Jan 18, 2015

Singapore Travelogue: Ya Kun Kaya Toast 亞坤 - Arab Street - Haji Lane - IndoBox (21 Jun 2014)

After Day 1 of Food Hunting and Attractions, a good rest was warranted. My stay at Harbour Ville Hotel was decent, albeit the location was quite out of the way (either you take a taxi or a bus, followed by MRT to major attractions). If I had a chance to choose again, I would definitely pick a hotel close to MRT stations (though it usually requires higher premium)

9.30am: Almost Full House at Ya Kun Kaya Toast
My 2nd day in Singapore started with a rather common breakfast choice in any kopitiam. Of toast and eggs, Ya Kun Kaya Toast 亞坤 was my pick of the day. It certainly has garnered quite some fame itself for the coffee shop was almost full house at 9.30am. Despite so, I was lucky to get a table without much wait.

Kaya Toast with Butter Set - Kaya Toast with Butter + 2 Soft-Boiled Eggs + 1 Regular Hot Coffee/Tea (SGD 4.20)
A single page menu was laid on the wall right next to my table and it did not take much time for me to decide what to go for. Some toast, eggs and coffee sounded just perfect - a Kaya Toast with Butter set for me please! Despite the skimpy outlook, the charred surface and porous texture were promising. All I needed was a little pressure and the toast broke apart, oozing with rich kaya jam and melty butter slices.

French Toast Set - French Toast + 2 Soft-Boiled Eggs + 1 Regular Hot Coffee/Tea (SGD 4.00)
French toast, on the other hand, was rather disappointing. Despite the promising outlook, it was bland on its own, that little dash of kaya definitely insufficient to complement. Deep in my heart, I terribly hoped to replace this with another kaya toast with butter. Nonetheless, the soft-boiled eggs and coffee were decent.

Interesting Graffiti at Arab Street
After some toasty goodness, I ventured to Arab Street and Haji Lane for some affordable shopping experience. There were plenty of interesting graffiti drew across buildings, which I found more interesting than getting to shop here.

Masjid Sultan for SGD 2.50 - Any Taker?
From afar, you will see Masjid Sultan standing tall and proud. Colourful on its own, it stood almighty under the generous shower of afternoon sun. My skin, on the other hand, felt like it was going to crackle any longer under the bright afternoon sun. Shopping malls were my refuge.

Ayam Penyet at IndoBox, ION Orchard (SGD 15.31 after Tax)
So what else to do but to eat at 2pm? After much hesitation, I ended up at Indobox in ION Orchard for some Indonesian food. Despite the random choice, I was delighted at the quality of ayam penyet served here. Ayam penyet itself was crispy, juicy and well spiced. Paired with some Indonesian pickles and spicy chilies, it was a concoction of flavours which I loved but simply couldn't depict.

Ikan Penyet at IndoBox, ION Orchard
Ikan penyet, on the other hand, was nothing short of great. Similar to ayam penyet, it was crispy and juicy, albeit the texture was slightly off (mainly due to selection of fish). The portion was actually bigger than ayam penyet too!

Cute Collage Mixed Graffitti

IN SUMMARY, my personal verdict for:
  • Ya Kun Kaya Toast 亞坤 - Would love to have more of their kaya toast!
  • IndoBox - Good Indonesian food with higher price tags (mainly for ambiance)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast 亞坤
Address: #01-01 Far East Square, 18 China St, 049560, Singapore
Operation: 7.30am - 6.30pm (Mondays to Fridays), 8.30am - 5.00pm (Saturdays & Sundays)
Tel: +65 6438 3638

Address: Ion Orchard #B3-24, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Operation: 11am to 10pm daily
Tel: +65 6509 8600


  1. Went there before. The toast kinda tasty. Got those authentic feeling :P

    1. Yea, especially it is prepared to brownish finish that gives it extra crunxhiness!


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