Mar 28, 2011


Today is 28 March 2011
645 days to 21 December 2012
15480 hours to the End of the World

We have came this far
We have been through the Primitive
We are now civilized

It is a Myth that how the World is created
Some say God creates the world
Some say Big Bang creates the World
Again, we are back to Square One - who can tell the truth?

The whole world begins with the existence of Sun, Water, and Green
Without plant, there will be no goats, no cows
Without them, there will be no tigers, no lions
Without animals and plants, will there be OUR EXISTENCE?
It is another Myth - how Human comes into existence?

Look at the World now
Look at what we have done?

Disappointment and rage, is all that the Mother Earth felt
We don't seem to learn
Do we?

Not until the Indian Ocean has finally unleashed its long suppressed rage, lashing out its vicious tongue that struck the whole world with terror; not even Japan, one of the advanced technology country, can survive the recent infuriation!

You might say, "What can I, alone, do something about this?" and give up trying
But without someone taking the first step, no one will follow.

So start conserving energy now at home and by all means, do what you can to help the victims in Japan to overcome the catastrophe that struck them so badly.

We are all the same.
We live, we die

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  1. HiTomi,

    I am the person who will be eagerly waiting to read your thoughts for December 22, 2012!

    Do let us know if your plans change!



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