! definitely smells bad...Yucky#&%

Black dog: Fuyoh!! Let's Fly...
Brown Dog: Don't you think we are like Superman??

Black Dog: Don't come near me!! I will Bite you...
Another dog: LeleLe...who cares?

Guy in Circle: OooOOO..don't hit me!!

brrrr....Frrrr...Grrrr...See their faces? Ain't they funny?

* These pictures were taken from email.

Mar 18, 2008

New Tactics to Cheat!!

A while ago heard that my friend's brother-in law's mother was cheated of 350,000. And today, this thing happened to me, until now, when I think of it, I still feel numb all over. Only difference is that they did not manage
to cheat my money.

This afternoon, I was still in the office on my computer when my handphone rang, I picked it up, but no answer on the other side. I hung up, but it rang again, I looked but there was no registered no, I picked up the phone
and again no one on line. This happened for many many time, I did hear some soft voices of a few man on the other side but could not hear exactly what they are saying. This went on and on, my phone just did not stop ringing.

Then I remembered what I read in the newspapers and decided to call home.But I kept calling and could not get through to my house no and no one picked up on my mother's handphone. Meantime, my handphone did not stop ringing. I was getting really worried and finally managed to get through to home and my mother picked up the phone. She was crying and kept asking me where I was. When I told her I was at the office, she would not believe me and I needed to reassure her that yes, I am in the office.

I found out that someone called my mother telling them that I borrowed 120,000 from them and asked her to bring that money immediately for my release. They even had someone screaming at the side pretending to be me
'Mum, I am xxxx, come save me quick'… My mother was so scared and the party kept my mother on the line with a lot of rubbish, refusing to let her hang up. Kept telling my mother to prepare the money to save me. Luckily I called home, other wise my mother would have gone to prepare the money.

Please be careful…..

1. The cheaters thought that if they keep calling my handphone, I will feel really annoyed n switch off my handphone then my mother will not be able to contact me.
2. The cheaters must have also kept her on the phone all the time so as not to give her time to call me to confirm my safety.

Please go home and tell your family, so if they meet the same situation, do not worry, do not panic. Call around to check, many phones you can use. If your handphone also ring non-stop like mine, do not switch off your hand
phone. Call home immediately to check. Let your family know that you are ok.

* This is an email being circulated.


VIRGO - The Perfectionist
Dominant in relationships. Conservative. Always wants the last word. Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes noise and chaos. Eager. Hardworking. Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard to please. Harsh. Practical and very fussy. Often shy. Pessimistic.

SCORPIO - The Intense One
Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous and/or possessive. Hardworking. Great kisser. Can become obsessive or secretive. Holds grudges. Attractive. Determined. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Can be self-centered at times. Passionate and Emotional.
4 years of bad luck if you do not forward.

LIBRA - The Harmonizer

Nice to everyone they meet. Can't make up their mind. Have own unique appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious. Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible.
9 years of bad luck if you do not forward.

ARIES - The Daredevil

Energetic. Adventurous and spontaneous. Confident and enthusiastic. Fun. Loves a challenge. EXTREMELY impatient. Sometimes selfish. Short fuse. (Easily angered.) Lively, passionate, and sharp wit. Outgoing. Lose interest quickly - easily bored. Egotistical. Courageous and assertive. Tends to be physical and athletic.
16 years of bad luck if you do not forward.

AQUARIUS - The Sweetheart

Optimistic and honest. Sweet personality. Very independent. Inventive and intelligent. Friendly and loyal. Can seem unemotional. Can be a bit rebellious. Very stubborn, but original and unique Attractive on the inside and out. Eccentric personality.

GEMINI - The Chatterbox

Smart and witty. Outgoing, very chatty. Lively, energetic. Adaptable but needs to express themselves. Argumentative and outspoken. Likes change. Versatile. Busy, sometimes nervous and tense. Gossips. May seem superficial or inconsistent, but is only changeable. Beautiful physically and mentally.

LEO - The Boss

Very organized. Need order in their lives - like being in control. Like boundaries. Tend to take over everything. Bossy. Like to help others. Social and outgoing. Extroverted. Generous, warm-hearted. Sensitive. Creative energy. Full of themselves. Loving. Doing the right thing is important to Leos. Attractive.

CANCER - The Protector

Moody, emotional. May be shy. Very loving and caring. Pretty/handsome. Excellent partners for life. Protective. Inventive and imaginative. Cautious. Touchy-feely kind of person. Needs love from others. Easily hurt, but sympathetic.

PISCES - The Dreamer

Generous, kind, and thoughtful. Very creative and imaginative. May become secretive and vague. Sensitive. Don't like details Dreamy and unrealistic. Sympathetic and loving. Kind. Unselfish. Good kisser. Beautiful.

CAPRICORN - The Go-Getter

Patient and wise. Practical and rigid. Ambitious. Tends to be good-looking. Humorous and funny. Can be a bit shy and reserved. Often pessimists. Capricorns tend to act before they think and can be unfriendly y at times. Hold grudges. Like competition. Get what they want.

TAURUS - The Enduring One

Charming but aggressive. Can come off as boring, but they are not. Hard workers. Warm-hearted. Strong, has endurance. Solid beings who are stable and secure in their ways. Not looking for shortcuts. Take pride in their beauty. Patient and reliable. Make great friends and give good advice. Loving and kind. Loves hard - passionate. Express themselves emotionally. Prone to ferocious temper-tantrums. Determined. Indulge themselves often. Very generous.

SAGITTARIUS - The Happy-Go-Lucky One

Good-natured optimist. Doesn't want to grow up (Peter Pan Syndrome). Indulges self. Boastful. Likes luxuries and gambling. Social and outgoing. Doesn't like responsibilities. Often fantasizes. Impatient. Fun to be around. Having lots of friends. Flirtatious. Doesn't like rules. Sometimes hypocritical. Dislikes being confined - tight spaces or even tight clothes. Doesn't like being doubted. Beautiful inside and out.

* This is an email being circulated around through email.

Mar 13, 2008


Hihi!! Yuppie Yuppie...11th of March, 2008, I went to Jogoya for the very first time to have my lunch.

Jogoya is located in T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

The floor is named so elegantly simply because the place where it is located is high class. Jogoya, the word itself too shows that only high class people can go for it. So does it really mean I am high class??

This Japanese Restaurant has no Big board stating "JOGOYA", which makes it barely noticeable for first time comer, like me!! However, we, my dear and I, managed to find it...

Here, You need to pay first before you eat, unlike other restaurants, which usually have the opposite practice.
It costs 78++ for each person who go in for early lunch. SO, 2 times 78 = 156, plus 10% service charge and 5% tax, it formed a grand total of RM179.40. Well...this time it was my treat for my dear, so I paid for it instead of him.

Once you entered the restaurant, there are three fish which are so huge, swimming serenely, watching those high class people who comes in...(Le...)

The place is magnificent enough, as it has many corners for different types of food that you only can eat it separately at different eateries. Just to name a few, Jogoya has baskin robbins, haagen daaz. Whoa!! It simply turns into some kind of ala-carte restaurant.

There are raw foods corner, hot soup corner, grill corner, dessert & beverages corner, Italian corner, fried food corner etc. This is the hot soup corner ^^

We tried on most of the food, but then it was definitely unable to cover the total expenses which I have spent on it, as what I have expected though.

Well...I tried some of the raw food, such as raw marinated fish meat, oysters, which personally I do detest of trying it. However, it JUst so happen I was there in Jogoya, and I definitely will try on everything ( if only my stomach can fill all...) After trying, I really cannot stand the smell and taste of it, and I surrender!! Just let my dear finish it for me...wakaka!!

Here are some sushi that we ate. We are not greedy though...See!! only one piece for two persons...(Actually, we wanted to try everything but did not want to end up getting fatter.)

Nah...this one is one of the hot soup set that we ordered from the hot soup corner. There are different types of soup that are available, such as miso soup, chicken soup, xl sauce soup, tomyam soup, curry. It is like steamboat that you can eat at normal steamboat restaurant, just that the soup, because you cannot find elsewhere. We tried xl soup, and we found that is not too bad!! Worth trying anyway.

These are from Italian corner...The baked cheese Snails, follows by baked cheese tomatoes, and puffed seafood soup...

I don't really like this...

Taste is not as good as what I have expected.

Nevertheless a tasty, creamy seafood soup...hehe~!!

These are the skewers we have got it from the grill corner.

It is not bad anyway, just that we were too full to fill in these anymore...

Last but not least, my favourite corner, the dessert & beverage corner.

Don't you think it looks yummy?? favourite chocolate!! This is the chocolate mousse cake!!

This is Tiramisu...Yum Yum!!

Hehe...ladies and gentlemen, what do you think is this? Black Pearl?? In Pirates??haha,definitely not!
This is the cutest Guai Lin Kou I have seen and tried. It is slightly bitter but not as bitter as the one selling in Gon Wo Tong, and some honey topping or sugar essence. It definitely taste GOOD!!

Tata...the end.

By the time we went back to college, we were probably dead because of too full and one more thing, we missed out lecture!! was intended to. Don't tell Mr Lok...Wakaka....

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