Jan 8, 2012

Gecko Gastrobar : Where alcohol falls in love with ice cream

If you asked me 10 years back, what ice cream is my favorite, that would be Cornetto.
If you asked me 5 years back, what ice cream is my favorite, that would be La Cremeria.
If you were to ask me now, what ice cream is my favorite, that would be Macallan 12-year old single malt ice cream from Gecko Gastrobar.

Ever since I was young, ice cream has always had its magical chant on me. Whenever I heard the not-that-lyrical ice cream songs playing in the neighborhood, my first instinct was to get mommy to get me one. I just couldn't help feeling excited about being able to lick on an icy cold ice cream, even now.

It was not until the later stage of my life that I was introduced to liquor, and started to appreciate them. Ice cream and alcohol, it would not have crossed my mind that both favorites of mine could be an incredible duo. As far as I know of, there is no restaurant that serves alcohol ice cream but this particular bar located at PJ Trade Centre, namely the Gecko Gastrobar.

I believe my first sip of Macallan single malt was when I was 20, which I remembered it was served neat. Strong and overpowering, it was not something I enjoyed back then. Slowly I eased into drinking neat single malt whisky and find it delectable. I enjoyed the tingles at different stages : the sensational kick at the initial stage, the spiciness on the tongue, and the subsequent heat attack in the throat.

Gecko's version of Macallan 12-year old single malt ice cream was something milder, this is for sure. For non alcoholic ladies and gentlemen (I guess?), this is not even a challenge as per se. The taste of Macallan was obvious, sans the kick, the spiciness and the subsequent heat attack, combined with the smooth and creamy of ice cream texture. My verdict is "Can I have more of this please?"

Beer is another acquaintance of mine in the subsequent stage of my life. I always had disgust over any beer for its gassiness, bitterness, and lack of kick. It was by chance that I was invited to have a taste of good tap in Tavern, GAB few months ago, and it was when and where I started to embrace the taste of beer, especially Guinness, being one of my favorite now.

What you see above is Gecko's Guinness infused ice cream. I could not help to suspect that Gecko could have did some background research on my preference, else how would they be able to strike every single favorite of mine? *curious mode*

Tasted a little bitter than I would have expected but the texture of ice cream remained the same. If I were to choose between Macallan 12-year old single malt ice cream or this Guinness ice cream, my answer, by default, would always be be former.

Now now, I feel like having one of the Macallan in this hot, steamy weather...


  1. A very temptlicious write-up! Will be trying it out :)

  2. single malt ice cream sounds awesome enough. When you say Macallan 12 year old single malt ice cream...its a done deal. Wished I read your blog earlier so I could have it today. Arrrgh...now I can only dream:-(

  3. can I have one.. like right now?? :P

  4. @ Evelyn Samuel's Eyes:
    Their desserts and ice cream are good. The rest I would not guarantee you will like it.

  5. @ Missyblurkit :
    You could still grab an ice cream before you sleep!

  6. @ Isaac Tan :
    Too late la bro, it is closed.

  7. @ biopolymath :
    Yeap you should!

  8. HiTomi,

    Boozy and ice-cream! Quite a concept.

    I am not a Guiness fan. Likely one of the few who do not like the fabled brew.

    Coffee or espressa flavoured ice-cream are my favourites!

    Of course with daytime temps of 0C to maybe +5, one does not worry about ice-cream melting quickly. That is if one is enjoying an ice-cream cone outdoors.


  9. @ David :
    Indeed it is a concept that not many pursued and succeeded. Glad that Gecko has managed to invent their own recipes.

    Gecko serves Kahlua ice cream as well, which is quite pleasant. A little predictable though.

  10. HiTomi,

    Have you ever tried some of the more unusual Japanese ice-cream flavours like Octopus, Spleen& Artichoke, Pit Viper Snake Ice Cream and
    Horse Sashimi Ice Cream?

    These would be extreme for all but the most die hard ice-cream lover.


  11. @ David :
    Huh???!?!! Seriously there are such flavors?


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