Jun 11, 2013

Hong Kong Travelogue: Fast & Furious (Day 1 - 7 Jun 2013)

My mind went blank the moment the pang of realization hit me real hard on my face as I reached for my phone and checked the time. Yes, I overslept. Supposedly to catch a Skybus at One Utama at 3.45am but it didn't happen. My tanner half woke up as I shouted "fuck" and I wasn't kidding. It was 5.21am and my flight was 7.10am.

I was awed at how rational my tanner half was despite the sleepiness. He gave me a ride straight to LCCT and we reached in less than 40 minutes. Throughout the ride, I was quiet and anxious with all my thoughts, as if my mind and body were separated. My eyes kept flicking to see the clock and my fingers kept tapping on phone to check the distance to LCCT.

LCCT was packed as usual. I ran with my Karrimor backpack with my green flat, definitely not meant for such purpose. My body was tired but I was left with no choice but to run to the international departure section.

*Sleepy morning*

I got hold of the nearest AirAsia staff and asked for baggage check in counter. Thankfully the staff was friendly and gave the direction in few seconds. However the baggage check in lanes were no shorter. In front of me were 2-3 check ins  and it was dreadfully slow (in my case as it was 6.10am, the final call for the baggage check in)!

I kept checking my watch and hoping that the process went on faster. After few minutes (which felt like ages), it was my turn and I asked politely if the baggage check in staff could help to print my boarding pass as I was rushing for my flight and they happily obliged! Hallelujah, AirAsia definitely made my day!

I had the urge to pee but I dared not risk it. I ran to the international departure hall and the police/custom was saying, "Sudah lambat ke Cik", I didn't remember what I said other than a "Ya" with a smile. The "amazing race" continued. I ran down the escalator and finally stood in front of my boarding gate, only to find out that they were still boarding the Surabaya flight. I simply couldn't express how relieved I was and I texted my tanner half about it.

It was 6.30am and I thought I could use a breakfast before the boarding for Hong Kong opened. I ordered myself a crunchy peanut crispy roll for RM6.50. Slightly pricier but oh well, did I have a choice? After I paid for it and got my change, my crispy roll decided to land face down on the floor. Ah, crap, you gotta be kidding me! Within 3 seconds, I quickly dived for the poor hot roll laying flat on the ground. Guess my mom taught me well.

Chocolate Peanut Crispy Roll
*Chocolate Peanut Crispy Roll*

After 10 minutes or so, the boarding to Hong Kong had started. I was still half way through my breakfast but the queue was long. I ate it as fast as I can and the final few bites were literally stuffing my mouth to the maximum capacity. Once I was done, I ran towards the boarding gate, then slowly followed the proceeding to the respective platform as instructed.

*My AK1656 Flight*

My fast and furious boarding experience had then came to an end as I was sitting in the cabin and waited for the flight to take off. I made it, with the help of my tanner half and the AirAsia staff. My Hong Kong trip was happening!


  1. HitOmi,

    What a hilarious start to a travel day. Oversleeping does have consequences. Reading between the lines one has wonder if you and the tanner half were up to late the night before travel or were to engaged in other activities and lost track of time.

    I have overslept once on a travel day. Skipped the shower, and like you shoved food down my throat at the airport.

    My wife picked me at the airport and once in the car drving home, mentioned that I smelled particularly human. Then I told her about my late start, skipped shower and so on.

    Needless to say I came clean once home.

    Enjoy Hong Kong, say hello to Mr. Snowden while there. I have never been to HK and do not if I will ever get there. So I look forward to ur fast and furious travel adventures.


    1. David,

      It nearly got me heart attack. I don't want this to happen another time.
      The night before we went to Body Combat class and it was really exhausting.
      I skipped shower too but fortunately I did not smell like human..

      Perhaps you should go to Hong Kong and we can organise it together :D
      It is cheap for you to travel there :D

  2. HitOmi,

    I suppose HK will have to go on my bucket list. The least expensive round trip is $1,960.00 USD, and 19 to 21 hrs in at least two flights!

    That's before any hotel an other cost. I suppose I could do the trop for around $6500USD, but the charge card and wife would not like that.

    I know my better half would like to visit HK again. She was there when she was around 10yrs old, so HK has likely changed a little, the least of all was the U.K. moving out as the governing body.

    Body Combat class? Now you have to write a post, with pictures of bruises if available. There appears to be a good story in there somewhere.

    Women appear more fortunate than men when it comes to body odors.
    I do not have to be outside long in hot temps before I am covered with sweat.


    1. OMG, why is it so expensive! :(
      Body combat class is no real fighting but pure pacing, kicking, punching according to the songs played. Sweaty stuff, no joke.


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