Feb 29, 2012

Beer Belly : Berbelly?

Beer had never been the fanciest friend that I would like to have for the past 21 years in my life. I shared the common disgust over the bitter and gaseous liquid that was comparatively less enticing than wine and liquor. That probably explained why I would not bother to touch the cans of icy cold beer lining up the side of the spacious fridge during Chinese New Year.

Well, I always hear people saying, "One will change over time". My reservation for such statement was nevertheless immense, just like how everyone would, until one finally experiences the same. I guess I am one of the sample of the whole population, and the outcome of test of hypothesis was positive.


My initial perception towards beer was reasonable, considering the lack of good beer that I had came across. It was Guinness which evolved my whole idea of beer. Smooth yet boldly flavored and less gaseous, it is the package I seek in every pint of beer and this Tetley's in Beer Belly satisfied all of the above. The less intense flavor of Tetley's perfectly paired with the smoothness of the light brownish liquid, it reminded me of Hoegarden, but this was better.


If you were to give me a choice to choose between liquor, cocktail or beer, the hierarchy of my preference would be the sequence as stated. Besides the ease of drinking, cocktail is known to be packed with calories that one could easily gulp it down and ask for the second. I would say cocktail is "dangerous" to the purse and your body. Nevertheless, this Mojito is considerably decent to my standard : a little strong, well balanced with sourness of lime, sweetened with something which I couldn't identify.

Beer Belly, the name couldn't be anymore befitting. To be frank, I was taken by surprise. Instead of serving you only overpriced finger food, there are more varieties for the mains that are beyond good! Just put those overpriced yet standard finger food aside.

Bintulu Belacan Fried Rice

Added with a touch of locality, the Chef at Beer Belly was more than glad to serve you her hometown special. The taste of belacan was unusual; it wasn't too spicy, but towards the end of subtlety. Paired with the distinct texture of rice, crowned with a well done egg, it was an ideal meal when you feel like loading with carbs.

Linguine al Pesto

Pesto has recently became my preferred choice, other than extra virgin olive oil. Loaded with nuts, the unnoticed crunchy texture was obvious to me. This linguine was graciously loaded with pesto, I must say I love this more than the Bintulu belacan fried rice. The only thing it could be made better is that the linguine was al-dente.

Beef Stroganoff

After a little Bintulu and Italian, our night was not less interesting. This Russian dish of sautéed pieces of beef served in a sauce with smetana or sour cream. Which one? I couldn't tell. I was too immersed at the fancy name of stroganoff and dug in just like everyone else did. It might looked alittle intimidating, but it was not spicy at all. Tenderly cooked, the beef was easy going.

Birmingham Chicken Balti

Back to the basic poultry, we had this Birmingham chicken balti. The sweetness of the dish was no doubt to be the tomatoes. The rest of the ingredients remained unidentified. Intriguing, I would like to try it again some time.

Apart from the Tetley's and cocktails served, we were graciously welcomed with some Jack Daniel's. I love mine neat, and always so. Overall, the mains were good, the finger food was advisable not to try, the liquor and beer were decent and oh, they serve Jägermeister too!

Located at the back of the Strand, Kota Damansara, this Beer Belly is worth trying.
Are you ready to beer the belly out?


  1. Replies
    1. NO doubt, but not the finger food!

  2. :D i want the Linguine al Pesto and a reminder to self is to inform the waiter that i like mine al dente!

    1. I should do that every time I order any pasta!

  3. HitOmi,

    Happy to see your lovelyness gracing your pages again!

    You appear to have a more sophisticated palate than I. I have tried Guinness and other imported beers and only found one I ever liked.

    I drink only on occasions and find wines more accomadating my aging taste buds.

    The Linguine al Pesto and Chicken Balti look so yummy!

    I was in Texarkana Texas last week and had some great BBQ on several evening, unfortunatley I failed to take but a few photos on that business trip.


    1. You are so right. I am finally reappearing in my own blog.

      What is the one beer that you ever liked? I like a few, like Tetley, Guinness, Hoegarden, Kilkenny, and another one which I couldn't recall the name.

      Why failed to take pictures? Did you bring camera?

  4. HiTomi,

    The one beer I really liked, I enjoyed a few years ago. I remember is was not a common brand.

    I had my smartphone on the recent business trip. Having to drive around Texarkana after work took a while for me to get used too.

    I will post a couple of photos I took on Picassa soon.

    As mentioned my palate tends to like wine more than beer.

    Please, more photos of the lovely HitOmi!!


    1. I see. My palate tends to like hard liquor and wine more than beer :)


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