Nov 1, 2010

It is November again

Time flies, It is November again.
I miss Christmas carols, and the atmosphere
I wish to go overseas and get chilled in the snow.

I start to feel my age something significant, like a ticking timer, telling me how much time left for me to start doing something GREAT, instead of getting stuck with the same old same old, which will bring you nowhere.

*long sigh*
Food for thought for all

Nevertheless, November brings December even closer!
I feel happy when I hum the Christmas tunes :p Without fail


  1. HitoMi,

    YOU getting old.......

    excuse my while do fall out of my chair and laugh myself till I am blue in the face......


    There, I feel better now.

    You are not even near 30 yet!

    I could tell a little about plans, what the unexpected can and will let you accomplish.

    But that would be in a PM.

    BTW, I am quite sure you are not a Christian. So can you write to us about what Christmas means to you?

    Thank you!!


  2. oh yes... December is closing in... FAST! there's good and bad about it...

    Good thing is, it is X'mas!! and the bad is I'm running out of time~~~ gosh~~ *panic mode* LoL

  3. @ David :
    At least I start to feel it. I think is a good thing as woman does not have much time for themselves after they get into a marriage and family.

    Christmas does not have any particular meaning to me but I would take it as a good time to gather with bunch of good friends and enjoy some quality time together.

    @ Dennis :
    Don't panic lah!


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