May 30, 2011

My daily dosage of addiction : Pan Mee

Being born as an Asian, rice has always been our staple food.
Despite that, I am much leaning towards carbs in the form of noodles.
My first choice will always be Pan Mee and nothing else.
That is, if Pan Mee is one of the choices I have got.

Strips of slight yellowish noodles nicely kneaded and sliced into symmetry, garnished with handful of crispy ikan Bilis, marinated minced pork, fresh spring onion, crumbles of fried onion, and topped with a bouncy-looking egg yolk sitting serenely on semi translucent egg white.
It is the most welcoming gesture.
As if it was frantically squeaking, "Come and Stir Meeeyyy"

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our legendary Chilly Pan Mee
Served with a bowl of steaming hot sweet leaf, it loses no attraction to the conventional hot slurpilicious pan mee wriggling in clean broth.
On top of that, there is an additional jackpot!

Sprinkled with less threatening dark red chili flakes, you may proceed with the fun of scrambling the innocent egg yolk while enjoying the process of breaking it into pieces until you see it no more.
And then, toss everything around until it looks so evenly blended with the spicy hot feature of a super hot model.
Aha, now you are talking.

Don't you feel your tastebuds wriggling around now?
Please, by all means, do not be intimidated, but I kindly advise you be slightly more skeptical when you sprinkle your generous dosage of chili flakes.
Else, you're gonna have to order another cup of Sour Plum to put out the flames in your throat.

In case you are wondering where I was, this is the place I had my daily dosage of addiction.

May 24, 2011

Since when Ms Devil stop shopping?

Shopping seems so near, yet so far.
Working next to One Utama might sounds exciting to you, yet does not excite me.
"Aren't you a girl?" you might ask.
"Hell yea" you will get.

I remember how my lips curved into a perfect smile that my eyes could barely be seen every time my mom dressed me like a princess and spent time tying braids with my silky long hair.
It was the Good 'ol days that I have been much missing every now and then.
It feels good, even right now.
Just that my mom no longer dressed me up and I no longer have silky long hair.

Pampering is good.
It satiates the Ms Devil-wears-Prada that resides in the hidden chamber in my heart.
Submerged in my subconsciousness, posed in deadly devastating position.

Since when Ms Devil stop shopping?
Simple as that.

That feeling of satisfaction, like sipping iced coffee non stop in one gulp after a whole day walking under the sun.
It is both exhilarating and relieving.
I still very much enjoy the process of trying on different types of clothes and go GaGa for few seconds of pretentious self.

But life evolves.
It is not hard to find bare insufficiency of 24hours.
It is not hard to find cheaper price for the same products online too!

The only trick to cheaper price is a "ticket" to enjoy the exclusivity sale for members and guess what, Hishop is one of them!
Branded garments, handbags, accessories, and home furnishing, it is guaranteed 100% authentic up to 80% discount.
Fret not, you ain't gonna pay for a fake product.

Life is so much easier and now, don't you agree?

May 16, 2011

The first lush green beauty of Malaya

I could not suppressed the overwhelming joy from squirming out deep inside me when I realised the very first day this beauty is born in this land of Malaya.
Despite 131 years of age, she still looks stunning.

I felt her, in the whispering wind sweeping against my cheek;
I stood in awe, in the lusciously green piece of land under my feet.

Barely touching the keys, she plays the most hypnotizing tune;
Nearly inaudible the melody, I seeks the momentary peace in it.

Fragile looking bamboo swaying with the breeze and battered looking bicycle resting alongside the passage;
This is the nostalgia of hers.

Days when youthful and enthusiasm are the fuel of her life had faded away,
Leaving behind the charred facade that only Master of Time is capable of making.

Despite all the thrusts the Master of Time has threw on her, she does not succumb to fragility.
Her bravery to walk on the Path of Hell and born as a new leaf is worth respecting.

With a mysterious veil covering her face but her charming eyes, intriguing is all I feel, from the moment I start to see her real beauty.

It is the first lush green beauty of Malaya
It is Taiping Lake Garden, Perak.

May 11, 2011

Songket : Indulge in truly Malaysian flavor

Located along the northern coast of South America, Venezuela has much similarities to Malaysia.
Both, being tropical countries, have a mixture of 3 different cultures, namely Malay, Chinese, and Indian (Malaysia); indigenous, Spanish, and African (Venezuela).

Indian dance during cultural performance, live in Songket

It is a blessing to be able to born in a country with such diversity, for we are given a chance to learn different languages, and cultures.
On top of all, a chance to savor different cuisines right under one roof.

Mere thought of Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, or Char Kuey Tiow is suffice to make me drool in office despite the hungriness that do not present itself at that point of time.

I crave for the aromatic rice, which no doubt proves the presence of coconut milk, paired with fried-to-perfect-crispiness ikan bilis and brown glossy peanuts, and most importantly, the intimidating red and spicy sambal.
Ahhh, Nasi lemak is Love.

Malay cuisines is heavily infused with coconut milk. Be it the Curry chicken, Laksa, or varieties of Kuih Muih.
The promising goodness of coconut simply drives me crazy!

How would I say No to a Malay cuisine review, located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur?

Heavily patterned wall and use of Songket material, Songket Restaurant and Bar has conceptualised their interior well.
It is their ambition in establishing Authentic Malay fine dining in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

You will find yourself spoiled by the varieties of drinks which are made of the fresh, natural ingredients, or maybe with alittle twist with alcohol.
White Hibiscus Mocktail

A little adventurous, as it may sound. The taste is familiar, and sweet. Best part of all, every sip is so texturized with the blend of white hibiscus.
I have a sweet tooth.

Green fruit mix

Mixture of cucumber, apple and celery is not some would prefer but I am not particularly against the unmistakenly pungent smell of celery.
Refreshing and light, not too sweet, I would say it is a very healthy FruGe (Fruit + Vege) punch.


I guess you must be hungry right now.
Shall we?
Cucur Udang
Unlike the usual one we have, this is much oil-less but there is no hint of compromise.
Dipped into their homemade chili sauce, Cucur Udang is no less crispy than it already is.
I quickly stole another one after I have done with the first.

Made of minced chicken and potato, it does not dress to appeal but it is too early to conclude. 
Not until you hear the Ooo-ahhh when we started to poke into the pegedil.

Each bite into the pegedil just melted right into my mouth and *poof* within seconds.
It is blended to perfection. I simply could not differentiate the chicken and potato!
Seriously there is Chicken in here?

Chicken and Beef Satay

It is a misconception that Satay should come with fat, lotsa lotsa fat
I prefer it to be leaner, much substance and right here, Songket has done it right!

I love the fact that it is not greasy at all. It makes me less guilty of having stick after stick dipping into the sweet kacang sauce.
Not too thick but full of chunk of peanuts, the sweet kacang sauce further enhances the flavor of well marinated satay.

Appetizers alone have left us in awe.
We could not help to imagine how good the Mains are going to be until we saw this
Rusuk panggang

What a surprise, they serve Beef rib too!
Its modest appearance is a real trick. Chargrilled to almost black with sauces, it looks dry and rough.

Like a Pupa awaiting to break free, removing the beef from the ribs has never been easier.
It caresses and moisturizes the tip of my tongue with its tenderness, and smoking juiciness. It is beyond our imagination.
Oh, what a deceit!

Hmm something is missing.
*Thinking hard*
Ah, where are the desserts?

Pandan Pudding

Of the mild green and fragrant aroma, it is none other than the natural Pandan leaves.
Slightly heavier than normal pudding, it goes well with drizzle of Gula Malacca.  Just a little more Gula Malacca would do the trick!

Durian Tiramisu

Durian just has this magical power to hit the right nerve in me.
Durian and Tiramisu - This is definitely one of a kind!

Mixture of bitterness and sweetness,
Texture of light cream and heavy durian paste,  
I could not help to dig it in, dig it in and dig it in more until the whole cake evaporates into thin air!

It was a great night with good food and awesome company but it came to an end too soon.
It is time to go.
Surely I will be here again.

May 6, 2011

Gua Tempurung: There lies a beauty

The sun shone brightly right above my head
Every single molecule of oxygen around me was bouncing in an invisible energy that I could only feel as it pressed harder against my skin as every second passed
Sweats started to form and I grunted my disgust

I just don't like to be in the sun
I would rather die in cold than die in oven
But the pulse under my wrist tells me that I am still alive and I am not cold blooded
I have to live with heat, whether I want it or not

But the question is "Are you afraid of darkness?"

Darkness alone
Violates the existence of human kind
Darkness alone
Violates the basis of survival of all livings on Earth

Driven by 99% curiousity and 1% worry, I lived up a journey into the centre of Earth

A place where Dark Lord rules

Every step I took was tentative

For fear that I might fall into a hole of unknown depth and uncertainties

It was a new dimension I was living in

It was spacious but unreachable
I stretched my hands and groped but nothing in grip.

I stood in silence
It took me minutes to adjust to the surrounding darkness
My eyes had difficulty in focusing on what lays ahead of me
My hands were trying hard to hold on to my camera

My heart fluttered.
My mind swirled.
I told myself this ain't gonna be easy.

The dimming yellow lights that seem to waver at touch was my sole consolation in the cavern of darkness.
I took a deep breath and pushed myself to take another step.

Surrounded by shadows and haunting forms

It was ghoshish in Gua Tempurung
I could feel the pressure trying to penetrate my skin but I was not sweating
It was not heat but cold stagnant air and particles that filled my lungs

A sense of familiarity struck me.
Slowly, I eased up.
My heart was no longer dominated by fear
But curiousity and amazement.

It was when I started to realize that
There is a centuries beauty drowning in deep sleep

Her beauty is beyond comparison, beyond description
It is a masterpiece that accumulated centuries after centuries of effort.
I gasped and stared in amazement.

Someone pushed me and I staggered.
Deeper we went
To the stream that runs freely without the existence of living, without the existence of sun, deep inside the beauty.
It was cooling but murky.

It was the aqua symphony playing in the background that my soul sought temporary serenity
Despite the obstacles ahead, my body started to adapt to the curves and bents, highs and lows
As if I belong to this part of the world

It was too soon to be ended

The sun had finally found its way penetrating into the darkness
I winced and cowered at the piercing brightness
My feet stood in the stream, refusing to move on.

My body is missing the chilling sensation that only the beauty has got to offer
Right now. Badly.
I would definitely be here again, One day.

May 3, 2011

Plainly speaking, On the table

Nothing fancy manzy to attract the attention
Simply sticking to the principle of simplicity

"On the table" is not a name that most would adopt.

A question mark popped in my head when He asked, "Wanna be my +1 for food review "On the table"?"
It is not something people would comprehend right away
Despite the simplicity, the brain seems to take its time to process the complexity that does not exist at the first place.

The meaning of "On the table" is beyond a literal tweak
It conveys the vision of bringing various cuisines in the world to the customers, and the flexibility of pampering your daily cravings.
Creativity is the essence and surprise is the retention

This is no doubt the best dish we had that night

* Redz Heat Blt Beef Burger *

Paired with exotic blue cheese, suspiciously sourish tomato sauce, every bite into the graciously thick and tenderly minced beef patty is heavenly.
Sliced into the patty, it was a healthy pink.
Well grilled to medium well!

The moment we had the first bite, the magic concoction of stinky cheese smell, sourish tomato, and the natural juiciness of the patty seem to cast its chant around us.
We just could not help ourselves from munching in satisfactions and enjoying every single chemical reaction between the ingredients and our delicate tastebuds!

Comparable to Chili's Mushroom Swiss?
Nahhh, Chili's beef patty is too dry; mushroom gravy is too little
And guess what, they are almost the same price!
*eh, blue cheese is not cheap also*
Worth it?

Apart from the legendary Beef Burger, there were other dishes which earn their credits too.


* Boscaiola Penne *

Foamy on top of Penne, everyone was asking, what is this?
And surprised we were, it is Mushroom foam!

Loaded with wild mushrooms, cream, Italian Parsley and white truffle oil, it is Crazily Cheesily Creamy!
Despite the calories, I could not skip trying this.

Just a mouthful of Penne, enough to make me feel guilty
But the rest was so Stunned by the awesome goodness that they even asked the Chef to cook us another one, but Omitting the Penne.

Practically saying, lotsa Mushroom and cream!
I shall refrain myself :)


* Mee Goreng Mamak *

It is none other than our local delicacy.
A very simple dish but "On the table" has added more kicking goodness into it!
Love the texture of mouthful of mee mingled with nuts and also a little twist of flavor - a mixture of slight sourish and spiciness in the conventional saltiness.


* Nasi Kerabu *

Heavily dosed with lemongrass, the aroma alone is sufficient to lure us into dig our spoons into it.
The taste is equally great, the rice is done well
If you enjoy having slices of lemongrass in your Nasi Kerabu, this is the right one for you.


* Butternut pumpkin soup with Curry Scallop *

They should name it "The magic of smiling cat"
For this is just the right soup to lure your kids from moving around to sitting quietly to eat.

Thick and sweet with natural goodness of pumpkin, "On the table" prefer it another way instead.
It is both sweet and salty; paired with the chewy curry scallop, it was a real excitement.
The spiciness persists despite having it down the throat for few minutes.

On a second thought, no, please don't let your kid eat the scallop.

And this would come just at the right time

* Bora Balada - RM13 *
A sweet refreshing mocktail for the sweet tooth Or a life saver to cease the lingering spiciness

The night was ended perfectly with the Dessert platter

* Dessert Platter – Panna Cotta, Cream Brulee & Chocolate Fondant *

Digging into the dessert is never a regret.
It was by far the best dessert I have ever had.
Sweetened to the right level of bitterness, the chocolate fondant is crispy on the top and moist in the middle.
Can't help to save every last bit of chocolate, I was nearly lick it clean :p

Inspired by Executive Chef Riz Redz, son of our local celebrity Chef Wan, "On the table" is the way to go.

On the Table
A4-UG 1-08, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL

Tel : 03 6207 9966
Fax: 03 6207 9697

Operating Hour :
Mon – Sat (Off on Sunday)
11.00am – 3.00pm
7.00pm – 11.00pm

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