Nov 2, 2010

When two girls Meet

Typically, when Girls meet each other, what do they do?

Maybe they say "Hi, I am bla bla bla"
Maybe they say "Long time no see, how have you been"

Then when someone takes the camera out, they will say, "Come, let's take picture together"
And the next thing you know, they start to pose, and show their best angle lol
Pardon me, I am girl too :)

But you might not think of what two girls will do
when they start to act Naughty


  1. HitoMi,

    Two of your best models here!

    The naughty pic, really was not.

    ..."Pardon me, I am girl too :)".

    Where is the pic with all three of you? ? ?

    You, Jiayeen and Shannor, that would be hoT.

  2. lol... love the lil red dragon~~

  3. Wow ! Nice Jia Yeen and Shannon ! =D

  4. hahaha!! good girls gone bad~

  5. @ David :
    They are not too brave, but naughty still.
    I am not in because I was so not in condition that day.

    @ Dennis ong :
    Hehe, it is my favourite too!

    @ Jayren :
    Of course lo...two leng luis

    @ Magdalene :
    Heeee, bad ah? I don't know u better ask them

  6. wow, the naughty girls. I mean the rabbit & Dino..

  7. @ andy :
    haha, it is a miracle that Dino don't end up eating the rabbit :)


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