Jan 26, 2012

Sheraton Celestial Court : The Unorthodox Renditions of Yee Sang

Have any of you asked yourself, "What is Lou Sang and why do we Lou Sang?". Chances are 9 out of 10 of Chinese could simply pass it off with some generic answer but the thing is they do not have a single clue on how it comes about and most often than not,  they shrug it off as if it ain't big deal. No, this is definitely not the way.

The act of tossing Yee Sang, Lou Sang, is originated in Guang Zhou, China, in celebration of the seventh day of Chinese New Year, Renri or People's Birthday. Made of strips of raw meat, shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, the raw meat in Yee Sang is the primitive symbol of the birth of humankind, which also homophonically represents the increasing abundance in the modern days.

Instead of the off-the-shelf Yee Sang which you could easily grab from supermarkets, one could conveniently go to most Chinese restaurants and order the same but the clever you should have known better that there are better ones out there.

Of tuna fish with thai mango sauce, of Norwegian salmon, China pear and black caviar with traditional plum sauce, of abalone with orange mayo sauce, Sheraton Celestial Court has invented its unorthodox renditions of Yee Sang that would appeal to the trickier taste buds. Being a modest adventurer, I opted for the tuna fish with thai mango sauce, which is a slight deviation of the usual.

The absence of the sweet note of traditional plum sauce was aptly replaced by the natural taste of thai mango sauce, which was tangy and spicy at the same time. Besides the symbolic reason for raw tuna, it balanced out the flavor of the dish by its subtlety in texture and taste. Something worth noting was some of the Yee Sang ingredients were made fresh, which partially contributed to the refreshing and mildly sweet taste of the Yee Sang. I would definitely give extra bonus point of fresh ingredients, what about you?

Despite the fact that Guang Zhou being the origins of Yee Sang, what most of the Chinese might not know is that Malaysia is the one started this Lou Sang trend years before Singapore adopted the same. Yee Sang Yee Sang, the higher you toss it, the better off you would be. Don't we all love abundance, prosperity and vigor?


  1. HiTomi,

    We all indeed love abundance, prosperity and vigor, and we truly need all!

    The former fashion model-fashion photograher has turned into a very, very good food photographer.

    I truly expect you to show up any day on the Food Channel or Travel Channel to show off Asian cuisine and the sights and places near you.

    Lately all your food post leave me hungry for foods not found any near.

    Sigh....must visit you part of the world.

    Note to self, got to put Malayasia on the bucket list....


    1. However we hardly get all of that :(
      Oh well, let's work for it!

      I am not a fashion model-fashion photographer yet, and I am learning to be good food and travel photographer.
      These pictures were taken by my boyfriend.

      I wish to travel different parts of Malaysia before I venture overseas. Do let me know when you are heading to Malaysia, maybe we can meet up?


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