Mar 13, 2011

An unusual trip to Alor Setar

It was neither too long nor too short
3months in KPMG has been a brand new start

I love the nature of the job
Being in Corporate Finance is an eye opener to me.
If you were to ask me to get into audit, I would never even step foot in KPMG!

A rare chance it was that I was being "OUTSOURCED" to Transaction services
FINALLY is the word that explains how exhilarated I was to be OUT OF OFFICE officially!
Together with 2 lovely ladies, it was AWESOME!

Cute as ever, Kim Mun is a vacation trainee from Tunku Abdul Rahman College
My Alma Mater
What a Coincidence!

Joey in the middle, is a happy go lucky girl, whom I have never speak to before until we were allocated to this outstation assignment in Alor Setar!
See the Alor Setar tower at top right?
It is the view right out of our hotel room!

I love blueee sky :p
5hours trip up to Alor Setar was not too bad after all :)


  1. you're training in KPMG KL? i'm a trainee from KPMG kuching! :)

  2. @ cheekeong :

    @ kelyn :
    Hehe, I am permanent oh :p so which department are you in?

  3. HiTomi,

    So you are involved with acquisitions and mergers now!

    Very exciting work!

    Please take some time to make your readers aware of the need for all of us to donate what we can to Red Cross or another charity delivering aid to Japan.

    Our brothers and sisters in Japan will need outside aid from the rest of us for many months to come.


  4. @ David :
    We take any corporate finance related jobs, which includes M&A but that is once in a blue moon!


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