Jun 8, 2011

Every little thing about Malacca

Never had I thought that one day I will have my own DSLR.
Like a newborn baby, clueless I was at the term that portrays professionalism beyond my reach.
* Giggly little cutie at Stadthuys *
"What is DSLR?" would be my closest response.

Hiding in its innocent veil, it possesses the power of plague that left its prey naked to its attack.
* A lonesome figure in the lonely alley in Malacca *
Its venom seeped through the layer of membrane and penetrated into my running veins.
Closer it sped towards to the chamber of heart as every second ticked.

This was how I cling onto one myself eventually.
It is poisonous and contagious.
How many would be able to resist the lust of possessing the power of infinity?

Maybe words alone would not be suffice and neither does it convince any single thing I have got to say but there is one thing I am sure.
* Resilience of life painting the wall of Malacca *
With it, you hold the power to explore another world - a world that has no boundaries, but creativity and imagination.

Every single mediocracy that you claim is exactly what you have missed in your entire life.
It is not that you do not know of its existence but rather, you choose to ignore it.
*Dressed in demurely purple dress, there I found Ms Lily resting serenely in a temple nestled in Malacca *
In fact it makes traveling to the ancient historical land of Malacca much more adventurous than anyone would have imagined.

For I see what others don't see;
* Wishes that have yet to come true in the Church of St Paul *
Of the coexistence of past and present, of culture and beliefs.

While everybody else is in the midst of their bigger priorities
* Hustle of cheap sales at Stadthuys *

Here I am, climbing high to share the indulgence of a bird eye's view.
* Coloured in red, Stadthuys is not a landmark to be missed *

Many would not give a damn, but the next thing you know is you have missed out on this spectacular view of architecture, flaunting itself proudly in front of you.
Is it not one of the mistakes in your "Should-have-done-list"?

While the night falls and everybody flees to epicentre of the bustling city of Malacca
* Jam packed sardine at Jonker Street *

Here I am, wandering in the dark alleys and passageway, waiting for a glimpse of magical moments that only present to the patient men.
* Light in the dark*
And that would be the ultimate reward that all I have ever yearned for.
That glory is mine.


  1. nice to see all these beautiful pictures. :)

  2. @ Isaac Tan :
    I am glad that you love it too :)

  3. lawa gambar! i miss malacca :D

  4. HitOmi,

    Malacca appears to be a mix of cultures along with the old and new.

    You have a unique talent for photography. Being able to take an image and in a few words tell more of the story the photo conveys!

    The result is great reading and the beautiful images takes the viewer into your journey!!


  5. @ henry Lee :
    Hehe, jom pergi Malacca lagi!

    @ David :
    Hitomization brings you a brand new perspective of travelling, that might not come to one's realisation.
    The impact is obvious, and you felt it.
    Glad that you enjoy it as much as I do!

  6. oso been to Malacca nt long~~
    but, ur photos are lot better than mine like 100x....

  7. @ xjion89 :
    Everyone of us sees things differently. It is up to you whether you would go for extraordinary or satisfy with your ordinary. Last but not least, thanks for your comment!

  8. nice photo :D

    I miss Melaka heheh didnt go there for long time di :)

  9. @ Kian Fai :
    Thank you :) You should go there someday.


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