Nov 25, 2010

Catching up with Hitomi

La lalala Lala Lala
Lalalalala~ La La La La
Any idea of the tune?

Watashi Cho-tanoshii!
Today is my final day of work.
I will have 5days break before starting my new job :p

Sad thing is I am sick :(
It never fail to happen after I went to clubbing

Tomorrow will be my super busy day!
I need to get down to Bukit Bintang to get my hair done!
It will look totally Different from now.
NO long hair :p

Reason being, I am going to become one of the model this coming Sunday!

Something like this

Are you coming for this Sunday then?


  1. Hahah... oh yes.. I'm coming... can I get some special pass or something? LoL

  2. HitoMi,

    Get well quick, an aspiring model and days away from a new job!

    Looking forward to the new photos!

    Skip a night or two of clubbing so you will be energized for the new job.

    Then share with us hwere your new career is taking you!


  3. @ Dennis Ong :
    Hehe, no need special pass coz there aren't any :)

    @ David :
    I rarely club david, so no worries. It is like Once every season!


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