Feb 27, 2011

Signature landmark @ Kota Damansara

Many of us, like so many of them out there, neglects things that sit right in front of us, and yet seeks those that are faraway
Come to think of it
Should we not appreciate whatever we have now?

Okay, STOP talking theories
Me, Myself can't even do what I say, so I should not speak further.

By chance, that is, if I force to term it so
I was strolling along the roadside, looking at the fancy lights around me
It was past midnight 12am
It was a chilly night
Nobody would even care if you are dead by the coldness, or bitten by a stray dog

Pre Christmas atmosphere perpetrating every corner here, but I felt nothing more.
Darkness seemed to feed on me.
Each step I took was heavier, and heavier.
And to a certain point of time, I gave in.
I refused to move, not even an inch.

I stared at the pitch black sky right above me.
Where was the crescent moon which fights its way to send some light to Earth when the darkness is being relentless?
Where was the skies full with stars shining feebly along with Crescent moon as we have fantasized when we were young?

As much as I have wished I was lying on a soft grass field, gazing into the canvas laid out right above me, I saw this
Surian Tower, right next to e Curve.
It was the right there, every time I walked to retrieve my car in Dataran carpark outside One utama.
It was the Signature of Curve that you will hardly miss

The next thing I knew I chunked my 1000D out from my Think Tank Speed Demon bag
While my steps were then led by some unknown forces.

I was glad
I was here
I was not alone after all
I have all these right in front of me.

Feb 24, 2011

Sharon & Kean Wedding Dinner @ Ipoh

You might think I have posted it twice but no.
Sharon and Kean had two wedding dinners in Malaysia
one in Tropicana Golf Club and another in Ipoh.

We, Kazetomi, could not tell how grateful we are to be here.
What makes it more memorable is the great hospitality of the hosts
It was a warm and fun filled experience

Words alone might not be sufficient
So pictures will do the talking now.

So NOW, do you feel the perpetrating happiness?
Imagine if you were there, I bet you would love it!

And this is the Pretty bride, Sharon, and her father, Joseph

If you are down, Hope you feel happy now :)
If you are happy, then be HAPPIER kay?

Love our photos?
Pleaseee do not hesitate to contact us
Of course, you can directly ask me too!

Feb 22, 2011

Featuring Yvonne : Sultry

You have caught me looking
You are so hot that I just can't resist

Never have I seen someone like you before. for I am just an uptown girl, living in my uptown world.

You are so special that I can't just stop thinking about you.
A Downtown Boy
My Downtown Dream

Special credit to Yvonne again
Here we were :)

Feb 20, 2011


Time have no mercy.
Everything seems to be fresh like just happened yesterday.

Pavilion looks so new that I forgot when it had started its construction.
Ever since then, Pavilion has been the latest luxurious landmark in the heart of city, Kuala Lumpur.
It is definitely the Tourists-Must-Go-Location and better still, it is located in Bukit Bintang
The most happening place in Kuala Lumpur.

Back to a deserted place in SS2, things are totally different like Artic (North Pole) and Antartica (South Pole)
Urban Decay is the term it fits in.
It has once functional but now it fell into disrepair and decrepitude.
Despite of the deteriorating condition, people still using the parking lot, considering the increasing demands of car park lots in SS2.

By a fairly rare chance, I discovered this piece of unwanted land.
Lucky I was, to stumble upon interesting abandoned items right under the tree.

I can't help to wonder, if there are anyone dominating this place :p
It is not too bad as a shelter, ain't it?

In fact, it is pretty sufficient for a temporary sleep-in

Most importantly, it is Spacious!

Feb 17, 2011

Have Faith. Believe Fate

People always say, have faith and believe in fate
How many of you do believe that we cannot go against fate?
How many of you do believe that we can go against fate?

Can we choose how our lives supposed to be?
Some say yes, some say no.
To me, it is YES and NO.

Certain things are destined the moment we are born
like who are our parents, how rich you are, or how many siblings we have
Do we have choice?
Sadly to say but it is NO

Certain things are totally in the hands of yours.
No one else can grab it and decide on your behalf

At certain points of life, you will find yourself standing at the crossroads, indecisive
No one would know which road is the right one
Neither fate could tell
Even if fate could tell, it is again your choice to go with it or against it.

"What if"
"What if" and "What if"
Is all that you can ask

The world would not stop because you could not decide
The world would not need you if you choose to give up
The world would not give you chance even you ask for more
For the world has given you chance but you could not decide and move on

No matter what decisions you have in life
You have to consider every option you have and choose the one in best light.
Should you succeed in life, be contented.
Should you fail in life, do remember, DON'T GIVE UP
When the life give you lemon, you have to learn to make lemonade.
For there are always reasons to everything.

Feb 15, 2011

Dong Zen Temple Lantern & Flora Festival 2011

佛光山 - 东禅寺
It was a rare occasion that brought me here, right here, during Chinese New Year.
It is located at Jenjarom, Banting, Selangor and it will take you approximately 1hour 15min to travel from Kuala Lumpur.

For years I have been hearing about this Lantern and Flora festival, which happens on every Chinese New Year.
But never have I been to it.

Kinda fail huh?
Due to my curiousity, I have decided to pay a visit :)

It was a friday night and the crowds were never ending.
Elders, kids, and parents.
Come to think of it, it would be a great place for families to spend some quality time indeed!

Here are some of the cute lanterns around Dong Zen Temple
If you think it is going to boring, I assure you, you are wrong.
In fact you would not stop admiring at those amazing lights that make the night a totally beautiful scenery that you are so not going to miss it.
But after 10pm, all lights would be off and *poof* darkness swallowed the place.
So guys, make an effort to go earlier!

Apart from lanterns and floras, there were others activities happening around.
Prayers and tributes

Souvenirs selling
Don't you think they are so cute?
Even my mom asked why I did not buy one as decorations lol~
And below are some random pictures during the night of visit

= Lanterns=

Yours sincerely
Another camwhore picture :)

Bye bye Dong Zhen Temple

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