Feb 12, 2011

Sharon & Kean Wedding Dinner @ PJ

A big congratulation to the newly wed
Mr Kean and Ms Sharon
I am truly honored to be their photographer, alongside with Kaze for this simple and casual wedding dinner held in Tropicana Golf Club

It is a rare opportunity, courtesy to Mr Yip, for introducing me to this lovely couple from Australia.
It is indeed an eye opener to KazeTomi as this wedding dinner is totally different from Chinese traditional weddings.

Casual, friendly, and warm

Without further ado, do allow me to present to you the essence of the night.

It was fun shoot indeed.
Once again, Congratulation to Sharon and Kean


  1. I'm sure you meant it was a fun shoot "indeed" and not "instead".

    The bride seems very happy. LOL. I wish I could shoot wedding shots. No lens, no skill.

  2. @ marcky :
    Oops, thanks for the correction! *edited*

    You just have to try before you say so

  3. very challenging to shoot wedding, timing-lighting-pressure. The old couple-lastpic- look very happening :)

  4. Perhaps I'll try when I have the right lens (prime is a bit hard) and the chance to snoop around someone's wedding.

  5. HitOmi,

    Your photos capture the joy of this day! ! !



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