Feb 27, 2011

Signature landmark @ Kota Damansara

Many of us, like so many of them out there, neglects things that sit right in front of us, and yet seeks those that are faraway
Come to think of it
Should we not appreciate whatever we have now?

Okay, STOP talking theories
Me, Myself can't even do what I say, so I should not speak further.

By chance, that is, if I force to term it so
I was strolling along the roadside, looking at the fancy lights around me
It was past midnight 12am
It was a chilly night
Nobody would even care if you are dead by the coldness, or bitten by a stray dog

Pre Christmas atmosphere perpetrating every corner here, but I felt nothing more.
Darkness seemed to feed on me.
Each step I took was heavier, and heavier.
And to a certain point of time, I gave in.
I refused to move, not even an inch.

I stared at the pitch black sky right above me.
Where was the crescent moon which fights its way to send some light to Earth when the darkness is being relentless?
Where was the skies full with stars shining feebly along with Crescent moon as we have fantasized when we were young?

As much as I have wished I was lying on a soft grass field, gazing into the canvas laid out right above me, I saw this
Surian Tower, right next to e Curve.
It was the right there, every time I walked to retrieve my car in Dataran carpark outside One utama.
It was the Signature of Curve that you will hardly miss

The next thing I knew I chunked my 1000D out from my Think Tank Speed Demon bag
While my steps were then led by some unknown forces.

I was glad
I was here
I was not alone after all
I have all these right in front of me.


  1. HitOmi,

    Great photo set!

    You are so RIGHT!!

    There are great scenes for photos all around us.

    BTW what is a chilly nite to you?

    It is +1C outside and that is the highest temp for today! Tonight the low will be -1 C.


  2. @ David :
    Maybe around 25 celcius. In malaysia it is considered pretty chilly, omitting the highlands of course.

    Do take care ya!

  3. HitoMi,

    25 C would be absolutley wonderful!

    I would be in shorts riding my bicycle and enjoying the warmth.

    That is not the case today, -3C outside...hat, jacket and glove time.

    More photos please!!!!


  4. @ David :
    I know how it feels.. I would wish to switch our countries now lol!

    Sure sure, be patient :) Was busy with outstation job for past two days


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