Jan 15, 2012

Favola : Dainty Ravioli with Truffle Butter Sauce

Growing up in a Chinese family, rice has always been my staple food. Pasta and pizza were not incorporated in my dictionary of life, until I started to get exposed to amazing dishes made of creamy mash potatoes, baked cheese, and some noodles that resemble pan mee, at the age of 12. I used to anticipate some great homemade dishes made by cousins, whom used to stay abroad for couple of years. Ever since then, there is this hidden italiano side in me that I could not help to fall in love with italian cuisine.

Undeniable as most would agree, being with a relationship does have some perks. Thankful nevertheless, it was Him who brought me to this ristorante italiano, serenely resided on the 8th floor of Le Meridien Hotel and that was officially my virgin experience to dine in a proper italiano restaurant, namely Favola. Decorated with mystical Venetian masks, Favola (which means fable in Italian)  has a rustic Italian setting reminiscent of the renaissance era.

What greeted us warmly was the various looking bread served with three different dips. The texture of the bread was perfect : crispy on the outside but tender soft in the inside, which I wish I could have it refilled for free! Two of the dips were unusual but paired well with different bread, lest the olive oil dip would seem a little unimpressive. All other dishes aside, I would surely come here again, just for the freshly baked bread!

We ordered Capesante Scottate, which sounded promising as depicted : seared jumbo sea scallop with sautéed white mushrooms trifolati and truffle; and we were right about it. It was served with four giant scallops, crowning on top of foresta of sautéed white mushrooms trifolati and truffle.

My first tentative bite was proven unnecessary as the scallop fallen apart without much effort. Slightly chewy as it should be. The texture rendered some difficulty to capture the essence of the sauces, of which the mushrooms came into play. The mushroom was cooked just to the right wellness, neither too raw nor well. All the essence was well trapped in the foresta of mushrooms which was meant to be eaten with the scallop. I was delighted, this was probably the best scallop that I have tried in my life.

After having such lovely bread and great scallops, both of us were charged with unwavering anticipation over our mains selection : Veal Escalope “Due Modi” and Manzo e Patate Ravioli. If it weren't because of the bottle of wine, we would have ran into kitchen in the state of delirium!

Finally, the veal had made its grandeur apprearance. Apart from "huge", no other words were more  appropriate to describe the portion served. It could have been more tender, juicier than what was served. It was not an easy dinner for him as He had to put up with the unyielding stubbornness of the veal, which had died with dignity. That apart, the sauce was intricately done with such complexity that dissection was alittle tricky than usual.

The same question, "Where is my ravioli?", kept looping in my mind. I wouldn't have known what is ravioli until I saw my Manzo e Patate Ravioli being served. I admitted that I was alittle taken aback, looking at how small portion mine was, putting side by side with his Veal Escalope “Due Modi”.

Easily countable with both hands, I had six demure looking hat-like potato ravioli stuffed with braised beef, swimming in the pool of black truffle butter sauce. To be frank, hearing the name "truffle" alone surmounted any other pastas that I was contemplating to try.

Flawlessly done, I love every single bite into the well cooked ravioli. I would have slurped the whole ravioli down but I did not as it would constitute shameless disrespect to the well braised minced beef. I noted a slight note of tomatoes in the braised beef which kicked in some natural sweetness into the dish.

The smoked black truffle butter sauce resembled the taste of foresta of sautéed white mushrooms trifolati and truffle in the Capesante Scottate, with similar intensity of flavor which I sought peace of mind. It was heavenly good that I was full before the fourth ravioli.

It is here at Favola, the fable, where you feel like heaven.


  1. Wow... best scallops in life. I really hope to try it. *saliving* made me so hungry!! =X

    1. No joke, by far, it was the best I have tried. I wanted to try the other restaurants' scallops next time to validate my statement.

  2. Erm, your 1st pic what is the subject you're focusing on ah? Seems 90% blurry?

    1. It was focussed on the two sticks in the middle.

  3. Cool. Looks so good and Italian food is Yums!

    Cutebun FB
    Cutebun Twitter

    1. Hehe, Italian food is very common to us but we might not try the good one yet.

  4. Everything looked so nice and tasty!^^

    Happy Chinese New Year!(^^)
    Have a Great Dragon Year!(^^)

    1. That is what I do best? Enjoy the nice pics and nice food too!
      Happy Chinese New Year to you :)


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