Aug 25, 2013

Gold Coast Morib Travelogue : The Venue + Mr Perak Toddy, Iguana & Wild Boar Curry (Day 2-12 Aug 2012)

And the Gold Coast Morib Travelogue continues...

Little clue did I have on how many hours I slept but surely my body felt it. I woke up to my dear faithful alarm, signalling the time for a "scrumptious" breakfast at The Venue. I still remembered the breezy morning as I walked alone to The Venue. It felt like a perfect holiday morning.

The Venue

Located next to The Pier, The Venue appeared to be spacious and well ventilated. The prospect seemed promising and the crowd had started buzzing around looking for tables or hunting for food.

Look at that dirty cutleries!

Before I picked up any food from the counters, I had a peep at all the selections served. Pitiful was the righteous word to describe. Not only that, look at the dirty cutleries, that was gross! It was not the end yet. You could easily spot and hear the buzzing creatures surrounding the food, not to mention some casual resting on them!

Scrambled eggs and chocolate puff

Nothing looked more promising that this scrambled eggs and chocolate puff. Fluffy and moistened, the egg was slightly tasteless; I had mine with some chili sauce. As for the chocolate puff, it was soggy though it looked otherwise. Filling was alright. I had some fried potato wedges, red bean, nasi lemak, rendang chicken, porridge and toast too. Were they good? Well, if you are not picky, probably they are just fine. If you were me, I won't choose to eat at all.

The rest started to wake up one by one and proceed to The Venue to fuel up their bodies. I had mine earlier, hence I got to take my own sweet time to shower and pack before we checked out and headed our way to our next adventure.

Here we were at Mr Perak's eatery

Our lunch destination was an exotic selection located in Banting. Little did I know what was coming. We turned into a sharp corner and entered into a wooden house area, followed by a brief walk through an alley before it opened up to a barren field area, hosting tables under the tall old trees.

Battered wooden house

As you can see, the place was quite a rundown. I couldn't see where was the kitchen either. It did not really matter actually; I was here to be surprised and amused.

Mr Perak's Toddy

In case you do not know, wrote about them too! According to, toddy is the partly fermented sap of the coconut palm, which used to be a popular drink in South-East Asia and the central Pacific Islands, and the Indians use it as a substitute for yeast when making apam and other Indian delicacies.

A close look at Toddy

The whitish concoction tasted like coconut, except that pang of bitterness of alcohol hit you as the end note. Sweet and easy, just how I like my alcohol to be. If I were to pick on one point to improve on, it would be the temperature served.

Mr Perak's Curry Iguana

The most exotic dish we had was this curry iguana. Showered generously by curry, this fierce looking creature was tamed into chunky pieces of meat. Sinking into the unfamiliar texture of iguana,  my teeth was excited about the tenderness portrayed. Resistance was almost inexistent as the soft bone was least intrusive. Me likes? VERY!

Curry Wild Boar
Mr Perak's Curry Wild Boar

Who have not heard of wild boar? I am sure you do. This Mr Perak's curry wild boar was a MUST TRY. The meat was so tender that it fell apart easily at the gentle poke of your fork. Yes, no joke! Despite the similarity in taste, I found the use of spices for the curry complemented both iguana and wild boar. Spiciness was subtle, in fact, it was too flavourful to eat on its own.

Mr Perak's Malay Style Fried Bihun

Hence, we needed some sort of carbs to counter the excessive load of sodium chloride. Personally I think it was quite opposite of what I thought it would be. This bihun was nowhere close to subtlety. Don't take me wrong. This bihun was good stuff. The touch of soggy ikan bilis and dried chili was apt but it was a flavourful dish too!

Mr Perak's Curry Lamb

Mr Perak's Curry Chicken

Curry lamb and chicken made its way to our table too but it was nothing close to exciting. So if you happen to be in Banting, please visit Mr Perak for some curry iguana, wild boar and bihun. Just blindfold yourself if necessary XD

Be adventurous, be you!

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