Sep 30, 2007

Blue Water~~

Mirror mirror on the wall
What's the colour of the water??


why not??Sea is blue! and so?

What's the conclusion?? Water is colourless la...(As a science student, that's what i have learnt)

But Look!!!

See!!! Told ya...

See the boy boy there?? looking puzzlingly at the Blue Water....
Or does he think is this the place i can pee pee??

Well.. the truth is, do you see the light there?? It is a blue pendarflour, which visually coloured the water into Blue...hoho...i like the decorative...hmm...
It is part of the interior design of the noodle house in Genting Klang near Prima Setapak there.
I went there with two of my TT friends and tried out their Pan Mee...
Comment: The pan mee not as nice as the "Mian dui Mian" one.
Suggestion: The different styles of Pan Mee is mostly the same as other Pan Mee restaurant, so better go to Mian Dui Mian because i like the Different chillies they are serving...
Especially the dry chillie...not spicy...and fragrant enough just to mix with the dry Pan Mee...
Yummy Licky!!

Troublesome one!

Months and months flew past...
It has been 5 months that hitomi is taking up a job as a Piano Teacher.

Undeniably, hitomi is indeed run out of idea of how to tackle this particular student.

Despite her laziness, neglectant, she is no good except that she earnestly likes to play piano but unwilling to play tough songs...what the??

Ask her to do homework, her book is just as blank as the new one...
Do it on the spot...
Procrastination...stalling...The point is I don't even know do she get what i mean? or what i told her?

Nah...see? she still wants to play...*restless* and "lao gai", some more need me to "tam" her to do homework.

OK.PLay songs then..
She will keep complain that this song is hard, that song is hard, and bla bla bla...
well...then choose one you want..
She said don't want..

Teach her play pop songs... like S.H.E. "Zhen Me Ban" (What to Do?)
She only plays right hand, and i teach her the left, she said dont want...
Aiyoyo...i Want to faint le...
Please la...should i just let her waste her time here??
Or just let her go by her own...whatever she long as the parents pay me??

Sep 28, 2007

Celebration-somehow different

This is the celebration that I have went to in this beautiful morning of my 2weeks holiday.

It is no longer the first visit to this very same place. I remembered that I came here once with both my parents.
My mom said I was the 'kai lui" of this god, "Sam Tai Zi"

Hoho...I also don't know...So as a "Kai Lui" I have to pay a visit nevertheless whenever I have the time right??

Taken at the venue itself...In case you don't know how this blogger looks like, here are two for your reference.

Venue as displayed. I think most of the people know where as it is quite popular at Jalan Ipoh.

These shots may explain to you better of how the celebration goes on better rather than in words.

As expected, people hustles in and out from the house or temple?

ceremony in progression...
Candles and incenses filled up the surrounding with smoke...

Pig Pig never miss out in such celebration...As you can see, there are roasted pig and unroasted pig.
It was offered for the ceremony of the "Sam Tai Zi".
Another attraction of such celebration which drives everybody to visit is nevertheless the free flow of food, to be specific MeeHoon...
there are people who donate just 10 bucks and bring home meehoon that somehow more than 10bucks...
haha...Human greediness...
Thanks to The chefs who cook all the free flow of meehoon>>>
It is not exaggerated to have two chefs cooking the same dish at the same time, as the wok is very big like Malay's kawah, and the meehoon is in big big size...
How exhausting to cook non-stop and endure to be soaked in sea of sweat...
Not only the chefs are important...look at those late-fifty aunties who are busy preparing the vegetables for the chefs...
Chit-chatting while working, enhances performance and improved morale...
Why bosses never allow us to chit chat while working??
Even if they do allow, they will show us the Cat face...

They are all volunteers for the celebration...It is good to volunteer yourself, because it is a kind of contribution to the God itself ^^

End of Broadcast~~

Sep 25, 2007

Happy Moon+Cake festival

Hey yo!! Happy happy for this Mooncake Festival to all!!

Besides moon + cake, another main feature of the festival is nevertheless the Tanglung.

Round shaped tanglung

Flower shaped tanglung

Square shaped tanglung

Triangle shaped tanglung
With another angle of shooting~

All together they formed a line of unity~~

Different view
Before i ended this post, hereby enclosed with the one and the only one picture i took with tanglung^^

Happy happy o!!

Sep 24, 2007


This is an extract from Mr Ng Chong Lim in Piano Fair 2007.
If you watch it live, you will be totally amazed by how well he is and he must have been to perform.

Sep 23, 2007

A niece is who she is


Paisehnya...supposedly this post is purposely written for my little niece...
but it is preceded with my own pictures...^^

Taken at my aunt's house lol... behind me is hamster house!!

Finally...(drum rolls~~~)

Me with my niece. i used to call her little lucy, because she looks alike Lucy in the movie-Narnia. her real name is Shasa Tan.

A freakingly scary look..hoho!!(far too exaggerated)

Her smile sometimes turn out to be so faked...haha!!

Sep 21, 2007

Eye On MalaySia

Need not for me to explain further and this picture exactly tells what i am going to write later on.

The wheel itself is already valuable enough to get four shots.
Obviously there were taken at different timing.

Which one is the best? I like the one with darkest background.

This tourism spot will no longer be available for the one who wish to take a ride next year as it will be removed.

See the price there?? If whoever wants to go, here is it for you!!
The ticket booth...

15bucks only for 4 rounds and it was never longer than my lollipop...hoho...too exagerated but it is really fast fast fast lo...too fast too furious man...
Few shots for the surroundings...

Another shot before leaving...
The Gondola itself
The path to the wheel...

Yummy Licky!!

hitomi is never stop craving for chocolate and ice cream...

and so...this time, i tried something new but simply temptating, despite the fact that hitomi needs to care for her weight...hoho...

she simply cannot say no to "chocolate" and "ice-cream"

History: Different types of ice cream from super market
Baskin Robbins
New Zealand Ice Cream

Proudly presents the Haagen Dazs Ice Cream...

1st choice: Choc Chip CHoco + Rum Raisin + hot fudge choco and oreo toppings

2nd choice: strawberry cheesecakes + caramel ice cream + hot fudge choco and crunched wafer toppings

Can i start feasting?? it is melting...haha...(in fact, just can't wait to try the ice cream itself which it actually costs 18++ for each in the picture.

Perhaps the soft and smooth ice cream which has made the brand so popular and cosy...
still it left me unanswered of why it is made of such fame?

Sep 20, 2007

Piano Fair 2007

Hihi!! Everybody...
Exam ends and here I would like to share my first experience of being in a mini concert during the exam period^^

Have you ever heard of this piano fair?
(Presumedly it is organised annually...isn't it??)

The best part of having this piano fair is it is ENTRANCE-FREE, and so i would not let myself miss the chance for free stuffs...Even that day itself i actually rushed to KLCC after my piano lessons ended at 4.30pm SHARP with a friend of mine!!

See the big big word-FREE ADMISSION?
It is the ticket...anyway, they don't check your ticket, so next time even if you have none with you, you may still go for it.wakaka!!

HOw infuriating I was as I was told to wear formal for the concert but in the end, guess what?? All the fellow in there with jeans and shorts and sports shoes...
That's not enough , some of them still sleep in the concert!!! unrespectful audiences... and made us stand for the whole hour for their lack of appreciation of music!!

Let me introduce a brand new face here...
Proudly presents...our Miss Chloe
same age with hitomi...status:not available..

The mini concert started at Sunday 16/9/2007 5.00pm but unluckily we did not manage to go there punctually due to the unexpectable walking distance from one point of KLCC to KLCC Conventional Centre...really FUYOHH!!

Mr Ng Chong Lim played Schumann's Arabesque, Op. 18 and Kinderszenen, Op. 15 and Debussy's preludes--La puerta del vino, voiles(sails), minstrels, and La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin(The girl with the falxen hair)
We missed the Schumann's- so disappointing...

Technique-mou tak ding, Dynamic- marvellous, touch - even brilliant!! How much he needs to put in to get the performance like this?? HOho...hours and hours of practising!! and most importantly, a good teacher!!

After the concert, there was a big sales of pianos by YAMAHA. Eventually we passed by and played with brand new pianos. The silent series is not bad. i like the sound but still it is not real enough, more effort need to be put it.

The grands are even making me happier for the day!!
I love grands so much and i wish so much i can have a brand new grand for hitomi!!
We checked out the prices and the most expensive one is really unexpectedly expensive!!

Look>>> the longest and grandest


Let's look into some parts that make up a piano...

This is especially for grand pianos.

After that, of course we need to boost up our energy and we walked for the restaurants but in the end, we went for BURGER KING!!

Taken in the Fast Food Outlet...

I ordered a burger without knowing it is beef, and so i went to ask whether they can help me change it to chicken instead. Thank God they helped!! and i must say the girl is really helpful!!
For sure i will visit the outlet next time...

Lastly, the journey home...Captured this special tree!! Simply so eye-catching...

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