Dec 25, 2012

Kota Kinabalu Travelogue : Post Mortem (Day 8-24 May 2012)

Merry Christmas! I simply couldn't surpress the joy of not stuck in the office during this festive season. In fact, my Christmas started last Friday. It was cool that way, and most importantly, I like it that way.

DooDoo is happy to be wheeling!

Back to the soul seeking journey of Mount Kinabalu. After we reached Timpohon Gate, we checked into the same lodge we stayed few days ago, City Park Lodge on Jalan Pantai. Considering the 25kg (or more) luggage we had to lug it up three floors, we settled for a windowless queen bed room at second floor.

It was where the misery started. The four walls were constrictive and I felt suffocated, notwithstanding the lack of day light rendered my sense of day and night useless. Even the air cond was coughing its lung out to keep the room chilled.

That was not the end as I started to feel nausea. It could be the van ride or the icy cold (or perhaps contaminated :S) fried rice provided by one of the restaurants of Sutera Harbour Resorts. I couldn't remember when did I fall asleep in my groggy state but one thing for sure, I woke up feeling more tired than before. To add on the list, almost every inch of my body felt like ass, almost immobile. It was magical that I managed to crawl down two floors and head to Kedai Kopi Melanian 3 for a bowl of hot pork noodle.

Super delicious pork noodles, no innards please!

Whilst the rest seemed much recharged, I felt the contrary. Even the supposed to be delicious pork noodle was bland on tongue. Thank goodness we were flying back on the same day but wished it was earlier. As we had checked out from the lodge, we couldn't rest in our room. Both of us, almost crippled, walked aimlessly on the street. Finally, we found Suria Sabah Mall and decided to camp there until it was time to head to airport.

The lessons of the trip:
  1. Go have fun before the climb - we did water rafting and island hopping before our climb. No regret!
  2. Get a hostel with lift or not few floors higher after the climb - you wouldn't want to lug your luggages up the floors after the tiring climb.
  3. Train until your muscles can't recognize who is who before the climb - this is to mentally prepare your muscles for the shock!
  4. Lots of sunblock for island hopping - I came back with natural bikini and perhaps 5 tones darker (it still persist now, albeit 2 tones lighter?)
  5. Water rafting in smaller group - so you get a smaller raft and experience capsizing. No worries, your guide can rescue you in a matter of seconds.
  6. Travel light - most of my clothes remained unworn coz I recycled my clothes. So yea, except the winter gear, it would be good to go light on the normal wear.
It's Me! I have made it to the top of Malaysia!

Never have I thought a climb would be so self enlightening. Talk about determination, talk about the sense of fulfillment, plus the things we see, we feel, along the way. I like the way this holiday was and I crave for more.

Canterbury, New Zealand

I wanted a challenge, I wanted to see a bigger world out there, beyond the 9-5 routine, the usual weekends. Life as a traveller, it is. I couldn't wait for the days I would be spending in New Zealand as a working holiday worker. So many uncertainties but it would be worthwhile.

Signing off with lots of PB love,
*apparently photobombed by DooDoo*

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