Mar 12, 2011

A Cuppa of Cappucino

Thick haze of sleepiness hovering around my mind
My body refusing the call to rise
Just 5more minutes
That is all I need

* 5 minutes passes *
Still hiding right under the warmth of my blanket

* 10 minutes passes *
Subconsciously fell into a dream that seems to be ages

* 15 minutes passes *
Frantically, my biological clock rings
The next thing I knew I am late
Rushing for the daily routines with tummy filled with water but nothing solid

How I wish I can have a cup of Cappuccino right in front of me
No sugar, just Coffee and its sweet aroma filling the whole car.

Here I come!


  1. That explains why you woke up later than expected. Love the coffee shot!

    I'll never forget our trip. Best ever!

    BTW, it's "Malacca" or "Melaka".


  2. @ marcky :
    Hmmm, that is my usual practice :p
    Glad to hear you enjoy

  3. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did :)

  4. @ marcky :
    I surely do!


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