Feb 9, 2013

Gold Coast Morib Travelogue : Beach Time, Babe! (Day 1-11 Aug 2012)

Hello peeps! As usual, I blame it on work that exhausted my many many late nights. That aside, more and more things creeped up to my priority list. I started to find it hard to juggle.

Ah, let's forget about the demotivating stuff! Today is Chinese New Year eve and few hours more all families would be busy devouring the feast prepared for the longest time in a day. For those who are taking leave for the next whole week, perhaps you would be able to squeeze in a short vacation. If you are looking for somewhere near, perhaps you can read a little more about spending time in Gold Coast Morib.


Lying on the white bed sheet and comfortable bed of mine, I spent some time reading on my CFA Level III materials. Guess I was too tired after all, having to wake up early at 6am and prepare for a meet up with my dear driver. I dozed off for what seemed to be an hour plus until my room mate, Josephine, woke me up to head to the water theme park. Yes, you heard me right! There is a mini water theme park enclaved by the resort, shaded in the late afternoon.

Through the Reflection
Posing with the multi angle reflection in the living room

The theme park was very very small and shallow. If I were to compare it with Sunway Lagoon water park, it would be an Olympic-sized swimming pool versus a baby pool. It has three slides for the slightly adventurous adults but not enough to keep us occupied for more than 30 minutes. None of us brought any phone or camera to the water theme park, hence do pardon me for the lack of photos.

Nice red car in front of Gold Coast Morib Resort

When we got bored, we ditched the "baby pool" and headed to the beach and had our beach volleyball session. Volleyball is provided, all you need to do is to pay the deposit, which is totally refundable. As the guys went to get the volleyball, we girls went back to our apartment to grab our belongings. As for me, what else, other than phone?

Galloping horse we have here

The red car showcasing in front of the lobby of Gold Coast Morib Resort was so striking that anybody would be eyeing it for more than 5 seconds. Some even took photos with it but a guard was always there to tell, "Sorry Sir (or Miss), do not touch the car." Then what the car is for? Seriously I have no clue.

Overlooking the beach from The Pier

By the time we headed to the beach for our beach volleyball, it was already low tide, where the clear wavy texture on the soft mud made an interesting contrast against the clear sky. Our volleyball session was mainly throwing and picking up the ball as most of them did not manage to hit the ball, some ran away from it too. I played for 20 minutes or so before I abandoned the rest and explored the further the horizon.

The ghostly figure

It was an interesting detour for me as I managed to find something to amuse myself. Look at the ghostly figure, what do you think it is? Could it be a dragon or dinosaur or fetus?

The mysterious hole and sand balls

Not only that, I came across all these holes and sand balls piling at its side which I found pretty interesting. I knew it was the masterpiece of crabs but the idea of encountering it after the last beach vacation was enlightening.


So was the idea of stepping on muddy soft beach. That texture you saw was totally god-made, if I were to put it that way.


Apparently I wasn't the only one on the beach. These crabs crawled their way like-a-boss across the long stretch of beach. I reckoned they have the same sense mechanism like dogs. You know, like how the dogs always manage to find the spots they last peed on?


I salute the perseverance of crabs for they have to go through the same routine of building their homes every day as the gravitational forces exerted by Moon and Sun and rotation of Earth create the concept of low tide and high tide!


Guess that is how life always is. Bad things come, bad things go. Either you swallow it and move on or you sulk over it and even risk your life. ADAPT is the key word. *note to self*


At this point of time, I shall photobomb a little with a picture of me on the beach. Just when I was busy posing in front of my front camera, here came the troop who I left behind.


And they just picked up the little Krusteco on the beach and played with it. Seriously, I am quite scared of the idea holding it.


Or even the idea some creatures are crawling on my skin! I blame it on the terrible childhood experience with smelly bug, cockroaches, and lizards.

The Hottie with Malaysia Next Top ModelYours Sincerely with Hottie
Aki, Li Ling and me

As the sun marched to its crib, we could not help but grab every second we had to capture the moment we shared on the beach. Let's start with us girls.

Misses Malaysia
The Girls in Sunset
Me, Li Ling, Lian Sim, Josephine and Aki

Then the sunshine boys... Be aware, more exotic pictures coming your way!
The Sunshine?
Will, Fei, Bernard and Ray

The Clueless Four
The Four-cules
Mr Muscles got photobombed!

Unprecedented Pregnant Man
Worse, we have a Pregnant man!



Oh ripples and sunset, how I miss you now, sitting here waiting for dinner and yearning for my next holiday.

Signing off with love,


  1. HiTomi,

    A beautiful day along the ocean! The beach looked very inviting.

    Beaches up here right now, to put it mildly are very cold and water is more solid than liquid. One does not want to fall into water at 0C. There would only be approximatley 10-15 minutes of life expectancy if one falls unprotected into to such water.

    Your photos are so lovely! The preggers guy...
    perhaps someone will take him in for proper care...;-)

    More travel adventures.

    What's the studying for CFA Level III all about?

    Do have a happy, peaceful and prosperous Chinese, (Lunar) New year!!!!!


    1. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to play along the beach during high tide. I wonder how murky it would be.

      I am currently taking this professional qualification for portfolio managers, spanning across three levels of exams , of which one would deem graduate once they have passed all three levels. I am at the final stage now.

      I always wonder how it would be like in the cold weather like yours.
      Take care :)

  2. Oh My God !~ this picture " The ghostly figure " scared me !~

    1. Chill :) The world is still spinning!

  3. The little Krusteco looks like some kind of hermit crab. Or is it really hermit crab?

    The notion of having snails crawing on my skin really creeps me out. Although I've taken a marine biology subject at university.

    1. I have no clue but I just can't bear the idea of having things crawling on me :S

  4. That overlooking view of the beach from The Pier is mesmerising, Your Gold Coast experience is surely an unforgettable one basing from these photos.

    1. I would say it was acceptable but I won't want to go again.

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