Feb 17, 2011

Have Faith. Believe Fate

People always say, have faith and believe in fate
How many of you do believe that we cannot go against fate?
How many of you do believe that we can go against fate?

Can we choose how our lives supposed to be?
Some say yes, some say no.
To me, it is YES and NO.

Certain things are destined the moment we are born
like who are our parents, how rich you are, or how many siblings we have
Do we have choice?
Sadly to say but it is NO

Certain things are totally in the hands of yours.
No one else can grab it and decide on your behalf

At certain points of life, you will find yourself standing at the crossroads, indecisive
No one would know which road is the right one
Neither fate could tell
Even if fate could tell, it is again your choice to go with it or against it.

"What if"
"What if" and "What if"
Is all that you can ask

The world would not stop because you could not decide
The world would not need you if you choose to give up
The world would not give you chance even you ask for more
For the world has given you chance but you could not decide and move on

No matter what decisions you have in life
You have to consider every option you have and choose the one in best light.
Should you succeed in life, be contented.
Should you fail in life, do remember, DON'T GIVE UP
When the life give you lemon, you have to learn to make lemonade.
For there are always reasons to everything.


  1. I don't believe in fate. I'm not even sure if I believe in God. I don't think there's life after death.

    But I do believe in making choices and living without regret.

  2. HitOmi,

    This post is an eye opener!

    There are some cultural differences here.

    I am a believer and practioner of Faith. First I have faith in the Lord our creator!

    Fate OTOH I do not believe in. What many call fate, is really external forces beyond the individuals control. A person might be a very down mood, and truly needs a sunny day spent with friends. The weather is stormy that day, friends are busy or unable to travel due to bad weather. Does one blame weather on fate.

    I you did not study hard when you were in school would it have been fate the would result in a student failing to pass exams.

    Individuals have control of much of their destiny. This is called personal responsibility.

    We truly can make another like or love us. I know this, when younger I did took some foolish actions in vain attempts to attract certian young women. Of course nothing worked. Nothing I could have done would have made these girls like me.

    I believe that our God given freedom of choice guides our lifes path more than anything.

    Fate, I have absolutley NO faith in.


  3. @ marcky :
    I do believe there is past lives and life after death.

    There is always a reason as to why you have to suffer in this life and why others can live the life they want.

    And YES, live without regret but as usual, easy said than done

    @ David ;
    I am not really believe in faith but when we are down, faith is the one we cling on to for it never fail us when we believe in it.

  4. HitoMi,

    Your statement; "I am not really believe in faith but when we are down, faith is the one we cling on to for it never fail us when we believe in it.

    Packs a lot into few words.

    I would ask you to consider that what while you claim not to believe in faith, that what we cling to to when things go wrong or life seems to be going against is when faith is mistaken for hope.

    Faith is something one has. Faith is defined as a firm belief often in something that cannot be proven by science. Hence the source and foundation of the worlds great religions. One can however look to history and Archeology provide physical evidence of the people and places that gave birth to say Christianity.

    Consider this, do you take a leap of faith when you cross a street, trusting that the drivers in vehicles are not going to purposley going to hit you?

    I could go on longer, however this is not the place to continue such a long conversation.


  5. @ David :
    When faith is mistaken for hope, everything shatters.

    But when you really in need, your mind does not think rationally.


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