Feb 8, 2011

What HitoMi did on 3rd day of CNY

It was a hectic Chinese New Year

First day of CNY I was vegetarian for whole day.
Nothing much I can eat apart from those vegetarian dishes.
It hardly varies every year :p as you can see in 2009
Had some own sweet time in the morning before we went to Aunt's place at Desa Park City for dinner.
Gambling is a Must in CNY!
Too bad my record for the day = Loss RM30++ (I lost track)

Second day of CNY we went out to visit relatives and that concludes my responsibilities for the lunar year.
Dead bored because I had nothing to do at Aunt's house but I can't go home.
Dead bored...
Should have brought my laptop around.

Third day of CNY we went house hopping!
Here are we, the bunch of bloggers and friends :p
Right at my house haha..
*Back row : Azrin, Edward, Justin, Jason, Jonathan, Anis ; Front row : Feeq, Yours sincerely, Marcky, Jayren*

Next stop was Jeremy's house
You are right, see the red shirt black cap guy? That is our B-boy Jeremy with his ever cute baby photo

Last stop at Botakai's place!
But we forgot the group pics thing :(
Check out more at Feeq's blog


  1. Hah! I saw Jayren! Anyway Happy Belated CNY!

    Vegetarian for me is filling too ;)

  2. HitOmi,

    Third day of CNY appeared more fun!

    There is nothing like house hopping on this side of the Pacific.

    BTW, your new hair colour looks great in the group shots!


  3. @ Kian Fai :
    Haha, Yeap, there he went :p
    Vegetarian can be filling no doubt

    @ David :
    It is like a gathering at one's house but we took turn to visit each other's house :)


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