May 3, 2011

Plainly speaking, On the table

Nothing fancy manzy to attract the attention
Simply sticking to the principle of simplicity

"On the table" is not a name that most would adopt.

A question mark popped in my head when He asked, "Wanna be my +1 for food review "On the table"?"
It is not something people would comprehend right away
Despite the simplicity, the brain seems to take its time to process the complexity that does not exist at the first place.

The meaning of "On the table" is beyond a literal tweak
It conveys the vision of bringing various cuisines in the world to the customers, and the flexibility of pampering your daily cravings.
Creativity is the essence and surprise is the retention

This is no doubt the best dish we had that night

* Redz Heat Blt Beef Burger *

Paired with exotic blue cheese, suspiciously sourish tomato sauce, every bite into the graciously thick and tenderly minced beef patty is heavenly.
Sliced into the patty, it was a healthy pink.
Well grilled to medium well!

The moment we had the first bite, the magic concoction of stinky cheese smell, sourish tomato, and the natural juiciness of the patty seem to cast its chant around us.
We just could not help ourselves from munching in satisfactions and enjoying every single chemical reaction between the ingredients and our delicate tastebuds!

Comparable to Chili's Mushroom Swiss?
Nahhh, Chili's beef patty is too dry; mushroom gravy is too little
And guess what, they are almost the same price!
*eh, blue cheese is not cheap also*
Worth it?

Apart from the legendary Beef Burger, there were other dishes which earn their credits too.


* Boscaiola Penne *

Foamy on top of Penne, everyone was asking, what is this?
And surprised we were, it is Mushroom foam!

Loaded with wild mushrooms, cream, Italian Parsley and white truffle oil, it is Crazily Cheesily Creamy!
Despite the calories, I could not skip trying this.

Just a mouthful of Penne, enough to make me feel guilty
But the rest was so Stunned by the awesome goodness that they even asked the Chef to cook us another one, but Omitting the Penne.

Practically saying, lotsa Mushroom and cream!
I shall refrain myself :)


* Mee Goreng Mamak *

It is none other than our local delicacy.
A very simple dish but "On the table" has added more kicking goodness into it!
Love the texture of mouthful of mee mingled with nuts and also a little twist of flavor - a mixture of slight sourish and spiciness in the conventional saltiness.


* Nasi Kerabu *

Heavily dosed with lemongrass, the aroma alone is sufficient to lure us into dig our spoons into it.
The taste is equally great, the rice is done well
If you enjoy having slices of lemongrass in your Nasi Kerabu, this is the right one for you.


* Butternut pumpkin soup with Curry Scallop *

They should name it "The magic of smiling cat"
For this is just the right soup to lure your kids from moving around to sitting quietly to eat.

Thick and sweet with natural goodness of pumpkin, "On the table" prefer it another way instead.
It is both sweet and salty; paired with the chewy curry scallop, it was a real excitement.
The spiciness persists despite having it down the throat for few minutes.

On a second thought, no, please don't let your kid eat the scallop.

And this would come just at the right time

* Bora Balada - RM13 *
A sweet refreshing mocktail for the sweet tooth Or a life saver to cease the lingering spiciness

The night was ended perfectly with the Dessert platter

* Dessert Platter – Panna Cotta, Cream Brulee & Chocolate Fondant *

Digging into the dessert is never a regret.
It was by far the best dessert I have ever had.
Sweetened to the right level of bitterness, the chocolate fondant is crispy on the top and moist in the middle.
Can't help to save every last bit of chocolate, I was nearly lick it clean :p

Inspired by Executive Chef Riz Redz, son of our local celebrity Chef Wan, "On the table" is the way to go.

On the Table
A4-UG 1-08, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL

Tel : 03 6207 9966
Fax: 03 6207 9697

Operating Hour :
Mon – Sat (Off on Sunday)
11.00am – 3.00pm
7.00pm – 11.00pm


  1. dammm salahhhhhhhhhhh to see this post again..

    now so hungry and i want the burger so badly ..

  2. Burger with blue cheese, yums. But why no address?

  3. @ taufulou :
    Aiya, sorry dude :( tahan abit. nanti u will have your fine dining

    @ simonseow :
    On my way to put it on!

  4. HiTomi,

    What luck!

    Being the first to review a new eatery!

    Your style of photos of the lucious food and descriptions are making my mouth water over the thought of how tasty the serving shown must be!

    Now if only there were a photo or two of the lovely HitOmi enjoying the fare!


  5. @ David :

    My pleasure to make you drool all the way :)

    Lately not much camwhore pic. Maybe my bf has it

  6. Your bf hasn't even edited pictures yet. I got a seriously long queue OMG.

  7. @ marcky :
    I can feel the queue starting to get longer and longer too! Omigosh


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