May 14, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers: "Cocktail & Wine Pairing" (13 May 2013)

Bulgogi Brothers is a name which has came into my foodipedia for a year plus.
I love their marinated beef, especially Unyangsik Bulgogi, which is an unique heart shaped bulgogi seasoned to perfection.

It was my pleasure to be invited once again to their food review on 13 May 2013.
However things went a little haywire and I couldn't say I was totally fine with it.

 The details are enclosed herewith:


  1. they never email u? so kesian la but how come u going to Pavilion from ur home? no need to work ady ah?

    1. I was the Plus One, as usual. The email was outdated, I reckoned.
      I am on study leave now. Wasted my time only.

  2. HiTomi, A Vblogger is born!

    I so enjoyed your very effective and quietly scathing review of the food review that did not happen!

    Good wind and cocktails can make or break an event.

    BTW, you do have a very appealing presence on camera!
    Mote than model, HitOmi can also be an excellent and attractive presenter!!

    More please!!


    1. Hey David,

      I was pretty pissed at it actually, after the jam and time wasted.
      Thanks for your support and kind encouragement.

      Stay tune for more :)


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