Apr 19, 2011

Keep Walking by Johnny Walker Black Circuit

The gesture of raising the crystal glass, and clinking with the rest of the friends, have never been more exciting.
What is in the glass has an negligible role to play while what is important is the moments of joy we share with the world.

Alcoholistically speaking, I am not an alcoholic.
Clubberishly saying, I am not a clubber.
Frankly speaking, I am Clubcoholic

Would you say NO to Black Label that keeps filling your glass all night long while you shake and groove like a borned superstar with that hot dude dancing sexily next to you within the distance of an inch while your mind trap between the realm and euphoria?
It sounds so SEDUCTIVELY Sexay to me that my conscious mind would NEVER ever say N-O.

Welcome to the Johnny Walker Black Circuit 2011 at Palace of Golden Horses
You are entitled to free flow of Black Label, music, and tonnes of fun!

Ladies and Gentlemen
Let the not-so-fun begins~

The intensity of masses of heads kept increasing as more and more people anxiously queueing up in lines that are hardly visible
An hour lapsed, Faltering seems impossible
The heat was barely body temperature

Second hour lapsed
My legs felt sore with the 3inch heels, to a certain extent it was numb
Any second of lack of oxygen; I am sure I would be the one starting to lose my consciousness
I was glad I had my Black Prince be with me

Not forgetting, the super hilarious and entertaining Louise and her Butterflyz

Two hours of time
Long enough for me to finish a blog post, edit pictures, tidy up my closet, and any thing under the world that is PRODUCTIVE
But we were stuck right here, waiting for the unknown
TIME WASTED, this is for sure!
A well inspired but PATHETICALLY HANDLED event

We simply could not contain the great sense of relief when we were finally greated by the billowing cool air, promising spinning happening right on the deck, chilly black label on rock
Most importantly
A comfortable sofa,which sits right on top of my wanted list!

Ecstatically aroused by the alcohol that ran in my pulse, it was all good.
Running from table to table, shouting a cheer or two with friends, dancing along to the beats that suddenly make so much sense of the way it was composed

It is the magic of alcohol
It is the magic of Black Label
Keep walking is the message
Remember well, party peeps!


  1. hello..coming by to visit your blog.. have a nice weekend!

  2. @reanaclaire :
    Hey there, thanks for dropping by~


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