May 11, 2011

Songket : Indulge in truly Malaysian flavor

Located along the northern coast of South America, Venezuela has much similarities to Malaysia.
Both, being tropical countries, have a mixture of 3 different cultures, namely Malay, Chinese, and Indian (Malaysia); indigenous, Spanish, and African (Venezuela).

Indian dance during cultural performance, live in Songket

It is a blessing to be able to born in a country with such diversity, for we are given a chance to learn different languages, and cultures.
On top of all, a chance to savor different cuisines right under one roof.

Mere thought of Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, or Char Kuey Tiow is suffice to make me drool in office despite the hungriness that do not present itself at that point of time.

I crave for the aromatic rice, which no doubt proves the presence of coconut milk, paired with fried-to-perfect-crispiness ikan bilis and brown glossy peanuts, and most importantly, the intimidating red and spicy sambal.
Ahhh, Nasi lemak is Love.

Malay cuisines is heavily infused with coconut milk. Be it the Curry chicken, Laksa, or varieties of Kuih Muih.
The promising goodness of coconut simply drives me crazy!

How would I say No to a Malay cuisine review, located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur?

Heavily patterned wall and use of Songket material, Songket Restaurant and Bar has conceptualised their interior well.
It is their ambition in establishing Authentic Malay fine dining in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

You will find yourself spoiled by the varieties of drinks which are made of the fresh, natural ingredients, or maybe with alittle twist with alcohol.
White Hibiscus Mocktail

A little adventurous, as it may sound. The taste is familiar, and sweet. Best part of all, every sip is so texturized with the blend of white hibiscus.
I have a sweet tooth.

Green fruit mix

Mixture of cucumber, apple and celery is not some would prefer but I am not particularly against the unmistakenly pungent smell of celery.
Refreshing and light, not too sweet, I would say it is a very healthy FruGe (Fruit + Vege) punch.


I guess you must be hungry right now.
Shall we?
Cucur Udang
Unlike the usual one we have, this is much oil-less but there is no hint of compromise.
Dipped into their homemade chili sauce, Cucur Udang is no less crispy than it already is.
I quickly stole another one after I have done with the first.

Made of minced chicken and potato, it does not dress to appeal but it is too early to conclude. 
Not until you hear the Ooo-ahhh when we started to poke into the pegedil.

Each bite into the pegedil just melted right into my mouth and *poof* within seconds.
It is blended to perfection. I simply could not differentiate the chicken and potato!
Seriously there is Chicken in here?

Chicken and Beef Satay

It is a misconception that Satay should come with fat, lotsa lotsa fat
I prefer it to be leaner, much substance and right here, Songket has done it right!

I love the fact that it is not greasy at all. It makes me less guilty of having stick after stick dipping into the sweet kacang sauce.
Not too thick but full of chunk of peanuts, the sweet kacang sauce further enhances the flavor of well marinated satay.

Appetizers alone have left us in awe.
We could not help to imagine how good the Mains are going to be until we saw this
Rusuk panggang

What a surprise, they serve Beef rib too!
Its modest appearance is a real trick. Chargrilled to almost black with sauces, it looks dry and rough.

Like a Pupa awaiting to break free, removing the beef from the ribs has never been easier.
It caresses and moisturizes the tip of my tongue with its tenderness, and smoking juiciness. It is beyond our imagination.
Oh, what a deceit!

Hmm something is missing.
*Thinking hard*
Ah, where are the desserts?

Pandan Pudding

Of the mild green and fragrant aroma, it is none other than the natural Pandan leaves.
Slightly heavier than normal pudding, it goes well with drizzle of Gula Malacca.  Just a little more Gula Malacca would do the trick!

Durian Tiramisu

Durian just has this magical power to hit the right nerve in me.
Durian and Tiramisu - This is definitely one of a kind!

Mixture of bitterness and sweetness,
Texture of light cream and heavy durian paste,  
I could not help to dig it in, dig it in and dig it in more until the whole cake evaporates into thin air!

It was a great night with good food and awesome company but it came to an end too soon.
It is time to go.
Surely I will be here again.


  1. oh my.. the food.. just too good!

  2. @ Nick :
    Whoa, Have you been there?

  3. Nice photos there.

  4. @ Nick :
    You have been there?

    @ Aidan :
    Hey thanks alot!

  5. Hitomi! I love the way you shoot those food pictures. Makes it look reaaaaaaaly good!

  6. @ issac tan :
    You can shoot the same too. Just need more practice :) you will do just fine!

  7. Very nice pictures you took. pretty impressive. =D

  8. @ sim yee :
    That is what I do best :) You can do it too


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