Mar 30, 2011

365days of Christmas

Ever since I was a child, I believed in Santa Claus, sneaking into my house and dropping square little boxes wrapped in fancy colors and cute little bow ties right underneath the Christmas tree of mine.

The magical tree and Shimmering light
All of sudden, the jumpy little girl who was afraid of the dark demon would eat her up in the nights was no longer the same.
There she was sitting quietly in a corner with her soft Mr Penguin in hand, mesmerized at the mystical chant.

The little girl is now grown up and has come to learn that there is no Santa, nor is there a dark demon
Christmas is still the favorite holiday that she eagerly waits for.

Unplanned as it is, this little girl embarked on a trip to Kampung Dew
a newly discovered tourist attraction, located in Taiping, Perak
But she never regretted the long hours of the bus ride

Years of familiarizing with darkness did not help to ease her horror
Despite having the orange life coat tightly clung on, the tiny motor boat that could barely accommodate 5 persons was not promising
Looking into the faraway river, she prayed that the boat would not drown, she prayed that the crocodiles would not attack her

A string was pulled, and the motor roared into life
Precariously, she stepped into the boat and nailed herself down to the boat
Then the boat accelerated into the territory of dark water

The moon was shy
It was a good sign for she knows her Christmas wish would soon granted
The night was chilly
It made her feel Christmas is for real
Dark veil fell over her as the boat dove into the mysterious darkness
For a moment, she thought she must have been in Harry Potter's Invisible Cloak
All she could see was the silhouette of the trees around, the water lapping against body of the boat, the scantily drawn cloud on the sky
It was so picturesque

She must have indulged in her own thoughts way too long
Out of the corner of her eyes, something blinked
It was so surreal.
For a second, it was there, then it wasn't.

She rubbed her eyes
The doubt seemed to fade away
The whole tree was decorated with the tiny little lights that blinked in synchronization
It was white, and it Moved!

It was the fireflies she had been yearning to see
It was the creature that able to flash their lights to attract the opposite sex
It was timeless and magical
How she wished the boat would stop for few minutes and how she wished she could reach her hands out to touch the snow.

It was the best orchestra she had ever experienced
It was totally worth the risk of feeding the crocodiles

If she was given another chance, she would definitely come again.
It felt like Christmas.
365days of Christmas.
RM30 for 1.5hours of a lifetime experience - Priceless


  1. I think you've got a real writer in you. The ideas and flow were great. However, I have some input for you which I am sending you privately via e-mail. :)

  2. @ marcky :
    Hey there, thanks! You really me by surprise :) So glad to have positive feedback from a good writer :)

  3. HitoMi,

    Colourful images, and ideas here.

    A very good piece.

    Just on little quibble I will let you know about by PM.


  4. @ David :
    No images here ooo...waiting for your PM then


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