Nov 11, 2010

Picadilly anyone?

There are tonnes and tonnes of eateries
Good food is not necessary expensive but not-so-good food is usually overrated, in terms of price.

Have you heard of Picadilly?
Personally I have not.
But I am sure for those staying in Petaling Jaya would pretty much heard of this place

Such as this guy
Guess who is this?

And this?
This guy here detests against camera most of the time, because he claims he is not handsome..
What do you say?

Okie, back to the food.
Looks tempting?
Well, I would say it pretty much depending on how one photograph it while the fact is it is just a so-so dish and it costs more than those yummy hawker food.



  1. my face damn rough T__T

  2. U only had 2 dishes ar?

  3. really,picadilly is a nice place for gathering ^.

  4. HitoMi,

    The food looks yummy!

    The pic of the guy, well either he is trying to look mean, might be constipated or has just swallowed something very unappealing.

    The food pics were better!


  5. @ toninkush :
    Haha, no doubt

    @ cloudfly :
    Hmm, maybe but the food is not really nice

    @ thenomadgourmand :
    Yea haha...I had one! another is Baboon's

    @ David :
    Oh no...constipation wakaka...

  6. Picadilly? Sounds familiar but dunno whether I've heard of it before or not.

    Where exactly is it?

  7. @ kelvin Tan :
    Erm , I also not quite rmb where exactly... Section 14?


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