Mar 31, 2019

Hong Kong Travelogue: Stuck at Lantau Island (17 Oct 2016)

I thought that weekends would be bad timing to go to Lantau Island but I was wrong. Monday was equally packed.

Queuing for Tickets @ Ngong Ping 360 Ticketing Office at Tung Chung
I did not recall how long I was in the queue. It was probably past an hour when we got this close to the ticket counters.

Crystal Cable Car Time
By the time you hit the counter, you would not care much except to get on the next cable car. Of course that usually means an upgrade, which in our case, return tickets for crystal cable car i.e. cable car with glass bottom, for HKD555 for 3 pax.

Views from Cable Car @ Ngong Ping
All these cable cars simply could not fulfill all the anxious crowd back in the ticketing counters fast enough...

Stairway up the Lantau Island
Along the 5.7 km ropeway, we came across these stairways climbing the mountain and occasionally a gang or two trekking along in their sports attires.

Mom and Aunt being playful @ Ngong Ping Village
Our 25-min cable car ride came to an end at Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal on Lantau Island. Upon exit, you will find yourself in a cultural themed Ngong Ping Village, where you can shop, dine and keep yourself entertained.

The Big Buddha @ Lantau Island
My objective, however, was to pay visit to the Big Buddha (aka Tian Tan Buddha).

The Big Buddha @ Lantau Island
The Big Buddha is the second largest outdoor bronze seated buddha, sitting atop peak of Mount Muk Yue. Located ~10 min walk from Ngong Ping Village, you will find yourself at the foot of 268-step staircases leading up to the 3-storey pedestal for 360 degree view of Lantau Island and South China Sea.

The Offering of the Six Devas @ The Big Buddha
Once you reached the 3-storey pedestal, you will find 6 bronze statues known as The Offering of the Six Devas surrounding the Buddha.

Moo Moo Encounter @ Lantau Island
By the time I was ready to leave the Big Buddha, Typhoon weather alert came in, beckoning the crowd to wrap up before the storm.

Wisdom Path @ Lantau Island
I wasted no time and headed straight to the Wisdom Path, which was ~10 min away from the Big Buddha. On these wooden columns are the inscriptions of complete verses of the Heart Sutra written. It was a shame that time was not at my side, else I could easily immerse myself in this seemingly endless path (no pun intended!).

Excerpt I came to know from The Monkey King @ Wisdom Path
By the time I came down from Wisdom Path to Po Lin Monastery, drizzles came. I did not get my chance to visit the Po Lin Monastery before we made our way back to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal.

Lo and behold! The cable car ride was stopped due to the bad weather, so hundreds of us ended up waiting in queue for hours for the alternate transport i.e. buses to bring us back to Tung Chung. The exhaustion, the humidity, the restless of the crowd - on hindsight, we should have just stayed at home.

Har Gao @ Tim Ho Wan, Olympian City 2
To placate our weary souls, we stopped by Tim Ho Wan at Olympian City 2 to have some warm delicious dim sum in a comfortable setting.

Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf @ Tim Ho Wan
I wasn't sure if it was the hunger talking but Tim Ho Wan sure lived up to our standard. Now, time to have a good shower, stretch my legs and have a good night sleep! Given another chance, I would have spent another day or two at Lantau Island, probably some trekking and exploring fishing village nearby.

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