Feb 7, 2014

Pangkor Travelogue: All Touristy (Day 2-14 Oct 2012)

Morning view from beach

Rise and shine! It was a tough one, if you were to crawl into bed around 3-4am and sleep less than 6 hours. I reckoned it would be wise to get up, eat, pack and nap (if at all possible). Along my solitary beach walk to breakfast venue, breeze and sounds of waves welcomed me with much enthusiasm. A bliss nonetheless.

Real bird

This tiny bird stood so still that I thought it was lifeless. On and off, it flew away and came back while I scooped into my rather mediocre breakfast. I seated on the same table with my Toastmaster queen mother, Grace. She asked, "Hitomi, are you going to the town trip later?". I hesitated for few seconds and muttered, "What time are they heading out?"

Heading into Pangkor Town

I rushed back to my room to do some packing and grabbed my camera before hopping on to this pinkish van an hour later. It was a sunny day but bearable. No harm embracing the sun while I was on vacation.


Bushes after bushes, curves after curves, I had no clue how long would it take but little did I care as I stared into the distant. About 15 minutes or so, we turned into small alleys with houses stacking close to each other. I knew we were almost there.

View from Hai Seng Hing, satay fish factory

Our first stop was Hai Seng Hing, one of the satay fish factories in Pangkor Island. The smell and scenes of fishing villages, no doubt. My skin prompted an escape into the shelter and there I went into the air conditioned store to check out what were the goods on sale. Grabbed a few, of course!

Entrance of Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple (福臨宫)

Our second stop was this Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple. It was quite a busy day with plenty of walk-ins.

The beautiful architecture of Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple

Architecture has its own way of telling story and this was a glorious one. Even non-Chinese were paying this temple a visit too.

A random Malay girl

Handful of pink vans parked outside the temples and I caught a glimpse of this young Malay girl busy chewing her snacks in the van.

Ice Kacang - Chill to the spine

Right at the left side of temple's entrance, you could spot a small snack shop, which also sell ice kacang. Tell me, who could resist having one in this hot and sunny day? It was really huge and they were generous with condiments and toppings. I was stuffing myself until the last drop of this as the rest was hushed to the next destination.

Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort)

Our third stop was no other than this beautiful fort, almost alien-like. Motives could be seen on the ground from far. From the look of it, it could be recently refurbished.

View from the top of Dutch Fort

It was almost a sin for not indulge in this view from Dutch Fort. All you need to do is to take a few steps up.

Reminded me of Malacca

Fort, being fort, it reminded me of Malacca. Stacked bricks with holes for windows and seemingly little enclosure for hiding/prisoning purposes.

A quaint town

Last but not least, a detour to the town and grab some dried seafood goods. Traffic was minimal with some motorbikes and town men.

Bye, Pangkor Island!

This quaint town of Pangkor Island, I wish I could stay a little longer.

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