Mar 22, 2012

The Merry St Patrick's Day

I couldn't recall when was the last clubbing night. It feels like ages, which only the one year relationship with Him could provide a rough estimation of "how long since I last clubbed". The feeling of clubbing was back, albeit the omission of the dancing part (literally, of course!). Happening right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Changkat Bukit Bintang was flooded with thousands of revelers to celebrate Asia's largest Guinness St. Patrick's on 17 March 2012 (when else if it is not 17 March?). It was officially my first St. Patrick's celebration and Him, of course, was partially why the party was so enjoyable at the first place!

Dressed in dark green top with muddy colored shorts, and not to forget the signature "green" hat of St. Patrick's, we were more than ready to join the fun! The main question was "Where is my drinks?" *shouting furiously for fun*

Aha, there you are, my first pint of Guinness for the evening. It would an insult to ask for anything else than Guinness on the biggest Guinness St. Patrick's celebration! Moreover, Guinness from tap is one my favorite too. I shall spare no mercy to the icy cold Guinness, definitely not this time!

Look like we had a Hippopotamus in the house. Where did the half pint go to? Warn you Guinness, this guy gonna drink you dry!

The two most interesting line up for the media were the best part of the night! One was a priceless experience, while another was a priceless item.

I was charged with excitement when I was told we could play with the tap! Now, I know how to tap a pint of Guinness in a proper way : First fill up 80% of the pint glass at 45 degree, then let it sit for 1-2minutes before you tap the remaining 20% at 90 degree.

Voila, the outcome was a pint of Guinness with smooth foam that would leave you some magic white mustache after you greedily sipped it.

Not only that, we were given a chance to personalise our Guinness pint glass, ie the glass is no one's but yours. Wee, this is mine!

Hilarious stand-up comedians, live music performances, street artists, funny green friends, carnival of fun games and activities, this year's St. Patrick was indeed an uproarious one! Gentlemen, last but not least, we had cute, sexy, and pretty Irish dancers! (Oh, do I hear girls dressing in short and sexy green dress?)

The fireworks was no doubt a highlight of the night. I guess I shall make a move now but St. Patrick's celebration wouldn't end on the night itself. For those who would like to have a feel of how St. Patrick's Day would be, head to The Social, Bangsar (22 March 2012) and SOULed OUT, Sri Hartamas (22 and 29 March 2012).

Ol, ceol, craic! It was indeed a great pint, good music and wonderful fun as translated.

Last but not least, beannacht na feile Padraig ort! 

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