May 30, 2011

My daily dosage of addiction : Pan Mee

Being born as an Asian, rice has always been our staple food.
Despite that, I am much leaning towards carbs in the form of noodles.
My first choice will always be Pan Mee and nothing else.
That is, if Pan Mee is one of the choices I have got.

Strips of slight yellowish noodles nicely kneaded and sliced into symmetry, garnished with handful of crispy ikan Bilis, marinated minced pork, fresh spring onion, crumbles of fried onion, and topped with a bouncy-looking egg yolk sitting serenely on semi translucent egg white.
It is the most welcoming gesture.
As if it was frantically squeaking, "Come and Stir Meeeyyy"

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our legendary Chilly Pan Mee
Served with a bowl of steaming hot sweet leaf, it loses no attraction to the conventional hot slurpilicious pan mee wriggling in clean broth.
On top of that, there is an additional jackpot!

Sprinkled with less threatening dark red chili flakes, you may proceed with the fun of scrambling the innocent egg yolk while enjoying the process of breaking it into pieces until you see it no more.
And then, toss everything around until it looks so evenly blended with the spicy hot feature of a super hot model.
Aha, now you are talking.

Don't you feel your tastebuds wriggling around now?
Please, by all means, do not be intimidated, but I kindly advise you be slightly more skeptical when you sprinkle your generous dosage of chili flakes.
Else, you're gonna have to order another cup of Sour Plum to put out the flames in your throat.

In case you are wondering where I was, this is the place I had my daily dosage of addiction.


  1. Chilli pan mee.. my favourite. And there are so many around nowadays. Thanks for sharing this one in batu road :)

  2. @ Isaac Tan :
    NO worries, you are most welcome.
    Malat Pan Mee is the killer, I surely go for it if it falls under my options

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. HitoMi,

    Pan Mee sounds like something I would develop a taste for.

    My wife and I recently went to a very good Vietnamese eatery and had two different soups. Vietnamese soups are actually meals in a bowl with rice noodles, veggies, meat, and a tasty broth. The soups can be mild to very hot and spicy.


  5. @ David :
    Hmm, this is very different from Vietnamese noodle.
    Vietnamese broth has its distinct taste.
    Easy identifiable but nothing close to spicy, maybe I have not tried their spiciest yet.

  6. @ dennis Ong :
    So am I now

  7. AWESOME!!!! *gastric hits* ~(need chilly pan mee-zombie voice)

  8. @ Luthaeris :
    Haha, you are funny :p


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