Mar 30, 2011

365days of Christmas

Ever since I was a child, I believed in Santa Claus, sneaking into my house and dropping square little boxes wrapped in fancy colors and cute little bow ties right underneath the Christmas tree of mine.

The magical tree and Shimmering light
All of sudden, the jumpy little girl who was afraid of the dark demon would eat her up in the nights was no longer the same.
There she was sitting quietly in a corner with her soft Mr Penguin in hand, mesmerized at the mystical chant.

The little girl is now grown up and has come to learn that there is no Santa, nor is there a dark demon
Christmas is still the favorite holiday that she eagerly waits for.

Unplanned as it is, this little girl embarked on a trip to Kampung Dew
a newly discovered tourist attraction, located in Taiping, Perak
But she never regretted the long hours of the bus ride

Years of familiarizing with darkness did not help to ease her horror
Despite having the orange life coat tightly clung on, the tiny motor boat that could barely accommodate 5 persons was not promising
Looking into the faraway river, she prayed that the boat would not drown, she prayed that the crocodiles would not attack her

A string was pulled, and the motor roared into life
Precariously, she stepped into the boat and nailed herself down to the boat
Then the boat accelerated into the territory of dark water

The moon was shy
It was a good sign for she knows her Christmas wish would soon granted
The night was chilly
It made her feel Christmas is for real
Dark veil fell over her as the boat dove into the mysterious darkness
For a moment, she thought she must have been in Harry Potter's Invisible Cloak
All she could see was the silhouette of the trees around, the water lapping against body of the boat, the scantily drawn cloud on the sky
It was so picturesque

She must have indulged in her own thoughts way too long
Out of the corner of her eyes, something blinked
It was so surreal.
For a second, it was there, then it wasn't.

She rubbed her eyes
The doubt seemed to fade away
The whole tree was decorated with the tiny little lights that blinked in synchronization
It was white, and it Moved!

It was the fireflies she had been yearning to see
It was the creature that able to flash their lights to attract the opposite sex
It was timeless and magical
How she wished the boat would stop for few minutes and how she wished she could reach her hands out to touch the snow.

It was the best orchestra she had ever experienced
It was totally worth the risk of feeding the crocodiles

If she was given another chance, she would definitely come again.
It felt like Christmas.
365days of Christmas.
RM30 for 1.5hours of a lifetime experience - Priceless

Mar 28, 2011


Today is 28 March 2011
645 days to 21 December 2012
15480 hours to the End of the World

We have came this far
We have been through the Primitive
We are now civilized

It is a Myth that how the World is created
Some say God creates the world
Some say Big Bang creates the World
Again, we are back to Square One - who can tell the truth?

The whole world begins with the existence of Sun, Water, and Green
Without plant, there will be no goats, no cows
Without them, there will be no tigers, no lions
Without animals and plants, will there be OUR EXISTENCE?
It is another Myth - how Human comes into existence?

Look at the World now
Look at what we have done?

Disappointment and rage, is all that the Mother Earth felt
We don't seem to learn
Do we?

Not until the Indian Ocean has finally unleashed its long suppressed rage, lashing out its vicious tongue that struck the whole world with terror; not even Japan, one of the advanced technology country, can survive the recent infuriation!

You might say, "What can I, alone, do something about this?" and give up trying
But without someone taking the first step, no one will follow.

So start conserving energy now at home and by all means, do what you can to help the victims in Japan to overcome the catastrophe that struck them so badly.

We are all the same.
We live, we die

Mar 23, 2011

Expensively Fungish

Conspicious as it may seem
A little flattery it brings
Of brown and yellowish
Awaiting to be unleashed
Oh dear Ling Zhi, please cure my disease!

Mar 21, 2011

Jam Packed Sepang Gold Coast

I think I am Missing them
It was such a wonderful trip

Courtesy of our boss

HitoMi has FINALLY Stepped foot in Sepang Gold Coast

With a bunch of Awesome companies

This is how we roll

Amazing ain't they?

Hee, crazy!

According to Boss, he said this is the couple bridge

But I have no idea where we were

Motorcycles zooming precariously on the wooden bridge while people were squeezing their way to the end of the bridge
It was not an unexpected thing if you find anyone drops into the water!

Even so
People were curious about what is happening over there :p
So do I

Despite how much I would prefer not to stay under the sunshine
Will update Malacca trips soon

Mar 19, 2011

Smell of Padi

3minutes to the start of another day.
Right now, it would be good to feel the night breeze brushing against my cheek.

Mar 18, 2011

11min more of St Patrick night

Some say I am an alcoholic, some say I am a clubber
I would think I am partially of both

I love alcohol, but I never love beer.
When you say beer, the first thing that comes to my mind
I never like that kinda feeling.

Many of them saying German beer is the best!
I am YET to testify that.
But right now, I think I might need to reassess my mindset about beer

Do you see the green??

By a rare chance, it was my first time celebrating St Patrick's Day
Having a pint of fresh Guinness right from the Barrel is the right way to go!
It is not as "GASSY" as I thought.
In fact, it is smoother, and its taste lingers even after you swallow it.

Best of all
You got to see Mr Tallman, Mr "Patrick-wannabe", Pretties dressed in Green, and lotsa funky costumed up peeps!
If you wanna take pictures with them, do you have to pay?
NOOOOO of course, just ASK :p

Heee, see, even small kid dare to :p
And who say Small kids cannot go liquor event ah?

Oops, 15min past St Patrick's Day
Still works?

Mar 15, 2011

Cage of Life

This is Life

Mar 13, 2011

An unusual trip to Alor Setar

It was neither too long nor too short
3months in KPMG has been a brand new start

I love the nature of the job
Being in Corporate Finance is an eye opener to me.
If you were to ask me to get into audit, I would never even step foot in KPMG!

A rare chance it was that I was being "OUTSOURCED" to Transaction services
FINALLY is the word that explains how exhilarated I was to be OUT OF OFFICE officially!
Together with 2 lovely ladies, it was AWESOME!

Cute as ever, Kim Mun is a vacation trainee from Tunku Abdul Rahman College
My Alma Mater
What a Coincidence!

Joey in the middle, is a happy go lucky girl, whom I have never speak to before until we were allocated to this outstation assignment in Alor Setar!
See the Alor Setar tower at top right?
It is the view right out of our hotel room!

I love blueee sky :p
5hours trip up to Alor Setar was not too bad after all :)

Mar 12, 2011

A Cuppa of Cappucino

Thick haze of sleepiness hovering around my mind
My body refusing the call to rise
Just 5more minutes
That is all I need

* 5 minutes passes *
Still hiding right under the warmth of my blanket

* 10 minutes passes *
Subconsciously fell into a dream that seems to be ages

* 15 minutes passes *
Frantically, my biological clock rings
The next thing I knew I am late
Rushing for the daily routines with tummy filled with water but nothing solid

How I wish I can have a cup of Cappuccino right in front of me
No sugar, just Coffee and its sweet aroma filling the whole car.

Here I come!

Mar 6, 2011

Ram Narayanan 21st Birthday @ Frangipani

21 is just the perfect figure, which every single teenager wants it so badly
It is when you are Officially FREE

You are free to dry up the whole bottle of Whisky, if you want to

You are free to weave in and out from clubs without hearing from Bouncer saying, "Hey kid, this is not for you"

You are free to do every single thing under the sky
You just need to name it

It is indeed a very big day to be celebrated
as it MARKS the start of another stage of life

It is fate that bring me to this special occasion of Ram Narayanan

Happiness and joy is filling every single molecule in the air

It is too infectious

There are so much dramas happening around that I feel like I am watching a Movie playing live right in front of me.

Don't you think so too?

I believe it was a good night to Ram, family, and his guests
Last but not least, Happy birthday to Ram Narayanan
Good night and enjoy!

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