Jul 1, 2018

Hanoi Travelogue: French Dining by Green Tangerine (2 Feb 2016)

After 3 months of hiatus, I am finally back here, trying to complete this post solely dedicated to Green Tangerine.

If you were to google fine dining in Hanoi, Green Tangerine probably would not fall under your radar but it did on mine!

Nothing Fancy @ Green Tangerine
If you were to pass by its store front at Hang Be Street, you would probably miss it.

Hidden Cosiness @ Green Tangerine
But little do you know that it houses something bigger that it looks.

Hidden Mansion @ Green Tangerine
Like this...

Truth be told, I was pleasantly surprised at its interior and ambiance - a welcoming change of scene in the bustling city of Hanoi in winter time.

Starter 1: Pasta Salad @ Green Tangerine
Being a bargain hunter, set lunch menu was definitely the way to go. At VND 345k (now VND 380k), we got ourselves a 3-course lunch (starter, main course and dessert).

Starter 1: Pasta Salad @ Green Tangerine
Served in the shape of stuffed candy, the pasta salad was more of an art piece than food.

The pasta wrap was cooked to a little less al dente to ease the cutting but not too soft to encase the treasure piles. A slice of knife would make chunks of roasted beef, gouda cheese, olives, salad, red pepper, and zucchinis spilling onto the plate.

Tenderised and caramelised, the filling was balanced on its own but could be quite flat after few bites into it. So help yourself with the mustard sauce on the side for the extra kick.

Starter 2: Apple Tatin Tart and Tilapia @ Green Tangerine
Cooked in oven Vietnamese Kho To way, the Tilapia should be salty and savory, to complement the slices of caramelised apples and a dash of apple sauce.

While it was an intriguing dish that combined both seafood and fruits, I personally find that it was erred towards the sweeter palate and almost dessert-ish.

Here comes our mains @ Green Tangerine
Shortly after we were done with our starters, the mains were served.

Main 1: Sea Bras Fillet and Vegetable Gratin @ Green Tangerine
While this dish was somewhat conventional, the sea bras fillet and vegetable gratin were complemented with saffron and curcuma (turmeric) sauce. Yes, saffron, the most expensive spice.

I especially loved the crunch on the skin and the tender flesh of sea bras fillet. While perfect on its own, the sauce was definitely the bomb - flavourful, aromatic and orgasmic!

Main 2: Duck Fillet and Eggplants @ Green Tangerine
Conventional aside, our duck fillet and eggplant was another artsy presentation by Green Tangerine.

Main 2: Duck Fillet and Eggplants @ Green Tangerine
Doused in thyme, red wine and grape sauce, those slices of duck fillet was delightfully juicy and tender. Those dollops of lime puree above eggplants gave the extra tanginess to the subtle sour profile of eggplant.

If I were to choose one among the two mains, I would go for duck fillet for its complexity and excitement in flavours.

Dessert 1: Spice Pain Perdu @ Green Tangerine
Now that we had both starters and mains, we had nothing but high expectation for our desserts. As it is for all French dessert, it is small, pretty but awesome.

Dessert 1: Spice Pain Perdu @ Green Tangerine
Served with small dollop of vanilla ice cream, mango cooked in passion fruit sauce and crumbles, the spice Pain Perdu (also known as French toast, Bombay toast) provided the perfect base to soak up the melting vanilla ice cream. Almost bread pudding like, but not quite.

I believe the cooking of mango in passion fruit sauce had somehow made the mango sweeter, yet it managed to retain its core identity, which I think it was pretty awesome.

Dessert 2: Mille Feuille @ Green Tangerine
While the traditional Mille Feuille would usually go with berries and cream, Green Tangerine had decided to render its own Mille Feuille with candied pineapple, lime yoghurt ice cream and pineapple curry sauce.

I love how it can be crispy, crunchy, creamy, sweet and sour - Green Tangerine surely did not disappoint.

Total damage for 2 pax = VND 946k (along with a bottle of white wine)


My personal dining ranking (5 being the full score) based on following criteria are:
  • Ambiance - 5/5
  • Price - 4/5
  • Food - 5/5
  • Verdict - Given another chance, I would surely pay visit to Green Tangerine again! It should be exciting!


Green Tangerine
48 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kim District, Hanoi
Operation Hours: 11am - 11pm
Tel: (+84) 243.825.1286 - (+84) 243.828.9167
Credit Card: Yes

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