Sep 8, 2011

Perhentian Island : A long awaited breakaway

Living in the terrain of concrete, looking at the bustle of cities, anticipating the arrival of month ends, it goes on and on. For a split second, the sudden realisation hit you hard on the face, "What have I been missing all these while?"

The seamless land that we leave untreaded, the nature of beauty that we have yet to explore, and so much more in life to discover.

It wasn't an impulse that we jumped into. A break from the usual chaotic life was timely as we enjoyed the sheer gloat of leaving everything else behind as we stepped onto this cradled beach of Perhentian.

The warm embrace of showering sunshine, the soft lapping of waves along the beach, the playful dance of coconut trees, and the smooth sandy beach under my bare feet.
It is a gift to mankind, to be able to feel its lovely tenderness, and to witness the purity of love.

Right inside of me, there was this burning desire to try something different this time. I could feel the charge of adrenaline all over my body as the idea struck me. Without a slight hesitation,  I told myself, "Let's do this!"

While it is an bizarre choice to most, the promise of a lifetime license, the idea of swimming with fishes, getting close up to the enchantingly colorful corals and listening to the Symphonie des Meeres leave me with little choice but to dive head first into it.

The feeling of anxiety never left me as I put on my equipments, got into the boat, stared into the blue sky while we headed to our destinations. Often I found myself being disoriented while finding my mask and fins. Seated at the brink of boat, my heart skipped a beat. I gathered myself into position, holding my mask and regulator while anticipating the splash of water the moment my head landed first into the sea.

The saltiness of sea water was predictable but I could not help but wince as I accidentally gulped on some. The waves kept coming in and we were bopping up and down, waiting for the rest to get into the sea.
A simple gesture from the instructor was shown and all of us started to descend. It was slow and easy. The tough part was making sure you didn't touch the coral and establish buoyancy (stabilise your body so that it will not ascend or descend while you swim) in the sea.

Four dives were done but the last was the most memorable one. We swam along the mountains after mountains of coral, played with the fishes (of course we failed as the fishes were gone before we could touch them). It was a close up aquarium, but there was no enclosure. You could feel water surrounding your body, breath in water like usual, and touch (not on corals because my touch is venomous :p)

The hollow space, eaten away by anxiety, was filled with exhilaration. I wished I could have lingered longer as instructor signaled for ascend. I waved goodbye to the fishes and coral, and silently I made a promise.

They will see me again soon enough!

The fear of water escaping into lungs, the accidental suffocation in sea, and the 4-5kgs of equipments failed to dampen the spirit in each and every one of us as we strode and stood with pride.
We are officially the Open Water Divers.

Me, Agent 005, hereby officially announces that my mission is accomplished!


  1. i did dive at Perhentian as well last few weeks ago..
    but i followed the Turtle Bay Divers..
    i bet you must be having lotsa funs..

  2. HitOmi,

    There is something special being neat a large body of water. Wathcing the sun rise or set over water is relaxing and refreshing.

    We do not worry about salt water where I am. The Great Lakes are fresh water and the occasional mouthful is not unpleasant.

    Congrats on your diving cert! ! ! !

    Now the colourful world underwater is available to your creative side, now about the waterproof case for your dSLR.


  3. @ Cutebun :
    LOL so cute!

    @ CheeKeong :
    OH, Must be one of the dive centres we passed by the last night we were in Perhentian.
    It was alright, the instructor and other students were friendly (All guys and a girl, Me!)

    @ David :
    Waterproof casing is expensive. I doubt if I will venture into that so soon. Need to master my skills first thing first.

    I won't want any weird water down my throat please >.<

  4. wow! nice shots^^!!! change ur layout oredy~^^

  5. @ xjion89 :
    Hey yes! Bored with the previous layout :)

  6. HitoMi,

    Nothing weird about fresh water. It is was you drink from any tap, or bottle.

    I just happen to live near 20% of the world's fresh water.

    Great photos in this post, your joy is very visible and fun!


  7. @ David :
    I believe there are alot of bacteria in it, unseen by rough eyes.

    Yeap, it was my first breakaway with my boyfriend :)


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