Oct 11, 2014

Bali Travelogue: Must Try Lello Lello Gelato (11 - 15 Jan 2014)

Of all the delicacies you can reasonably expect from the land of Bali, gelato was something beyond my expectation. In fact, Lello Lello Gelato came across my research radar as one of the recommended places for some icy cold creamy goodness.

Interior of Lello Lello Gelato

It was a drizzly yet humid afternoon on the very first day in Bali. After some Babi Guling at Pak Malen's Babi Guling for late lunch, my tanner half and I decided some form of dessert was warranted and Lello Lello Gelato sounded smacking rightly perfecto!

Walk we shall!

Step by step, we embarked on a 1.7km walk from Pak Malen's Babi Guling. It took us about half an hour before we finally caught sight of the humble settlement of Lello Lello Gelato. Drenched in sweat, I was quite devastated that it does not have air conditioned section.

Enjoying my gelato while drenched in sweat

Nonetheless, greedy us sampled every single interesting flavour available, ordered our 6-flavour degustation platter, and quietly sat down under the most windy section we could find while waiting for our gelato to be delivered.

Degustation Platter for Rp 90,000

What made up of our 6-flavour degustation platter (from most front to furthest in picture) were chocolate chilli, coconut, calamansi, vanilla bean, tangerine mint and coconut. My personal favourite (and recommendation, of course!) flavours are salted caramel, chocolate chilli and coconut. Not only Lello Lello Gelato does their flavours right, the milky creamy texture was consistent across all their flavours.

Self Proclaimed Grumpy-Wet-Towel-Holder-King

Bonus point, they do provide wet towel, freshly rolled and placed in a handmade holder, for you to refresh yourself after devouring their gelato! The cheeky tanner half gracefully placed the holder onto his head and claimed himself the Wet-Towel-Holder-King.

Rum Balls!

Did I tell you that I actually went back Lello Lello Gelato again on the second last day in Bali? This time, we tried rumb ball and repeated salted caramel and coconut. Rumb ball is one of the recommended flavours by Lello Lello Gelato but I found it too strong to go on its own. So you might want to consider mixing it up with salted caramel and/or coconut.

Below is the quoted philosophy of Lello Lello Gelato:
Lello Lello is dedicated to creating the highest quality gelati and sorbets. Exquisite frozen delicacies prepared entirely by hand, naturally made from scratch in our own kitchen. 
Our Gelato Master will select only the freshest and finest of local and imported ingredients. We poach, puree and roast only the freshest of fruits at their peak of sweetness. The result: healthy, intense fruit tastes and aromas. Our nuts are stone ground in store to give you the subtle authenticity of natural flavours. Our sorbet is made with pure hydrated spring water. No pre mixes, no flavour enhancers, no weird flavourings and additives. 
Our menu changes seasonally, in fact, it changes daily. Everyday of the week, Lello Lello will present a different flavour to enjoy, using traditional or new, inventive recipes. 
What are you flavouring today? 

Self Proclaimed Wet-Towel-Holder-Queen

IN SUMMARY, my personal dining ranking based on following criteria are:

  • Ambiance - 3.5 out of 5 (It can really get very humid there!)
  • Price - 5 out of 5 (c. RM25 for 6 scoops of awesome gelato)
  • Food - 5 out of 5 (They have so much flavours that I had to spend few minutes sampling all and made a tough decision)
  • Verdict - Gimme my Lello Lello Gelato now!

Lello Lello Gelato
21 Jalan Kayu Aya,
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Reference: Opposite The Samaya Bali
Opening Hours: 8am - 11pm
FB: https://www.facebook.com/LelloLelloGelato

Oct 1, 2014

Bali Travelogue: Visiting Bajra Sandhi Monument (11 - 15 Jan 2014)

Every country has their own story; Bali has theirs too. In memorial of struggle of Balinese people in the past, Bajra Sandhi Monument is constructed in the largest city of Bali, i.e. Denpasar.

In memorial of the struggle of Balinese people
Located about 20km away from Tanah Lot, the journey to Bajra Sandhi Monument was terribly clogged on a Monday afternoon. We logged in a total of an hour plus for an usual 30-minute drive. It was tiring, despite not having to drive and better still, a chance to take a nap in between.

The magnificent view of Bajra Sandhi Monument
But it was worth it. Nothing could beat this magnificent view of Bajra Sandhi Monument laid in front of our eyes.

Well kept Madya Mandala of Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi Monument applies the Tri Mandala concept; the magnificent candi bentar (split gate) marks the separation of Nista Mandala (outer courtyard) and Madya Mandala (courtyard that surrounds Utama Mandala (main building of the monument)).


Utama Mandala consists of 3 floors:
  • Nistaning Utama Mandala - ground floor of the building, housing the information room, Librarianship room, exhibit room, conference room, administrative room, and restrooms, all arranged in a huge circle surrounding a lake in the middle of the room named Puser Tasik 
  • Madyaning Utama Mandala - second floor of the building, housing 33 units of dioramas, depicting Balinese people's struggle from the beginning of the Balinese kingdom, the entrance of Hinduism, Majapahit era, Netherlands colonialism, struggle of independence, until the present
  • Utamaning Utama Mandala - third floor of the building, reachable by passing a long flight of stairs; a place of tranquility, a place of silence and enjoying the view around the monument (panorama of Denpasar too)


A visit to Bajra Sandhi Monument was a different experience altogether.
  • It was soothing to see the well maintained green landscape surrounding the old buildings - it felt like a walk in a beautiful garden in a castle
  • Little did I expect to see a lake in the middle of the building - the sound of water flow was zen-like
  • Interesting stories told with dioramas - so intricately done that it awed me and kept me lingering
  • Spiralling staircase leading to third floor - a little sad that I did not head up to have a peek at what it was overlooking 
Cheeky Jembawan - one of the many stone statues in Madya Mandala
IN SUMMARY, my personal ranking based on following criteria are:

Ambiance - 4 out of 5 (-1 because creepiness at certain area due to lack of lighting)
Price - 5 out of 5 (Rp 10,000 or c. RM3 - Cheapest attraction by far!)
Attractiveness - 5 out of 5 (Interesting landscape, architecture and dioramas)
Verdict - A beautiful museum with historical and educational value

Bajra Sandhi Monument
Jl Raya Puputan, Renon, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-16:30, Sat-Sun 09:00-16:30, Closed during Hindu holidays
Tel: +62 264 517

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