Apr 7, 2013

Gold Coast Morib Travelogue : Ocean Seafood Restaurant + Crazy Us (Day 1-11 Aug 2012)

Hello there, I guess I am a little disconnected.
Okay, I admit, I am very very disconnected.
So much things to do but so little time?
I wonder how would it be to not having to prepare for exam.
Well, on a bright side, you can still reach me on iMessage, whatsapp, wechat, line, skype, twitter. You name it :D


Time fled faster than we thought. Spending time at the beach seemed timeless and I often found myself amused and in daze. Well, that happen only when I am alone. When I am not, you would find similar occurrence like this.

Gold Coast Morib Sign in dark

The sun hid itself quicker than I timed and some distance sound from the dungeon hidden in my tummy nudged me to my senses that it was time for dinner! What to eat, what to eat, especially in a place so desserted and kampung like Morib?

The guys

Blame it on the nerve of a food blogger, I tend to be picky with what I eat but sometimes I allow this "overwrite" function to have a little fun :D What was there to worry when I had a bunch of guys whom had got things planned? Our destination was no other than those seafood restaurants located within 10km away from Gold Coast Morib.

Tau Fu Pou
Makan time!

This Ocean Seafood Restaurant is located next to a stone bridge, named "The Lovers Bridge". Little do I know that I have came here once during my one-day trip with my former public relation firm's colleagues. When we arrived, the restaurant was almost full. Luckily we managed to get a table to accommodate us :)

Tau Fu Pou
My bowl of Tau Fu Pou

According to Foursquare, this was the recommended dish and I specifically asked for this. To my disbelief, this was beyond my imagination! I think I can cook better than this. Though the gravy was smooth and silky with a nice touch of egg white, I thought it could be better with more tofu. Practically, it was close to tasteless. Mehhh!

Young Beans
Young Beans

This was a nice choice. Young and crispy, most importantly, it was flavourful. Heee, I know right, more oyster sauce, sugar and salt but I am not complaining!

Kung Po Crab
Kung Po Crab

Well, you have to understand, me and crab are no friends. I no likey crab and crab no likey me. Judging by the texture of gravy, the flavor should be pretty decent. Why I no like crabby? Firstly, the meat was bland and those gravy out there were merely for decorative purpose. Moreover, it was so tough to maneuverer any part of crab. Pay me to eat them? Maybe.

Steamed Prawns
Steamed Prawns

Hee, prawns is good and they like me. Steamed prawns is better because it has to be fresh to begin with. It was juicy and I liked the natural flavour, without unnecessary sauce. However, I think a little garlic won't harm.

Teo Chew Steamed Siakap
Teo Chew Steamed Siakap

For some reason, mom never like Teo chew cooked fish. Don't ask me why, I think it tastes fine actually :D I would say it is a fish soup! This steamed siakap was quite small to be shared. The meat was pretty smooth, plus I like the sweetness of tomato and savouriness from salted vegetables. As for the mushrooms, hmm, not quite in place eh?

Fried Squid Rings
Fried Squid Rings

This was the best seller and more often than not, it came with hefty price tag. I like squid rings to be thin and coated fully with thin layer of batter. Most importantly, the batter must still be crispy when it is served. This one, not quite there, the batter was not embracing the squid rings as much as I would like it to be but the batter tasted fine, in fact a little too flavourful.

The Organiser
The Organiser

Don't say I don't give credit to you, Mr Bernard. You are the best organiser who still complains when everyone starts to point fingers to you but look, you made it happened and we were all in for the fun :D
Since it was like a reunion to all of us after almost 3 long years, we decided to let our young souls to rule once again!

Midnight Session
It is already midnight!

Card games, beer, alcohols and ghost stories. All of us couldn't stop laughing when any one of us stuttered over card games and then there went another bottle of beer. I couldn't bear the idea of how much calories and fat I was consuming that night.

Joke Cracked!
Joke cracked!

On and off, joke cracked and we went all crazy about it and by no fault, I would be the one with the loudest laugh *sings, we are young, we run free, stay up late, we don't sleep*

Beyond Surpress

BUT, I was not alone. Seems like everybody was going a little hyped! The most most most most critical point that night was the "Truth or Dare" session. Trust me, anything under the sky was asked and either you spill it or you do it. Want details? NO WAY!

Signing off,
Sleepy Me
Imma in terrible sleep deprivation mode

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