Nov 21, 2010

Graduated for the 2nd Time!

Some might have graduated for the first time in their life, but me, I have been graduated for the second time?

Haha, if you do not count kindergarden, primary school, and secondary school, I guess that is pretty much the same for most of you out there

Graduation is not really a big deal.
At least not the actual ceremony itself.

But more to knowing that "I have finally DONE it!"
At the same time, it also means, "Hey girl, time to get your ass out there working for your life!"
That hurts!

Apart from that, it is more like a consolation for your dear daddy and mommy
For your daughter has finally Graduated!

I would like to take this opportunity here
To say, "Mom, I love you so much!"
Even though I have not been a great daughter, and most of the time, the pain-in-the-ass one

To my daddy, "Without you, there won't be me too!"
But deep in my heart, I know you can do better

Look over here, see who are Hitomi's parents!
Don't you feel proud :p

To those friends whom have been with me all these while, I am glad to have you all.
It might be the only one time that we all gather at one place, but fret not, we shall keep in touch won't we?

Happy Graduation to all!


  1. Congratulations Hitomi!

  2. Congratz ! i somehow feel touched reading this post! =0

  3. HitoMi,

    You should be happy and proud of graduating!

    Be assured you will have the greatest opportunities to succeed!


  4. What's your next step Hitomi? Things may turn out to be different than you've expected (but good!). See what things take you :)

  5. Congratulation Hitomi! but what means by you graduated for the second time?? o.O

  6. @ Hon Mun :
    Arigato gozaimas! Long time din hear from you

    @ Jayren :
    So does your post :p

    @ David :
    Happy and sad at the same time though

    @ Biopolymath :
    I have started working since end of my term :p so now just waiting to switch job

    @ Magdalene :
    hehe, I have graduated for diploma. So this time for advanced diploma is my second?

  7. I wish to graduate second times (on Master degree). But no more as not working in MNC now. :P

  8. @ Jayce :
    WHat is MNC?


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